Chapter Sixteen – The Desolation of Smaug VI

Title: The Unexpected

Pairing: Bella/Legolas

Summary: What if Bella was the youngest daughter of Galadriel, one who thought was lost but in hiding. What if Gandalf asks for her aid in Thorin’s quest.


BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin. Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the twilight series and I really don’t own any of Tolkien’s amazing work.

Chapter Sixteen

Third POV

“I need clothing and armour, my weapons.” Bella stated as she pushed herself up.

Legolas hummed and pointed to the table in the corner of the room. “I placed you some clothing there. It is… uh.” He stammered out before sighing. “I could not collect your bag so I had gathered some of my clothing for you to wear. Your weapons including the Dwarves are in the armoury.” He explained.

Bella turned and looked at the blushing prince with a raised brow. “Your clothes, huh? It’ll have to do, but I will need armour too, this is just cloth.”

She couldn’t help but thumb the soft cloth between her hands as he handed them to her; it was an odd colour, a grey peach? With a shake of her head she quickly pulled on the tunic and the tights, surprised slightly that they fit, maybe a little looser than comfortable.

“Here.” He offered, pulling off the armour that rested on his shoulders before placing it on hers. “This will keep you safe until you can find your own. Come we better hurry, are you able to stand?” He asked quickly.

Touched, she was touched. Though she missed her own armour, her bracers and so forth she couldn’t help but feel touched at him giving her his. It was a big deal for elves to share their personal armour, something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Clothes, he had given her his clothes and armour, had stayed with her as she healed and had called her Starlight.

Oomph… Bella crashed into Legolas and knocking them down as she stood abruptly in thought, her mind not focusing on the fact she hasn’t stood for a few days. She shook her head to rid herself of her thoughts and paused, her eyes staring down into the stormy blue eyes, the oh so familiar eyes.

Oh… her brain supplied as she felt his heart beat strongly under her palm, could feel the heat of his body warm her and chase the chill she had always carried with her since arriving home away. Oh… oh… he is handsome… She could not look away, could not find the will to move from the position.

Legolas stared up into the face of his Chosen, his heart racing as he thanked Aulë for his luck. He had thought for a long time that he would never have the chance to find his chosen and had grown fond of Tauriel, had come to care for the red haired elf but now… he could see her as nothing but a good friend, a friend she had always insisted they remained.

But as he stared into the rich brown eyes of Canadriel he couldn’t help but smile, she was simply stunning. Her hair fanned down on either side of them creating a curtain, the light in the room reflecting off her skin and giving it a soft glow as it did his.

Meleth nín… My heart has chosen you.” He whispered bravely, watching as her eyes widened at the words before her body shuddered and collapsed on top of him a small cry escaping her lips.

My heart has chosen you. My heart has chosen you. My heart has chosen you. The words echoed over and over within her mind as she cried into his chest, her body shuddering painfully at the sudden shift she felt within. She still felt grief, but now there was a hope to fight for, a hope that this Elf below her – comforting her – could be her Chosen.

“I cannot say the same caun nín, for the grief has still got a strong hold upon me.” She whispered sombrely.

“Then I shall wait; just give me a chance to heal those that have caused you such peril, that is all I ask for Canadriel.” He whispered, tucking back her hair as she lifted her head to see him. “We must hurry, there isn’t much time. I can take you as far as the armoury before having to depart from you gilgalad nín but I will join you when I can. I have found you now; I do not want to lose you.” He whispered, placing a kiss upon her brow before moving.


Bilbo quickly dashed into the cellars and frowned, there were indeed elves there three to be exact and they were indeed drinking but they were nowhere near drunk enough for the plan to work. Well the plan that wasn’t really a plan, but he was glad that there was empty barrels that needed to leave and there was enough for all of them.

With a soft groan he weaved in and out of the racks, his eyes going from one wine barrel to another before pausing, a wide smile tugging at his lips as he caught a familiar label. It was a strong wine and very rare in his home but if anyone drank enough, no matter the race they would be out like a light. He stifled a laugh as he quickly grabbed three empty wine glasses and filled them up before carefully making his way to the table and placed them down when they weren’t looking.

He didn’t pay any mind as they raved; he couldn’t understand what they were saying in any case and soon enough all three were fast asleep, their heads hitting the wooden table with a thunk. With a grin he dashed past them and yanked the keys from the hook before making his way up to the others.


“I’ll wager the sun’s on the rise. It must be nearly dawn.” Bofur sighed defeated.

“We’re never going to reach the mountain, are we?” Ori asked sadly as he turned away from the door and to his brother’s side. Bilbo couldn’t help but frown at the disheartened replies before yanking off his ring and sticking his head in front of the first cell, Thorin’s cell to be precise.

