Chapter Seventeen – The Desolation of Smaug VII

Title: The Unexpected

Pairing: Bella/Legolas

Summary: What if Bella was the youngest daughter of Galadriel, one who thought was lost but in hiding. What if Gandalf asks for her aid in Thorin’s quest.


BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin. Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the twilight series and I really don’t own any of Tolkien’s amazing work.

Chapter Seventeen

Third POV

As the sun began to set, the fog rolled down from the mountains and caressed the lake. The Dwarrow’s ahead were concerned about seeing the way but Bard and Bella simply just shook their heads.

“How did you know who I am?” Bard asked softly.

“You have your grandfathers bearing Bard. You look very much like him when he was younger, same eyes but you hold too much of the world upon your shoulders.” She hummed softly, simply.

Bard sighed and curled in a little. “The master of Laketown is a greedy being; we’re all starving and struggling. I do what I can to help them but not all respect me because of Girion’s failure of Dale. The Master makes sure of it.” He explained causing Bella’s hand to tighten on the hilt of her sword.

“Watch out!” Bofur yelled, jerking back from the side of the boat as a large rock appears.

Bard simply rolled his eyes and maneuvered through the ruins of what once was with ease. The others stared at him, some with mistrust while the rest stared at the ruins with awe. They were what was left of the original outposts of Esgaroth, but did not stand when the dragon came.

“What are you trying to do, drown us?” Thorin demanded the man, his eyes switching from him to Moriel who sat perched by the man’s side.

“I was born and bred on these waters, Master Dwarf. If I wanted to drown you, I would not do it here.” Bard replied, looking down at the dwarf with hidden amusement.

Dwalin jerked, his body straightening at the threat. “Oh I have enough of this lippy lakeman. I say we throw him over the side and be done with him.”

Nadadith.” Bella warned her voice sharp and cracking. Bard watched with interest as the dwarf stood down, his face losing any form of hostility it had and backed down. Now that was something you don’t see every day.

“I don’t like him.” Dwalin muttered softly, turning towards Thorin.

Balin glanced at his brother before going back to counting the money. “We do not have to like him; we simply have to pay him. Come on now, lads, turn out your pockets.”

The others began to rifle through their pockets for any form of money that they had left, the majority of their valuables gone.

“Bilbo.” Bella called, her eyes locking onto the shivering hobbit. Bilbo turned to look at Bella and moved when she opened her arms, drawing the cloak away from her body as a gesture for him to seek warmth.

“Oh-oh no Lady Bella, I am fine.” He chattered out causing a few around him to snort while they dealt with the money problem.

“I suggest you take the opportunity Lad.” Bofur stated with an amused lit. With a deep sigh Bilbo moved and wrapped his arms around Bella, sagging in temporary relief as she curled her cloak back over him and protected him from the ice wind from the lake.

Bard watched the scene between the dwarves who were staring at the mountain, no more complaints of being short on money as another handed over a bag of coins halfhazardly and the elf that held the strange Halfling to her being. He knew of the lady, his mother telling tales of the kind elf who their family owed a debt to.

“Laketown is ahead.” Bella murmured to Bard a few moments before the town began to come into view.

“The money, quick, give it to me.” Bard demanded hurriedly eyes switching from them to the guards ahead.

“We’ll pay you when we get our provisions, but not before.” Thorin stated displeased.

Bard stared down at the dwarves. “If you value your freedom, you’ll do as I say. There are guards ahead.” He explained, jerking his chin towards the town.

“Here, what do we do?” Balin asked quickly as he handed over the money to the man.

Bard glanced at them before turning to the barrels. “Get in the barrels and hide, don’t get out or do anything that will make you be seen. I will get you in as promised. My lady, you do not need to hide, once they see your attire they won’t guess your motives much.”

Bella dipped her head and then jerked her finger to the barrels as the others began to object, silencing them quickly. No one wanted to upset the elf, in fact everyone wanted to make sure she was well, she was obviously still weak and had still managed to save them.

Kili groaned as hopped into his barrel, his leg burning and sending up a searing pain at the impact.

