Chapter Ten – An Unexpected Journey X

Title: The Unexpected

Pairing: Bella/Legolas

Summary: What if Bella was the youngest daughter of Galadriel, one who thought was lost but in hiding. What if Gandalf asks for her aid in Thorin’s quest.


BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin. Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the twilight series and I really don’t own any of Tolkien’s amazing work.

Chapter Ten

Third POV

All Bella knew was that she was falling, her body being tossed around like a rag doll and she could even feel a splinter of wood in her thigh from when she fell through the top part of the section to the second one.

“Got ya lass!” Glóin rumbled as he caught the flying elf around the waist and held her to him.

The company groaned as they landed in a heap, the wood crumbling on top of them. Gandalf quickly pulled himself from the wreckage and yanked Canadriel out of the pile before she was hurt any more than what he could see. The Dwarrow’s were a hardy race and could not be easily hurt like he or her.

“Well that could have been worse.” Bofur groaned out, instantly regretting the words as the great goblin king came crashing down heavily on top of them, causing them all to cry out in pain.

“You’ve got to be joking!” Dwalin groaned out, shoving the board on top of him away.

Kili groaned and looked up, his eyes widening as he caught sight of the goblins rushing towards them. Thousands, there were thousand rushing down the stone hill towards them. “Gandalf!” He yelled, pointing them out for the wizard to see.

Dwalin cast a look around, his arms holding up a shaken Nori before turning to the wizard and sister. “There’s too many! We can’t fight them.”

“Only one thing will save us now! Daylight!” Bella yelled before pushing off in a limping run, drawing out her sword for both aid in running and protection.

The others quickly get up, pulling out the others. “Come on! On your feet!” Gandalf yelled as he helped up Óin and Balin, pushing the others forward after Bella.

Bella paused, letting the others go as she felt a great darkness in the crevice behind them. She urged the others out as they slowed down before turning, her eyes ghosting over the area with a critical eye. There was nothing there but she could hear the breathing of two beings, one familiar and one twisted and frightened.

“Hurry Bilbo.” She murmured into the darkness before rushing after the others, she would have to ask him later.

Bilbo frowned at the retreating back of the Lady and stared at his hand in wonder, he knew he could not be seen but she knew it was him that stood before her. He would have to ask Bella about the ring later but for now he needed to leave. He stared at the creature before him, raising his sword to slay the beast but paused as the wide blue eyes stared back. He couldn’t do it, with a grimace he jumped, foot smacking into the creature as he raced after the others.

The others ran down the hill, Bella pausing mid-way and waited for the hobbit who she could sense closing in on them. The darkness she felt within the cave growing stronger, how on earth did he cause such darkness to follow him she would never know.

“Five, six, seven, eight…Bifur, Bofur…that’s ten…Fili, Kili…that’s twelve…and Bombur – that makes thirteen.” Gandalf counted before pausing, where are Bilbo and Bella? “Where’s Bilbo and Bella? Where is our Elf? Where is our hobbit?!” he demanded in panic.

“Bella?” Bilbo gasped out as he came to her side, jerking back as he found a blade at his throat.

Bella blinked before frowning. “Bilbo, I cannot see you.” She murmured before blinking again and jerking her blade away as he appeared before her.

“Be wary of what you carry Master Hobbit, rings of power are not one to idly mess with.” She warned before collapsing, her leg giving out from under her. “Go to the others quickly, I will be fine but hurry!”

Bilbo nodded before running down, his eyes wide as he cast a glance back towards the elf and the red that was seeping from her hands. He ran until he heard yelling and paused just behind the large tree gasping for breath.

“I think I saw him slip away, when they first collared us.” Nori supplied warily, drawing the attention away from his brother.

“What happened exactly? Tell me!” Gandalf demanded, his eyes scanning from face to face worry and fear churning in his stomach. Bella had yet to arrive, she hadn’t gone back to get the hobbit? Was that why she stayed behind to make sure the others and he were out first?

Thorin frowned as he made his way towards Gandalf. “I’ll tell you what happened. Master Baggins saw his chance and he took it! He’s thought of nothing but his soft bed and his warm hearth since first he stepped out of his door! We will not be seeing our Hobbit again. He is long gone.”