“Not stuck in here, you’re not!” he told them, holding the keys up with a small smile and giving them a jingle.

Thorin’s eyes widened as he jumped to his feet. “Bilbo! I had thought you to be captured and killed!” He called out, alerting the others that hadn’t heard him.

“Bilbo!” Balin cheered causing the hobbit to scowl and shush them all.

“There are guards nearby! We must hurry, Lady Bella has given us an exit and we need to leave immediately.” He stated as he quickly rushed around and undid the cages.

“Moriel? She’s okay?” Dwalin asked, pulling the hobbit to a stop and spun him around so they were face to face. Bilbo grimaced and looked down, she was okay but she was not okay, tired and frail.

“She is well enough. She told me to tell you to move it and she’ll be there soon but I don’t know if that is true or not. She has not moved for days from what I gathered, we need to go!” He explained in a rush before urging the Dwarrow’s forward.

“Not that way, down here. Follow me.” He hissed as they began to make their way up into the king’s domain, the opposite direction they needed to go. He quickly led them down to the cellars, pausing as one of the elves woke shortly before collapsing back into their drunk stupor.

“I don’t believe it; we’re in the cellars!” Kili cried out in anger as he took a look at the room. The others began to grumble their annoyance causing Bilbo to snap.

“I am simply following orders that Bella gave me! Now get in the barrels.” He hissed, jerking his hand towards the said items.

Dwalin glanced between the wooden barrels and the hobbit in disbelief. “Are you mad?! They’ll find us!”

“Just trust me! Trust us please… do you think Bella would lead us into a trap?” He asked desperately, casting a look up at Thorin as he was their only hope at the moment.

“Do as he says!” he ordered roughly before jumping into the closest barrel while the others scrambled to get in their own. He was a little uncomfortable at the exposure and the unknown, more so since he did not have his armour or protection.

Bilbo quickly helped in the last few who were struggling before counting them all, sagging in relief when he counted all thirteen. He quickly made his way towards the lever and hoped that what Lady Bella told him was correct, that there was indeed a river and it lead them down stream.


“What do we do now?” Bofur asked urgently, sticking his head out of the barrel. Bilbo sighed and spun around just as all the others stuck their heads out and looked at him expectantly.

image image (1)

He grasped the handle and exhaled. “Hold your breath.” He commanded before pushing the leaver, cursing as they all began to groan and make such a noise to rouse the dead. At that thought he raised his eyes over to the passed out elves and sighed as he saw they did not stir.

Everyone groaned and cried out as they hit the water hard, no one happy at the prospect of being wet and vulnerable but they did not question it.

“Hold! Wait for the Halfling!” Thorin ordered before throwing his hands out and stopping them from floating away with the aid of Dwalin and Kili.

They all eyed the wooden planks above as soft thumping noises sounded before Bilbo came sliding down and crashing into the water.

“Well done Master Baggins.” Thorin smirked before turning around and began to paddle his way out of the cave. “HOLD ON!” He yelled as he saw the rapids begin before him and prayed to Mahal that this was going to be an easy trip.

The hurtled uncontrollably down the rapids, hitting each other and the rock faces, they were close to the gates exit when the horn sounded. Horror and annoyance filled each dwarf as the elf closed the gates upon the, trapping them in the river and under the bridge.

“NO!” Thorin yelled before his eyes widened as the heavily armed Elf lurched forward, a black arrow sticking from his neck. Several growling orcs swarmed over the guard post, killing the elves before they even had the chance to draw their weapons. Multitudes of orcs run in from the bushes, with Bolg standing upon the hilltop.

Kili glanced up as the others around them fought off the orcs, his eyes spying the leaver and groaned. His brother was going to kill him, his uncle and so was every other member he thought as he pushed himself out of his barrel and made his way towards it. He needed to get them out of here before they were all slaughtered.

“Kili!” Dwalin called, throwing the sword he had taken from the orc to the young prince.

With ease Kili grabbed the blade from the air and drove it into the orc several times before making his way up the stairs, ducking, dodging and slicing his way to it. He even managed to slice the head off of one orc while his brother killed another with a dagger.

“KILI!” Fili roared terrified as he saw his brother jerk, a cry escaping his lips and a black arrow jutting from his leg. Kili groaned in pain and strained to pull the lever, his fingers brushing against the wood as his leg gave out, a haze growing on his mind.

Bella snarled as she saw this, her bow pulled taught and released her arrow watching it slice through the air and landing in the Defilers son’s chest. The beast snarled and spun, ripping the arrow from its lodging and a chunk of skin with it looking for the elf that shot him.