“It’ll be alright Kee, we’ll get help when we reach the town… Bella can help.” Fili murmured softly to his brother through the wood before glancing over at Bella with a worried expression.

“Hurry Fee, we don’t have much time.” Bella whispered as she lifted up Bilbo and placed him in the last free barrel. “I will look for what we need there.”

Thorin shot Moriel a look. “Make sure he doesn’t sell us out.”

Bard quickly docked the boat on the outskirts of Laketown where the fishermen were hauling in their stock. He would need to use the fish as coverage to get the dwarves past the gate. He shot the elf a glance before striding to one of the fishermen, he knew they were not going to like what was about to happen.

Bella on the other hand was smirking as she listened to the transaction, a laugh escaping her lips which caused the company in the barrels to freeze and for Dwalin and Balin to curse. They had heard that laugh before, long ago and it didn’t end well for those that caused it.

“What’s going on?” Dori asked confused.

“Aye, what has the elf laughin’ like that?” Glóin whispered worried, trying to see anything out of the small cracks in the wood.

“Nothing good Glóin, nothing good.” Dwalin muttered a second before the fish rained down from above. Everyone groaned and spluttered as fish after fish smacked them until the barrels were full and they could not see the sky above them.


Bared smirked at the groaning barrels before turning to face the elf ready to apologise for treating the company like this but stopped when he heard her laughter. With a small smile he took his spot at the oar once more and began to sail towards the toll gate.

“Quiet! We’re approaching the toll gate.” He hissed, silencing the company.

The town was not what Bella remembered it being, the wood was slightly more rotten the village that once was joyful now seemed bleak and struggling. Her mood darkened at this, at the fact that the people were obviously struggling and the master of this town did nothing to help them. She could hear the children crying and people fighting, some begging for food or warmth.

“Consignment of empty barrels from the Woodland Realm. Only, they’re not empty, are they, Bard?” The nasally voice full of superiority snapped Bella’s attention from the town to the man before bard. Her hand slipped under her cloak and grasped the dagger that rested at her ribcage as she saw the guards behind him.

“If I recall correctly, you’re licensed as a bargeman, not a fisherman.” The man stated, picking up one of a fish from the barrel. She moved slightly, her hand clenching and yet they do not see her yet.

“That’s none of your business.” Bard snapped.

The weasel like man sneered. “Wrong. It’s the Master’s business, which makes it my business.”

“Oh come on, Alfrid, have a heart. People need to eat!” Bard exclaimed annoyed, his body shifting as his eyes glanced over the guards.

“These fish are illegal. Empty the barrels over the side.” Alfrid ordered the guards which in turn spurred Bella onwards.

“I would not do that if I were you. See, these are my fish and they were paid with my money for the good town of Esgaroth. Tell me Alfrid when the people hear the Master is dumping fish back in the lake, when the rioting starts, will it be your problem then?” She stated, causing the men to pause in their movements and for the asshole to turn around to face the hooded figure.

“And who might you be?” Alfrid sneered at the woman.

Bella felt her lips curl before grunting as she forced up an illusion to hide her scars and dropped her hood. The men around her gasped and gaped like the dead fish before them at the sight of her.

“I am Lady Isabella of the Woodland Realm.” She stated firmly her eyes narrowing at the weasel before her. “Bard here was kind enough to give me passage across the lake and this is how elves reply in kind.”

“Ever the people’s champion and gentleman, eh, Bard? Fine, but The Master has his eye on you; you’d do well to remember. We know where you live.” He called as Percy yelled for them to open the gate.

“It’s a small town, Alfrid; everyone knows where everyone lives.” Bard replied as they made their way past, smirking as the fool spluttered at his threat falling through.

Bella and Bard did not utter a word as he easily slipped through the canals, no, Bella was focused on the weeping buildings, the muck and deteriorating pathways. The once prospering fishing city was a ramshackle that is what the town was now.

“My Lady?” Bard asked softly as he saw the red slowly creep up the elf’s face in concern.

Bella turned towards Bard with a questioned brow before yanking up her hood as he trailed his hand down his cheek in reply, a gasp escaping her lips softly as the illusion dropped and vision swam.

