Chapter Seven – An Unexpected Journey VII

Title: The Unexpected

Pairing: Bella/Legolas

Summary: What if Bella was the youngest daughter of Galadriel, one who thought was lost but in hiding. What if Gandalf asks for her aid in Thorin’s quest.


Disclaimer: I do not own any of the twilight series and I really don’t own any of Tolkien’s amazing work.

Chapter Seven

Third POV

Fear and panic swelled within Elrond as he swept up Canadriel into his arms, her body lax in his arms. “What happened? Gandalf, what has happened?” He demanded as he strode out from all the Dwarrow’s or tried too. They seemed to surround him, move with him with each step.

Gandalf looked at his old friend, his eyes glancing down to the worried faces before he answered. “She is suffering from Grief, Mellon. It has been growing worse with the passing days, I did everything to get her here to you but she will not leave them, she has sworn an oath to this company. Her last adventure she has claimed it to be.” He explained in Sindarin so only Elrond and Lindir could hear him.

Elrond’s steps faltered, Lindir catching his arms and steadying him. Grief… no, he could not lose another family member to grief, he had lost his wife, his Chosen and now he could very well lose his nethig too. She had been gone, long gone for many years now and had thought to be dead… that may still very well be true… his mind whispered.

“Follow me, all of you. Lindir make sure no one else disturbs us unless I call, quickly now!” Elrond ordered as he rushed up the stairs and towards Canadriel’s rooms.

The others followed swiftly, Balin and Dwalin at the front just behind Thorin, Kili and Fili behind them.

“Uncle, she’s going to be alright, right?” Kili asked worried, he had liked the she-elf, she had proven to them her skills and had saved Ori against the trolls.

“Yes, is she going to be alright?” Fili asked, his hands grasping the elven blades tightly in worry.

Thorin frowned and looked at his nephews over his shoulder as he followed the elves before him. “I do not know.”

Lord Elrond shoved the door open to Canadriel’s rooms and laid her down gently. “I do not know if I can help her. Do you know what has caused it?” He asked Gandalf in Westeron.

“She was broken when I found her, heart near torn out by cruelty of those she loved and had claimed to love her.” Gandalf spat, fury evident on his face. “He was not her Chosen, but she loved him and his family much, enough to cause Grief.”

Bella whimpered, head shaking from side to side as she frowned in her sleep. “Charlie… no… please… I’m sorry.” She whimpered.

“Shhh Nethig, you are safe, come back to us.” Elrond whispered softly, eyes flashing with rage. “Shall we get her mother and father?” He asked softly, eyeing the dwarves before looking at Gandalf.

“No, she will not leave the company; she has sworn an Elven Oath towards Thorin, bound by magic.” Gandalf explained causing Elrond to blink and whip his head towards Thorin.

“My Nethig swore an oath to you?” He asked stunned, confused.

Thorin frowned by nodded slowly, “yes, to help us reclaim Erebor.”

“Then there may be hope yet for her,” Elrond sighed slightly relieved, laying his palm across her forehead. “I beg of you not to release her from the oath until it is completed, until her last quest is done and she is safe within the halls here where she can be tombed upon her kin.” Elrond whispered, pleaded.

“Tombed?” Bofur asked confused.

Elrond looked down, muttering a few words in Sindarin before answering. “She has been taken by Grief, the vision she saw has only added to it. All that is keeping her here is her oath, it’ll be painful for her but she will go until her oath is completed, as the way of an Elven Rule.”

“What… what can cure Grief?” Bombur asked softly from his spot next to Bifur.

“If she had found her Chosen then that is what would save her. But my dear Nethig has not had that luxury, has not found her One for all the years she has been alive.” He explained sadly. “She is the only one of the five left from the First Ages to not have found her Chosen, her one. It grieves her so that they may have perished in a war and it helps her hope that they have yet to be born, but for over six thousand years that hope has faded.”

Thorin felt something stab him in the gut, something cold and sharp. He felt grief for the elf in his company; he had to admit that she was not like the others. Lady Bella spoke like a dwarf, fought beside them in harmony, protected his kin and the company many times… She had proven herself worthy in his eyes and he had only just realised this. “Then I swear not to release her until she is ready.”