“Lorelei, help them!” Bella hissed to the dark haired elf that had saved Kili’s life by killing the orc that decided to attack the wounded prince before charging. Her hand swinging Dwalin’s Warhammer with ease and threw off the oncoming orcs as she made her way towards her kin.

The others didn’t see her, their main focus on Kili who looked pale within his barrel and trying not to get shot by arrows as they found themselves free of the gate. Lorelei hissed as she found herself without her bow, the wood cracking under the orc blade and being thrown into the river after she heard the pained cry of the young dwarf reach her ears, fear gripping her heart.

Bella and Legolas spun around each other, dancing to a beat only they could hear as they fought off the oncoming Orc’s. The others took note of the elf prisoner who had been on her death bed mere moments before now laden with dwarven and elven weapons and interchanged them with ease.

“I need to follow them!” She called over her shoulder as she saw the last barrel drop. “They need these!”

Legolas nodded, firing a bow into one orc’s head. “Then go, I’ll be right behind you! Be safe gilgalad nín!”

“I always am caun nín!” She called over her shoulder before jumping over the guard post and into the wild.

Lorelei, Tauriel and Legolas fought side by side, culling those that didn’t follow their horrid leader before joining the fight further down the river. Legolas going to make sure his Chosen did not get hurt after recovering so much, Lorelei going for a confused reason and Tauriel doing her duty.

The company fight, using the weapons they grab from the orcs that come close enough, using all they have to keep everyone and themselves safe.

“Bombur!” Dwalin called, throwing the axe to the heavy dwarf behind him. Bombur quickly catches the axe just as his barrel connects with a dead orcs spear, the wood groaning before catapulting it and him through the air and onto the riverbank. He heard bones breaking as he landed on a group of Orc’s his nose scrunching at the smell before the barrel flipped and landed on another set.

A groan escaped his lips and he thanked Mahal he finally came to a stop before realising he was surrounded, his barrel crumbling around him. With a wicked grin he smashed out his arms, a spear and axe in one hands before spinning, his weapons slicing into the flesh of the Orcs as his barrel crumpled.

“Nicely done Bombur!” Bella yelled as she swung down from a low branch, her back arching as she did a back flip and landed on the barrel edges of Bifur and Glóin. “You will be needing these, my brothers!” She laughed, chucking each dwarf their weapons.

Swords, hammers, spears, daggers and mattocks… she was even surprised she could carry all that weight let alone fight with them. She spun quickly her sword slashing out at the flying orc, eyes catching Legolas’s from the edge of the river bank.

“DON’T KILL HIM!” She yelled to her brother as she saw Legolas land upon their heads. With a jerk she found herself tumbling before being yanked up by Lorelei from the jutting rock bed.

“Moriel!” Fili yelled as he passed her, watching her and the dark haired elf fight back to back.


Legolas spun and fired his arrows swiftly, trying not to lose his balance. Though he would have to apologise later to the dwarves and to his Chosen, he knew this as he heard their grunts and groans over the rapids and her displeased look as he passed.

Dwalin growled and shot the blonde elf a glare as he pushed off, jumping from barrel to barrel before back onto land. Bella watched as she jumped back onto the barrel of Nori’s and watched as her prince fought off the orcs on either side of the riverbed, protecting her and them. Though she wasn’t happy at his method of using her kin as stepping stones she couldn’t help but smirk and admire his gal. He fought elegantly, swiftly and ferociously that caused a shiver of pleasure to run down her spine and body to heat.

“No!” She gasped as she saw an orc sneak up behind him, sword raised to strike. Her arm jerked, her body slipping into the water as Nori’s barrel slammed into Ori’s. Her head broke the water with a gasp, eyes widening and relief flooding her as she saw he orc blade now protruding from the fell beasts’ chest. She cast a thankful glance towards Thorin before slumping over now tired, her eyes catching Legolas as he stood tall on the rock cliff, the sun haloing him.

Legolas watched, his eyes widening as he saw the pack rush after the company, his heart aching and fear clenching it at the same time as he saw his Chosen slump tiredly against the barrel.

“Tauriel! Wait! This one we keep alive.” He ordered harshly as he turned to look at the captain and the orc she had within her grasp, the blades burying into the orc flesh enough to cause bleeding. “Hurry, the king will want to question him, I do.” He snarled before jerking the orc up and began to march him back to his home. He would have to deal with this first before joining Canadriel.


When the rapids turned to smoother water, Bella pulled the hood up of her new cloak over her face. She still wasn’t strong enough to bring up the illusion and she did not want to hear the gasps of her kin as they took in her scarred flesh.

“Anything behind us?” Thorin called out as he used a stick to pull himself to shore.

“I think we’ve outrun the orcs.” Bofur yelled in relief.