“I am fine.” She murmured quietly as they came to a stop. “I just need to rest.”

Bard nodded quickly before casting a look around before tipping over the barrels or two of them at least while the others pulled themselves out. He turned towards the dock keeper who was staring at them all in shock.

“You didn’t see them, they were never here. The fish you can have for nothing.” Bard stated, pressing a silver coin in the dock keepers hand.

“Quickly, follow me!” He urged the others, watching as the rough one moved to the elf’s side. He quickly manoeuvred them through the back pathways towards his home, out of the prying eyes of the guards whom watched the pain passages.

“Da! Our house, it’s being watched.” Bain yelled as he rushed towards his father, his eyes widening as he caught sight of the dwarves.

Bard clenches his eyes shut before turning to face the others. “I have a plan but none of you are going to like it.” He stated to the leader of the company, his eyes flickering up to the elf. “My Lady can come with me as Alfrid already knows she is here.”

The company glance at each other in question before nodding, they needed to get in and out of this town without being seen and if what Bard had for a plan could do that then they will without question. The only one who was hesitant was Fili and Dwalin, both worried about Kili and Bella, though agreed when they saw the scowl Kili was giving and the aid of Bella’s urgent nudge.

Bard nodded and explained them what they had to do and where to go before picking up one of the baskets his son was holding. Bella glanced around and placed two silver coins in the hands of the merchant before picking up a basket of bread and fish, giving an extra three coins for the cloths. The merchant thanked her with wide eyes and clutched the coins in her hand as Bella nodded and followed Bard and his son, eyeing those that were watching them.

“You can tell the Master that I’m done for the day and if he asks about her you can tell him I am offering a place of rest before she leaves.” He called down to the two guards pretending to be fishermen at the edge of his home before opening the door and stepping in side.

Tilda rushed towards her father as he stepped in the door. “Da! Where have you been?”

“Father! There you are. I was worried.” Sigrid stated as she hugged him, pulling back as another figure stepped inside. “Who is this?”

Bard turned and gestured the elf inside. “Tilda, Sigrid, Bain… this is Lady Canadriel.”

“You must not utter my name to the others; they do not know who I really am. You can call me Moriel or Bella, it is a pleasure to meet you.” Bella explained, dipping her cloaked head in greeting before placing the baskets on the table.

Tilda’s eyes widened as she stepped closer to the Lady while Bard told Bain to get the others. “Are you an elf?” The little one asked as she saw the patterns on the cloak and bow.

Bella smiled softly and knelt down to the little girl. “Yes, I am. Nadadith you look like a drowned rat.” Bella laughed as Dwalin came stomping up the stairs.

Dwalin cast his sister a glare before plonking down on the bench near the fire. “Not a word Moriel, not a word.” Bella raised her hands and smirked wider.

“Tilda, Sigrid, can you go get some blankets and whatever clothes that can be spared.” Bard asked his children while the Dwarow’s began to remove their wet tunic’s and shoes.

Bella silently moved to the corner, her legs nearly giving out as exhaustion snuck back on her. Her body ached painfully, but a small smile pulled upon her lips as she rested her hand above her beating heart, savouring the soft flutter of another that was of Legolas.

She had found her Chosen, her spirit and heart in the Son of Thranduil of all places. How on middle earth could she not have met him before now? Seems Aulë had a different path for us at that time, but we have met now and though it could have been under better circumstances, I am glad… Legolas’s voice whispered softly in her mind. Aulë indeed… she hummed before jerking as she felt a hand upon her shoulder.

She glanced up to see Fili, his eyes tired and worried. “Are you okay Moriel?” He asked softly, a frown upon his face as he kneeled before her, staring at her face beneath the hood.

“I am fine Fee. Tired, I used too much energy and it has yet to return. Some sleep and food will do me good, my face hurts a little from the cold air but I am fine.” She stated once again and for once she meant it, she really was fine.

“Is he your Chosen?” Fili asked as he carefully stood and blocked the others from view and gently pulled back her hood to see her face. He frowned as he saw how angry red the old wounds were and sighed. He knew how cold air and water can make any old wound ache, especially sensitive ones.