“Elrond?” Bella whispers as she came too, the darkness being pushed back by the familiar light of her brother.

“Nethig, there is much we need to discuss, do you not think? Why didn’t you tell the company that you are…are dying?” He asked softly, helping Bella to sit up in her bed.

The sharp inhales of the company reached her ears, her eyes flickering over them sadly. “Because there is no need, they would try to help and we know there is nothing to help…” She trailed off, her body flinching back as Charlie’s dead body flashed across her mind, the sound of his neck cracking in the air.

“Charlie… he…oh my Adar, I failed you too.” She moans, pallor greying.

“Lindir!” Elrond called, waiting for his second to come in.

“Yes my lord?” Lindir asked softly, his eyes sad as he took in the crying form of his Lady.

“Can you bring up some food; she and they need to eat.” He asked and Lindir left immediately.

“You need to explain, how did this happen?” He asked his sister when the door was closed, watching as the Dwarrow’s moved closer.

“I had loved, loved a creature not of Elf, Dwarf of Man.” She started before delving into the story, explaining from the very beginning of who Charlie was until the very end. She did not hear the cries of horror, the laughs or tears that her family and company made as she told the tale. She faintly recalled showing them the bite on her arm; thankfully as an elf she was immune to such poison.

“He was kind and gentle, his family loved me, he loved me and I loved them back. I knew he was not my Chosen, I was too incomplete but we courted and he broke me… He broke my heart and ripped away the family I loved. Grief struck swiftly as I lay broken on the forest floor where he left me. Worthless, he called me… Did not want me… none of them did and it is now that I realise… I was not an equal to him- them.” She spat, her eyes blown wide with fury as everything came rushing back.

Don’t eat that! Eat this!

Dress this way, you have no choice… good Bella.

A lady should not talk as such, very uncouth…

You amuse me Little Sister, tripping on everything…

Flashes and flashes of life of the truth between their actions, she was nothing but a pet to them.

“No, I was not their equal.” She hissed, hand clutching her chest in agony. “I was their pet.”


Bella stared at the stone walls of her room while the others had left, her brother included after the admission. Fury like she had never seen before frozen on Elrond’s face while insults she had not heard for an age spewed from the Dwarrow’s lips.

“Lady Bella, is it alright if Dwalin and I come in?” Balin called from behind the door.

“Yes Balin.” She replied, turning her head towards the open door and her brothers.

“Moriel, why did you not tell us?” Dwalin asked as he moved to her side, the door closing shut behind them.

A light flickered in her eyes as the name left Dwalin’s lips. “You remember Nadadith? You remember me?” She asked hopeful.

“Of course we do namad, we never forgot you but you do not look like the elleth we remember. The grief has changed your spirit; you no longer look like our happy namad.” Balin whispered sadly as he brushed back the hair from her face. “Why will you never allow me to braid you hair I will never know.” He sighed annoyed, rolling his eyes and smiling at her laugh.

“You may do it now if you want, both of you.” She whispered softly, stunning them. She knew how much braids were to Dwarrow’s, each braid and bead meaning different things. Courting, coming of age, family and so on. They had asked her long ago to allow them to braid her hair and gift her with their family beads but she could not accept such an offer for it was still too sore.

The Dwarrow’s would not accept her having beads that were a sign of Durin lineage after everything that happened and so she turned down the offer. But now she would let them, for she did not know how much time she would have left and they were Nadadith’s, her younger brothers and she was now namad, their sister.

Balin and Dwalin shared a look, one that expressed surprise and grief before nodding. They still carried the beads they made long ago for her, ones that they presented when they made her the bracers in hope that one day they would find her and she would accept them. They were silver, no jewels to be seen but they had etchings of their family badge and two swords, a dwarven one and an elven one crossed below it. Except the one Dwalin made was a battle axe crossed with an elven sword.

