Chapter Nineteen – The Desolation of Smaug IX

Title: The Unexpected

Pairing: Bella/Legolas

Summary: What if Bella was the youngest daughter of Galadriel, one who thought was lost but in hiding. What if Gandalf asks for her aid in Thorin’s quest.


BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin. Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the twilight series and I really don’t own any of Tolkien’s amazing work.

Chapter Nineteen

Third POV

Bilbo’s heart stuttered as they came to a stop in the room that was to be their exit, his eyes landing on the mummified corpses that littered the stone floor. Bile rose in his throat as he saw a small bundle nestled against a woman’s chest, a bundle that was a child. Oh Aulë.

“That’s it, then. There’s no way out.” Dwalin sighed, trying not to think about the death in the room as he looks upon the crumbled walls.

Thorin swallowed as his heart thudded in grief as he took in the Dwarrow’s and Dwarrowdams before him, there were many of them, many of his kin laying forgotten and decaying in this hall. How could… they suffered long than the others, had tried to pry the rocks away with no use. By Mahal there were children, babes and young dwarflings before them.

Balin sagged under the weight, his eyes teary. “The last of our kin. They must have come here, hoping beyond hope. We could try to reach the Mines. We might last a few days.”

Thorin exhaled sharply, shakily as he stepped forward and scanned the wall. “No. I will not die like this. Cowering, clawing for breath. We make for the forges.” He would not let what kin he had with him die the same way, slow and drawn out.

“He will see us, sure as death.” Dwalin supplied with a frown.

“Not if we split up.” He replied sending a sense of unease through the group.

“Thorin, we’ll never make it.” Balin interjected horrified.

“Some of us might. Lead him to the forges. We kill the dragon. If this is to end in fire, then we will all burn together.” Thorin replied strongly.

Bilbo didn’t know if he wanted to do this, he knew that they would surely fail. He knew the weak spot upon the beasts hide but they had nothing strong enough to reach it or dared enough to try. He had conversed with the beast; he knew that the dragon was sneaky and smart. They had no hope. With a sigh he followed the king and the others as they made plans on who was going where and with.

“This way!” Thorin waved, urging Bilbo and Bain to hurry as a booming sound echoed the hall. A sound that was all too familiar to Bilbo, a sound of a dragon’s laughter.

“Flee, flee! Run for your lives! There is nowhere to hide.” The dragon taunted, his booming voice echoing as he attacked. Bilbo pushed his legs as fast as they could go, not looking back even though he knew the dragon did not follow, he could hear the Ri brothers and Bombur yelling.

Each set of company went out and distracted the dragon from the others, giving everyone the chance to reach the forges.

“Hey you! Here!” Dwalin roared, practically shoving Nori through the door as Smaug turned, his claw nearly crushing them.

Glóin and Bifur ran out them screaming, never stopping as they ran through part of the mines. Smaug roared, blowing dragon fire rapidly in an arc all around him, into all the tunnels. He will burn the flesh off the Dwarrow’s bones. Glóin felt the rock beneath him heat, his eyes widening as he saw the cracks of fire spread.

Hurry!” Bifur yelled to Glóin before dropping, their legs giving out as they slid down the troughs and slammed in to the large hanging buckets, eyes wide in fear as they waited for the dragon to come and finish them off.


Fili stared at the raven haired elf with a critical eye as she turned to face them, Bofur nearly crashing into her in his haste to get inside.

Lorelei spun with her blades in hand thinking it was an attack, her eyes widening as she takes in the dwarf before her, his eyes wide in terror and in his hand was the plant she needed. With a cry she yanked the flowers from his hand and inhaled them, her shoulders sagging with relief.

“Athelas.” She breathed before spinning once more, “I need hot water now!” She demanded anyone really. The others quickly hurried; grasping what was left of the hot water that managed not to spill in the fight and handed it over.

“Can you save him?” Fili asked the elf desperately.

“I can try, but it is up to him to fight it. You all need to hold him down, he will thrash!” She stated quickly while beginning to crush the flowers in the hot water with her hands, she needed to make it a paste. Oh how she owed her sister an apology, Tauriel forced her to learn healing stating she might need it one day and Lorelei simply laughed.

Her hands quickly drop the paste into the water before turning to face Kili, her eyes landing on the black festering wound. This was bad, she knew it to be so, the last person she had seen this badly infected nearly died… no, they had died.

Please Aulë, do not let him die, do not take my chosen. She prayed to the maker before picking up the paste once more and brought it to her lips. “Menno o nin na hon i eliad annen annin, hon leitho o ngurth.” She chanted, pressing the paste to the wound and cringing when he screamed.

“May the blessing that was given to me be sent from me to him, may he be released from death!” She chanted, over and over as she poured what natural power that all elves possessed into it. She ignored the others as they stared at her, her eyes focused on the glassy black pools that stared at her.