Bella stared at Fili in shock, allowing the dwarf to pull back her hood and place a warm hand upon her wounded face. “How did you…?” She trailed off causing the young prince to smile.

“He told me, well he made it so I had to guess but I saw the way he looked at you, worried for you as we raced down the river.” Fili replied, pulling the hood over her head and hand as one of the kids walked past. “He also collapsed after the tree-shagger of a king demanded him to take me back to my cell and promised to look after you that is how I knew.”

“He could be Fee, he could be but the grief is still strong. There is hope though, I can feel him here.” She explained with a soft smile, placing her hand above her heart once more. “Don’t tell the others yet, they… won’t like it when they find out.”

“They will be happy you have found your One Bella, they won’t be angry at that.” Fili interrupted sternly, pulling his hand back as she shook her head her eyes scanning the others who were arguing with Bard about leaving before looking back at Fili.


“He’s Thranduil’s son.”


Lorelei cast a look out upon the lake, her ears straining for any hint of danger nearby before spinning, her bow raised as footsteps sounded behind her and freezing as she took in the figures of her sister and Prince. All three lowered their bows at once and Lorelei returned to look out at the lake.

“Lorelei you cannot hunt thirty Orcs down on your own!” Tauriel sighed annoyed, staring down at her little sister.

“But I’m not on my own now.” She teased, shooting a grin over her shoulder at them.

“Lorelei! It is not a joke, the king is angry! You defied his orders; you betrayed his trust.” Tauriel seethed as she made her way towards her sister, stepping over the deer carcases.

Legolas watched as the sisters argued before frowning, casting a glance towards laketown. He knew that is where Canadriel and the others were, he also knew that is where the orc’s were heading and he could not allow the fell creatures to reach them.

“IT IS OUR FIGHT!” Lorelei snapped at her sister. “It will not end here Tauriel, do you not see that? With every victory, this evil will grow. The king will have us hide in the walls of our home, hidden from the light as the darkness ravages this land. Are we not part of this world?” She asked her sister tired.

“Tauriel, Lorelei is right. My father has not been himself until Canadriel chased away the darkness from his mind. He knew the orc’s were coming before then and did not stop them, something he is greatly regretting as we speak.” Legolas stated, shocking both of the sisters.

“Why does this matter to you so much Lorelei, why?” Tauriel asked hesitantly after Legolas’s words.

Lorelei frowned. “I do not know but I cannot… I cannot let the young dwarf die.”

At the words Legolas smiled softly and somewhat shocked. “He has been on your mind; you sat within the darkness with him, spoken to him of starlight… Your heart has chosen then.” He summarised, causing Lorelei to stare shocked at her prince while her sister jerked back.

It all made sense now. “…yes…yes, my heart has chosen the dwarf.”

Tauriel sagged in defeat and nodded, “then we must go.”


The villagers gathered as they saw the guards march the dwarves towards The Master’s home. Each one struggling to free themselves or jerk their hands away but did not do anything else that could harm the men, as much as they wanted to. They knew if they did that then there was no escaping this godforsaken place.

What is the meaning of this?” The Master demanded as he stormed out of his home and into the falling snow, pausing in surprise as he looked at the Dwarrow’s before him.

“We caught ’em stealing boats to leave, sire.”

The Master eyed them. “Ah. Enemies of the state, then.”

“Hold your tongue. You do not know to whom you speak. This is no common criminal; this is Thorin, son of Thrain, son of Thror!” Dwalin snapped, gesturing to Thorin who stepped forward, gasting a glance around at the murmuring crowd.

“We are the dwarves of Erebor.” He stated loudly, glancing back at the Master and ignoring the whispers of shock and recognition. “We have come to reclaim our homeland. I remember this town and the great days of old. Fleets of boats lay at harbor, filled with silks and fine gems. This was no forsaken town on a lake! This was the centre of all trade in the North.”

The master stared down at them stunned before glancing at the rodents before him, whispers of gold and riches on their tongues. Whispers of what had been and what it is now, displeasure of their current livings resting on their faces as they stared at the dwarf.