With a firm nod they shifted to either side of her, Dwalin took out his blade and cut a strand of his hair from just behind his ear before beginning to braid it in to Bella’s hair causing her eyes to widen. She knew that Dwarrow’s never cut their hair as it was a sign of shame and punishment.

“Why did you cut some of your hair?” Bella asked softly, her eyes flickering to Balin as he did the same thing but from his beared before braiding it into her hair on the other side. Both braids began at the soft flesh behind her ear; she could feel them tugging softly yet differently.

“So we can always be with you. We do not normally do this, but some do, it is a high form of respect Moriel.” Balin explained before finishing his braid and clasping his bead at the end. His white hair standing out against her deep brown locks, he had simply done a four strand braid that represented him, simple and different.

A minute later Dwalin was done, the bead resting against the pulse point of her neck. He had not done one since he helped his mother re do hers before she passed away, it was something he didn’t wish to do on another but it suited her.


“I did a feather braid, which is why it is different than Balin’s.” He explained as she saw her frown when she felt the tuffs of loose hair. With a nod Bella stood her legs shaky as she made her way towards her dresser and carefully lifted the lid of the jewellery box. There saw two items, both of elven make and of Mithril.


They were pendants, chains made of Mithril and on the end of them were two small daggers one ruby tipped blade and the other emerald. She carefully pulled them out of their resting place and handed them to the brothers. “These I got made for you, the daggers are mine and on them they have the item of my family resting on the hilt.”

Balin and Dwalin didn’t hesitate from taken them, admiring them before placing them securely around their neck and under their beards before pulling her into a hug. “Thank you namad. We will cherish them for the rest of our lives.”

“I must ask you, not to tell the others of who I am.” She breathed out seriously as she held the brothers close. “They cannot know just yet, not yet. They won’t believe you both; I saw their faces when I revealed to them what had happened. But I could feel and see the mistrust in their eyes, only at the right time you shall tell them. Swear it to me.”

“Aye lass.” Balin nodded, stepping back.

Dwalin hesitated, his loyalty to his king and now his sister waring within one another but in the end he chose his sister. “Aye.”

“Good, now go and eat, I shall join you all soon.” She instructed her voice more alive than it had been. Balin and Dwalin nodded, gave a bow and made their way back to others, it was getting closer to dinner time and they knew that they all were waiting for them.

“Balin, Dwalin, how is she?” Gandalf asked as he saw the two walk forwards and take their seats.

“Better, she is better but not herself.” Balin replied, Dwalin giving a sharp nod and a grunt in agreeance before picking up the odd food before him.

Elrond’s hand clenched tightly around his goblet. “Those monsters would die by flames if they were ever to walk this realm, to treat her as a pet, to cause her grief. There will be no stopping my Kin and Kinlike from hunting them down and showing them how savage we elves can really be.” His voice was rough, eyes darker against his pale complexion.

“Or us!” Fili and Kili yelled their hands slamming down angrily on the stone, the others nodding along.

Thorin frowned disturbed; he had seen things tonight that did not fit into the tomb of hate he created for elves. He had seen the bloodthirsty rage that his kin always had in the faces of Lindir and Lord Elrond after they left Lady Isabella’s room. He had seen all that he saw in himself when someone he cared for was mistreated or hurt and he saw their kindness and respect towards them. Thorin did not know what to think, but he knew what to do.

“And they shall fear all Durin Folk if they found their way towards my kingdom and all those under my command. We Dwarrow’s will not let something so unjust happen and just sit idly. Women folk should not be treated as pet’s but the treasures they are.” He spoke strongly, silencing all those around him.

“Aye!” Glóin agreed after a beat of silence, the others following suit.

The harps never stopped playing in the background, the player ignoring the words as instructed for she did not wish to know the pain of her Lady but she could hear the music change from a soft melody to that of sadness.

Nori frowned and grumbled, “It feels like I’m at a funeral with all these soft harps!”

“Did somebody die?” Ori asked as he raised his ear trumpet, helping Nori change the mood to something lighter.

Bofur had a brilliant idea at that. “Alright Lads, there is only one thing for it.” He stated before standing, the song popping into his head.