Bilbo frowns once more, a deep hurt settling in his chest as he thinks over the words. He knew Thorin was awake when he said the things he did in the cave, but it was different now… Bella was right, he needed to live life to the fullest, to do something he himself would be proud of and not what others expected. He swore to help the Dwarrow’s get their home back and he was a hobbit of his word.

“No, he isn’t.” He alerted, stepping out from the trees. The others sagged in relief but a new concern rose as they noticed another member missing.

“Bilbo Baggins! I’ve never been so glad to see anyone in my life!” Gandalf sighed in relief.

“Bilbo, we’d given you up!” Kili gasped out with a smile.

“How on earth did you get past the Goblins?!” Fili asked, his eyes snapping back to the direction he ran.

Dwalin frowned in worry. “How, indeed.”

Bilbo frowns, twirling the ring in his pocket as he tries to catch his breath and give an answer. Lady Bella his mind whispers causing his head to snap back towards the trees in worry, a flash of red burning his mind.

“Why did you come back? I want to know why?” Thorin demanded suspiciously, ignoring the worried looks of his company.

“Look, I know you doubt me, I know you always have. And you’re right, I often think of Bag End. I miss my books. And my armchair. And my garden. See, that’s where I belong. That’s home. And that’s why I came back, cause you don’t have one. A home. It was taken from you. But I will help you take it back if I can.” He explained quickly before frowning. “But that doesn’t matter right now… Lady Bella, she’s…”

Bilbo was cut off by the snarling of Wargs filling the air. Hearing the howling, the Company members realize they are in danger each one giving a look of worry before racing down the mountain once more.

“Out of the frying pan…” Thorin muttered bitterly.

Gandalf looked down with wide eyes. “…and into the fire. RUN!”

Bella cried out in annoyance and pain as she swung up into the trees, she had managed to tear off some cloth from her cloak and use it as a bandage until Óin could look at it better or until she can get some herbs before jumping from tree branch to another, avoiding the snapping jowls of the wargs bellow running towards her kin.

Bilbo gasped as he drew out his sword, holding it in front of him as the Warg charged, his body quivering as the beast slammed into his blade and dropped dead. His eyes never leaving the beast before him in shock and terror as the company fought off a few others.

“Up into the trees, all of you! Come on, climb! Bilbo, climb!” Gandalf yelled before swinging up into the tree behind him.

The others quickly help each other up, Bofur using Dwalin’s head as a stepping stone before leaping into the nearest tree as Bifur throws his axe at an oncoming Warg before climbing up himself. The others scurry while Bilbo tries to pull his sword lodged into the beasts head.

“THEY’RE COMING!” Thorin yelled, warning the others who were still on the ground, his eyes locked on the pack charging towards them.

Dwalin helps his brother into the tree before turning around his eyes wide and searching. “WHERE IS NAMAD?” He yelled up to his brother in panic as he swung himself up. “WHERE IS BELLA?”

Bella cried out as her leg giving away as she jumped down and threw Bilbo into the tree before following. “I’m fine Nadadith!” She grunted out, her hand pressing down to staunch the blood, gesturing for Bilbo to keep quiet as he stared down at her leg. The others sagged in relief at her voice before fear swept through them as the massive white orc came to a stop.


Thorin stared in fear and disbelief at the creature before him. “Azog?!”

The beast spoke, the black speech spewing out hate and malice, taunting the Dwarrow’s before him in the trees as he told them what became of Thrain. Bella hissed furious, her eyes glinting in the light as she looked back at the stricken Dwarrow’s.

Kod, Toragid biriz. Worori-da!” Azog ordered, sneering as the pack charged.

Bella drew back her bow and let her arrows fly, culling some of the creatures as they jumped and snapped at the trees to get to them. She could feel the tree begin to give out, her eyes flashing to those in it wildly. “Ready to jump!”

She could hear the others screaming, the trees crying in pain as the beasts tore off their branches and knocked them over. Her leg burned with each jump she did from tree to tree, screaming in pain with each jostle. They all continued to fell until they reached the last tree, all of them breathing heavily their nails digging into the bark.

Looking around in desperation, Gandalf spies a pinecone and hurries to grab it. With little thought he pulled it close and blew fire from his staff onto it and blew until it was on fire before throwing it to the wargs below, smiling as they dash back before grabbing another.

“Fili!” He called, dropping it into the dwarf’s hands before lighting more.