“I would see those days return. I would relight the great forges of the dwarves and send wealth and riches flowing once more from the halls of Erebor!” Thorin yelled, causing the crowd to cheer.

Bard snarled silently in fury. “DEATH! That is what you will bring upon us. Dragon-fire and ruin. If you awaken that beast, it will destroy us all.” He spat out, silencing the crowd before stepping forward.

“You can listen to this naysayer, but I promise you this; if we succeed, all will share in the wealth of the mountain. You will have enough gold to rebuild Esgaroth ten times over!” Thorin yelled, causing the cheers to sound once more. Bella simply stared in silent anger as she stared at everyone around her, disappointment blooming in her chest at the Dwarrow’s display and promises. She could pick up whispers of the prophecy one that she had tried to tell the others but was shrugged off.

“The lord of silver fountains,

The king of carven stone,

The king beneath the mountain shall come into his own,

And the bells shall ring in gladness at the mountain king’s return,

But all shall fail in sadness and the lake will shine and burn.”

“All of you! Listen to me! You must listen! Have you forgotten what happened to Dale?!” Bard yelled desperately, turning his back on the Dwarf and looked upon the villagers. “Have you forgotten those who died in the firestorm?!”

The people shouted their no’s and other negatives as his words began to sink in. “And for what purpose? The blind ambition of a mountain-king so riven by greed, he could not see beyond his own desire!” He spat, finishing his speech and stared down angrily at the dwarf. Thorin steps forward, fist clenched and catching the eye of the Master.

“Now, now, we must not, any of us, be too quick to lay blame. Let us not forget that it was Girion, Lord of Dale, your ancestor, who failed to kill the beast!” The Master pointed accusingly at Bard.

Bella seethed, her hands clenching as she stared at the pudgy greedy Master of the town and glanced at Thorin who looked as if he was struck. Foolish dwarf! I told you! I TOLD YOU WHO HE WAS DID YOU NOT LISTEN? She screamed in her head as Bard spun around and stared with wide eyes as the villagers began to turn against him.

“It’s true, sire. We all know the story: arrow after arrow he shot, each one missing its mark.” Alfrid taunted smirking, urging the hatred amongst the villagers more.

Bard looks around as the crowd yells angrily at him before striding forwards, closer to Thorin.


“You have no right, no right to enter that mountain!”

Thorin simply glares up at the man. “I have the only right.”

“I speak to the Master of the men of the Lake. Will you see the prophecy fulfilled? Will you share in the great wealth of our people? What say you?” He asked, turning to the Master who stood upon the steps with a contemplative look.

The Master stared down at the dwarf, visions of gold and gems flashing across his mind, enough for him to live warm and comfortable for the rest of his life. “I say unto you…welcome! Welcome and thrice welcome, King under the Mountain!”

Bard growled lowly in his chest before turning and striding towards his home, fury burning in his chest at the events. Fools the lot of them… he thought before pausing as Bella jerked him to a stop.

“Death and ruin… burning embers and screams, the dragon will rain down from the mountain.” Bella breathed out, her hand clutching his arm tightly as vision upon vision flashed across her mind.

“What?” Bard asked softly as he looked at the hooded elf.

“You must warn the others to leave, they will fail and wake the dragon, if you do not Bard then all will burn upon the lake.” She whispered hazily before letting his arm go and disappearing into the darkness once more.

Author Note: Well I am not too sure how this chapter turned out but hey! Look Bard!

More love = chapters!



10 thoughts on “Chapter Seventeen – The Desolation of Smaug VII

  1. I feel so spoiled! So many chapters back to back!

    I just have to say, you’re doing such a great job in fitting Bella and her storyline in to the overall plot. I love crossovers because it sheds new dimension on an already familiar character, but a lot of them are so poorly constructed it’s hard to get past. It’s not easy blending different worlds. BUT THIS IS GREAT… and meshing someone into the world of Middle Earth must be very hard to do. Kudos to you!

    I wonder where you’re going to take Bella now. She’s clearly given Thorin fealty, but this is a turning point yes? Her personal objective of protecting everyone is going to clash with Thorin’s objective. How’s she going to deal with that?

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