“Not for long; we’ve lost the current.” Thorin replied as he helped the others. “Make for the shore! Come on, let’s go!”

“Bombur is half drown.” Dwalin stated before his eyes landed on Moriel. “Moriel is about to collapse!”

Nori frowned and placed his hand upon the Elf’s head while the other shifted under her arm and hoisted her further up the barrel. He didn’t dare to pull back the hood, knowing she didn’t like it when people tried and he very much liked his fingers connected to his hand. “Are you okay Moriel?” He asked softly as he felt someone tug the barrel he was in sharply towards the shore.

“Kili’s wounded, his leg needs binding!” Bofur stated worried as he stared at Thorin.

“It’s fine!” Kili hissed as his brother pressed down on the wound.

Bella jerked then, her body moving quickly and falling half-hazardly at the prince’s side. She hissed as she saw the black poison seep from the wound, mixing in with the red. “No Thorin, he was hit with a Mogul Shaft. He needs to be tended too now or he will die.” She uttered, stilling all those around her.

“Bind his leg, quickly. You have two minutes.” Thorin ordered, worry churning in his chest, eyes scanning up the river for the Orcs.

Before anyone knew what was happening Bella shot up, her bow in hand and aimed at a looming figure that stood above them. “I suggest you lower that bow Bowman or you’ll get this nice elven one in your head.” She hissed darkly, not noticing the frowns the others gave.

The man stared down at the hooded figure, his bow up but his arm slackening the pull of the string slightly. He could see that she was an Elf, the weaponry and clothing proved that as much but why was she with them?

Balin glanced between the two archers before staring at something behind the man, his brows rising. “Excuse me, but, uh, you’re from Laketown, if I’m not mistaken? That barge over there, it wouldn’t be available for hire, by any chance?”

The man lowers his bow disgruntled, stepping off the rocks and onto his barge. “What makes you think I will help you?” he grunted as he began to collect the barrels, keeping one eye on the company, especially the elf.

Bella had not said another word, though she had placed her bow back around her torso while one hand rested on Kili and the other on the hilt of the blade. No one said anything about it but they cast a wary and worried glance at her every now and then.

Though she ignored the conversation she continued to stare in the face of the man, taking in familiar dark hazel eyes. She could faintly recall those eyes but could not – for the life of her – remember. Flashes of a wide smile and a bass laughed filled her vision, followed by a withered face and then death.

“I don’t know what business you had with the elves, but I don’t think it ended well. No one enters Laketown but by leave of the Master. All his wealth comes from trade with the Woodland Realm. He will see you in irons before risking the wrath of King Thranduil.” The Man stated, tossing the rope to the dwarf as he began to leave.

“I’ll wager there are ways to enter that town unseen.” Balin hinted nervously while Kili winced as Bella’s hand tightened on his shoulder.

He eyed the company before him. “Aye. But for that, you will need a smuggler.”


“Girion.” She muttered confused, stepping closer to the boat. The man paused, his body stiffening as the name passed the woman’s lips. “I remember Girion; he died trying to stop the beast. I had helped his wife Helene escape the town with her child, what is your name Bowman?” She asked, more demanded.

“Bard, my name is Bard.” He sighed, before gesturing the others to get on. “I will help you with this… but I still want payment, now hurry.”

The others sagged in relief and hopped aboard, giving Moriel a thankful look. Now they had a chance to escape the orc pack quickly and hopefully find something to help Kili before it was too late.

“What is your name?” Bard asked stepping to the elf’s side, his hand resting on her shoulder only to jerk it back when the dwarves around him snapped their heads to him in warning.

Bella turned to the Man, hood covering her features still and lent forward so she could whisper in his ear for she knew that if he indeed knew of her, than he would only know the name she gave Helen. “Canadriel.”

Bard jerked back and stared at the hooded woman in shock.

Author Note: Well ooooooooooo who can swoon with me from the beginning of the chapter? Did I give you all what you wanted to some degree? Also, I have completed The Desolation of Smaug chapters! Chapter 19 is the last chapter for Part 2 and then the exciting stuff! More love = updates!

caun nín – my prince



5 thoughts on “Chapter Sixteen – The Desolation of Smaug VI

  1. sigh….Legolas the Prince. well, at least Bella recognized how handsome he is. but they have time. with the quest and the nasty orcs, plenty of time to fight together and for Legolas to woo Bella. this will the oddest but most exciting courtship ever. killing orcs is better than any candle light dinner, i reckon. 😉

  2. I’m in love. Truly love this story! It’s just so freaking epic. I’m all hyped up from just reading one chapter and crazy anxious for the next. Cannot wait 😀 I love that legolas told her that his heart has chosen her. That just made me swoon. I had lil hearts floating outta me lol. Awesome chapter once again.

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