“Ohhh…There’s an inn, there’s and inn, a merry old inn beneath an old grey hill,” He started, causing all the others to smile.

“And there they brew a beer so brown
That the Man in the Moon himself came down
One night to drink his fill.

The ostler has a tipsy cat
that plays a five-stringed fiddle;
And up and down he runs his bow,
Now squeaking high, now purring low,
Now sawing in the middle.”

Bella smiled as she stopped at the arch and took in the singing and stomping Dwarrow’s before her, she could even see the amusement on her brother’s face as he watched them alongside Gandalf. She was glad that she had made it in time to see the performance before her, she had always enjoyed the drinking songs.

“So the cat on his fiddle played hey-diddle-diddle, a jig that would wake the dead:” She sung loudly, drawing the attention of others as she moved forward, the pause only lasted a second as Bofur shot her a wide smile. The others were stunned, they had seen her in near flesh and her warriors garb but now she stood before them with a sapphire colored dress and matching circlet.

“He squeaked and sawed and quickened the tune,
While the landlord shook the Man in the Moon:
‘It’s after three!’ he said.”
They all finished laughing, food flying in the air, even some hitting Lindir.

“It is good to see you all merry.” Bella stated pleased, taking a seat beside her brother.

She shifted her hair, tucking the loose strands behind her ears as the circlet shifted a little. It was then that everyone saw the braids and beads that now rested in her hair.

“They gave you beads Canadriel?” Elrond asked surprised, his eyes flashing to the two that had went to see her. Now the grey haired dwarf he saw doing it but the battle hardened one was a surprise.

Bella smiled as she heard the Dwarrow’s break out in shock, their voices loud as they spoke to Khuzdul to Balin and Dwalin asking why. Some angry and the others jealous they didn’t think of it, it brought a smile to her face really, no matter if some didn’t approve.

Yes and I gave them the pendant blades.” She replied with a find smile.

Elrond and Gandalf raised their brows in surprise. “Does your mother know?”

A laugh escaped her lips. “Of course she does brother, who do you think helped me when I asked for them? I needed the Mithril to make them. They saved me brother long ago, when I was healing the Dwarrow’s after the battle for Moria, I was attacked by Orc’s on my way home and they healed me like I did them.”

“Now my friends, I see that my brother has not supplied you with proper food, luckily I went to the kitchens before I arrived.” Bella announced as six elves came in carrying trays of meat and other foods fit for Dwarrow’s. “Enjoy.”

A round of cheers went up as each dwarf started to grab the food before the trays could be lowered. Thorin sighed, shaking his head at the sight before turning back towards Lady Bella, giving her a nod in thanks.

“We shall speak more after dinner Master Oakenshield.” Lord Elrond stated, giving the dwarf king a pointed look. They had much to discuss after all, not just about his sister’s oath but about his quest.

Author Note: Well two chapters! This was mainly a filler more than anything and didn’t I tell you that Thorin wont be much of a dick now? He’ll still be a dick but not as harshly towards Bella or Bilbo… Though he will be the same towards Thranduil.



7 thoughts on “Chapter Seven – An Unexpected Journey VII

  1. i think the brading of her hair was one of the sweetest thing i’ve ever read. so appropriate. and the dwarves did the right thing by making merry. it sure lifted Bella’s spirit. 😀
    such a touching chapter. i love it!

  2. I was really happy to see two chapters, and they were both really good. 🙂 Its interesting to see the subtle change in Thorin as he starts to realize that he may have miss judged the elves based on past happenings. Can’t wait to see more of this story and the character development as it continues. I just wish she could have seen the wolves saving Charlie in time rather than Victoria killing him. 😦 I also have a sneaking suspicion that we will see her again, along with the other buttheads 😉

  3. I LOVE IT!!!! i don’t wan tu to stop here. i really wish there was another chapter. this story is just getting better and better. can’t help but love this. seriously i love Tolkien. but ur work..just soooooo awesome! cannot wait for next chapter. and u are consumed by this because even ur brain knows it is awesome!

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