Her Chosen was calming, his screams dying as he stared and stared and stared at her.


Bella and Legolas ran side by side, their arrows landing true. “Eight!” Bella laughed causing Legolas to scowl in annoyance.

“How is it that you are faster? We would be even if you did not take my kill!” He retorted before burying his blade into one as it snuck up on his Chosen.

“Because you are too slow, we must split up.” Bella replied, eying the two passage ways that she could see a large number of the packs gathering.

Legolas nodded before unsheathing his daggers smirking, Bella simply raised her brow and pulled out her own and her sword before shrugging, accepting the challenge. With a wide smirk and a wink she disappeared down her tunnel, the sound of their blades and the orcs cries of death filling the air.

Slash, jab and keep moving…

Slash, Jab and keep moving…


Legolas moved through the orcs easily, returning his daggers to their scabbards as he rounded the corner, only to stop when he sees the white orc standing at the other end. The very orc that he knew his Chosen wanted dead by any means, with a smirk he drew out the blade he had taken from the Dwarf King, the one he had to search high and low for in his father’s halls to return it.

The white beast and the elf stalked towards one another with determination, both of them wanting each other dead. A snarling sound caused Legolas to jerk back just in time to miss the sword that swung down from a hidden orc, his own blade sinking into the body before using the hilt to hit the other.

He let out a grunt as he deflected the white beasts own strike while trying to block the other one. Legolas seeing the opportunity stabbed at Bolg’s stomach, his smirk dropping as the creature grasped the blade between his arm and ribs. He pulled Legolas closer to him using the sword, a dark taunting twisted smile pulling at the beast’s mouth before Legolas found himself thrown hard against the pillar.

With the sword gone and before he could get up his body connects with another wall, something cracking at the connection, be it ribs or the wood. With a gasp he shot the beast a look and quickly caught the leg in his arms with a grunt, the beast was strong indeed, before throwing him off balance.

With a scream of frustration he pushed himself up, flying across the small walkway and slamming his fist into the recovering Orc before repeatedly smashing the head into the thick wooden post till it nearly broke.


Bella snarled as she heard the pained cry of her prince, her eyes blazing as she rounded the corner to see the Defilers filth of a son crushing her chosen within his grasp. She let out a furious roar and charged, Legolas seeing Canadriel rush towards them jerked his head back, pushing the white beast away a moment before she buried her sword into the beasts stomach to the hilt and twisted.

“I hope you die from your wounds like you deserve.” She spat, jerking out the blade with a twist before slicing the head of one behind her. Three more rush out to distract them while Blog takes his chance and escaped.

Legolas jerked, hos body stumbling slightly as a wave of dizziness washes over him, his vision doubling for a second. Bella frowned and pressed him into the pillar, her hand caressing his cheek while her thumb brushed away the blood that fell from his nose. “That beast will rue the day…” She hissed.

“We need to follow him.” He murmured, shaking his head once more.

“I cannot leave with you caun nín. I must return to the others and stay with them.” Bella whispered pained, she did not want to depart from her Chosen. “My grief is less and now my heart has Chosen, I cannot leave but you must go meleth nín.”

Legolas felt his breath hitch and heart swell at the admission, his hands coming up and brushing back the hood from her face to stare into her eyes. “Le annon veleth nín. He whispered softly, giving her his promise.

Bella felt the tears pool in her eyes. “Gerich veleth nín, Legolas.” She breathed out after a slow pause before pressing her lips against his.

Legolas we must hurry, I saw the white orc flee!” Tauriel informed, coming to a stop with wide eyes as she saw the elf prisoner and her prince sharing a kiss. Both of them jerked back and stared at Tauriel before stepping apart, their eyes meeting once more.

“Be safe Greenleaf, come back to me.” Bella whispered grasping her Chosen’s hand. “Guren nallatha nalú achenin le.”

“I will return, be safe gilgalad nín. Unad nuithatha i nîr e-guren nalú aderthad vín.” He replied before giving her one last look and dashing off with Tauriel in tow. She watched them as long as she could see them before making her way back towards the others; she needed to know if they were okay.

She could hear the terrified whispers of the villagers from inside their homes, could see their prying eyes as she walked past half hidden in the shadows. Her whole body ached, the ravaged flesh pinching in the cold but Bella had never felt more alive.

Legolas had declared his love under masked starlight, though it was not an ideal place, he had made a promise and she had returned. They had time to learn one another, to love each other fully without doubt but now they had promised each other to the other. Oh what a funny way things turned out to be, funny but good.


The beast roared its displeasure as the cables wrapped tightly around him, spinning and spinning to try and free himself of the blasted trap and wires. The room was hot and humid from the flames, the gold glinting in the dark as it flowed under the belly of the beast.

“Lead him to the Gallery of the Kings!” Thorin ordered, grasping the wheelbarrow at his side and rushing forward, he needed to get to the front of the tunnel line that led to where he needed to go. He ducked and swerved the spinning beast and chucked the barrow into the gold before diving in it, pressing his body flat to even it out; hissing when his fingertips brush against the melted gold.

Smaug roared and whipped his head around as he saw this, the ropes finally untangling from around his neck. He snarled as he rushed towards the dwarf in the river of gold, the dwarf who taunted him, called him slow, stupid and fat… a slug. He stomped over to a small entrance at the base of the mound roaring when the foundation began to crumble and fall.

Bilbo screamed, both in terror and pain as his body connected harshly several times as the platform crumbled. His eyes wide in terror as he jerked up to his feet, the dragon staring angrily at him, Oh bother.

“Keep going, Bilbo! Run!” He heard Thorin yell from somewhere and he didn’t hesitate. He turned abruptly on his foot and rushed towards the doorway behind him, the dragon following. He glanced up as he rushed into the dark room, eyes widening at the banners along the walls just as the crack and groan of rock floated from behind him.

The wall above the doorway exploded in chunks of stone as Smaug jumped through it. Bilbo ran frantically from the flying rocks, pushing himself to his limit. Which wasn’t much mind you, he was hungry and tired, his body aching in pain. He found himself crashing to the floor once again, pinned beneath the cloth of a banner and stone floor. Smaug leapt to the floor, gliding over the fallen hobbit angrily.

“You think you could deceive me, Barrel-rider?” Smaug snarled breathing in heavily, he could smell the stench of man upon the Dwarrow’s clothes as he chased them. There was no masking the scent from him, his senses too keen for that. “You have come from Laketown. There is- is some sort of scheme hatched between these filthy dwarves and those miserable cup-trading Lakemen. Those snivelling cowards with their longbows and black arrows!”

Bilbo listened as the dragon ranted to himself, voice cracking at the mention of the black arrows, the only thing that could pierce his hide and harm him.

“Perhaps it is time I paid them a visit.” He proclaimed, spinning in the hall and making for the exit.

Bilbo felt fear churn in him at that, no, no, he could not allow that. He could not allow the dragon to blame the people of Laketown, to burn their homes for something they really had no part of. Kili. Fili… Óin and Bofur… Bella… they were still in the town.

“Oh, no. This isn’t their fault! Wait! You cannot go to Laketown.” Bilbo yelled as he dragged himself out from under the banner, chasing after the dragon.

Bilbo Baggins cease this madness and hide! He heard his father scream at him in his head at the act of foolishness.

Smaug turned and stared at the thief that dared to steal from him with pleasure. “You care about them, do you? Good. Then you can watch them die.” He taunted, savouring the horror on the thief’s face before making his way out.

“Here, you witless worm!” Thorin yelled, causing Smaug to pause in anger and turn towards the voice. A rumble echoed the room, shaking the foundation of the hall as Smaug spots the dwarf standing upon a structure at the other end of the room.

giphy (1)



Bella jerked, her eyes glancing up towards the mountain in horror before rushing towards Bard’s house. She did not stop until she was safely inside, the door slamming shut behind her.

“Bella?” Fili asked as he took in fear filled face, her eyes wide in horror and unseeing. He rushed towards her as her body slumped towards the door and those that hadn’t seen her face before gasped in horror, even Lorelei.

“Death failed… they failed… they tried, will try… But all shall fail in sadness and the lake will shine and burn.” She gasped out, her eyes wide as she grasps Fili’s arms tightly. Flashes of gold and fire, screams and death burned her mind. “We must hurry, we must leave.”

The ground rumbled as a roar echoed the night; screams of the townsfolk filled the silence that followed for a beat quickly. All eyes turned towards the mountain, an orange hue could be seen through the haze. Fear struck through everyone’s heart swiftly, all those who could see and hear the beast that blocked the moon’s light.

“He’s coming.”

Author Note: You have no idea at how annoyed I am there is only nine chapters for this part… but there is no way I can make another chapter lol. Onto part three, the final chapter of this tale! More love = chapters!

Guren nallatha nalú achenin le – My heart shall weep until I see thee again

Unad nuithatha i nîr e-guren nalú aderthad vín – Nothing will stop the weeping of my heart until our reunion



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  1. Omg!! I’m going to end up watching this movie collection because of you!! I need to remind myself of the original since you have made it hard!! Thanks so much!!

  2. I LOVE THIS! i want more!! they kissed briefly but damn u tauriel! they coulda kissed a lil longer but nooo u just had to interrupt a moment. pls pls update again soon 😀 i am crazy excited for more of this.

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