Bella stared down at the flames, jerking her hand up to give the yellow embers more power before grasping the branch as dizziness takes her. She was in pain, hungry and had used too much energy; it also didn’t help she was losing blood.

Foolish… foolish woman… She scolded herself, her chest blooming in pain as she fought to hold onto consciousness.

She could hear the company cheering as the flames grew before crying out as the tree gave away, toppling over the cliff and stilling. Her eyes widen as she glances down, now that was a might fall before swinging down and catching Ori as he fell, a silent cry leaving her lips as she wrapped her legs around his middle. Dori gave the elf a thankful glance before blinking at the pain that washed upon the elf’s face.

“Dori!” Ori whispered panic as he pulled his hand away from the elf’s leg to see blood, a lot of blood.

Bella gasped before twisting, bringing her body up and flinging the young dwarf into the air, sighing in relief as she saw him land on the branch next to his brother. “I seem to be saving you quite a lot Master Ori.” She laughed out tiredly before pulling herself up.

“Thorin! Nooo!” Dwalin roared in fear, causing Bella to look over in panic to see the stubborn foolish king being attacked. Her hand flung out, letting her blade go watching it sail and bury itself into the beast’s neck.

Thorin gasped in surprise as he found himself landing away from the beast that had its jowls locked around him and looked back in time to see it clawing at the elven blade that was buried in the beasts neck before collapsing dead.

Azog roared, his head swinging around to see the elf that killed his beast and snarled. “Kill him and bring me his head then hers!”

Thorin stared up at the orc who now had its blade at his throat and desperately tried to reach his own before jerking in surprise and pain as he saw another elven blade burry into the creatures head followed by the Halfling, he saw the beast die under the Halfling’s stabs before the darkness took him.

He would have to thank them both.

Bella slipped as she threw her last dagger, glad that she could have helped. Her eyes locked onto her brothers as they pushed themselves up, they were safe… they would be safe. She watched them charge into battle, the others screaming for Thorin and Bilbo.

Oh brave Bilbo… she thought with a smile before looking up at Gandalf. I am sorry Mithrandir…

Gandalf jerked his head down in horror at Canadriel’s weak voice filtering in his mind, her eyes were glazed and face pale, her legs dangling over the edge.

I am sorry Nadadith’s… Bella thought to them before letting go, not even realising that the Eagles had arrived, darkness took her instantly as she fell; she was out by the time her body connected with that of the birds.

Bilbo held up both his blade and Bella’s and slashed them wildly as the others fought off the beasts, protecting the foolish king behind him, not even noticing the eagles or what happened by the cliff.

Balin and Dwalin turned in horror at the voice, their eyes locking onto their sisters through the flames. “NAMAD!” They yelled in pained unison as they watched their sister fall- let go.


The Eagles swept through the battle, picking up the wargs and their riders before throwing them over the cliff, some managed to pick up the Dwarrow’s and toss them onto their brothers backs before returning to the battle or to pick up one of the others. Everyone grasped tightly to the eagles backs as they looked towards their king who lay unconscious in one of the eagles’ talons.


“Thorin!” Fili yelled in hopes to hear his uncles reply.

Balin and Dwalin desperately looked for any sign of their sister as they flew east, their hearts aching as they saw no sign.


Bella groaned her body aching, she raised her brows as she found herself nestled in a soft grass field at the base of the Carrock, a familiar Eagle staring down at her. “Gwaihir!” She breathed out laughing, her body falling back.

“Canadriel, you let go of the tree Little Elf. My father’s father would be most displeased of this.” The great eagle replied sternly.

Bella huffed out a laugh before grimacing, her hand flying to her wounded leg. “I could not hold on, I was going to pass out. Either way I fell, thank you for saving me Gwaihir, for bringing me here to heal. How are the others?” She asked, her eyes popping open at the thought of the company.

She had seen Thorin fall, seen Bilbo stand before the great orc with blades up before nothing.

Gwaihir cocked his head before fluffing out his feathers. “My brothers and sisters saved them, they are atop the Carrock. I would have placed you there if not for the wound, heal and rest they will come down, the path is there… they will see you. I must go She-Who-Wanders for we must protect the mountains.” He replied with a slight bow, placing his beak upon her crown. “If you need us, call for us. We will hear you upon the wind.”

The Dwarrow’s landed on the Carrock after Gandalf who was kneeling by Thorin’s side chanting, calling back the stubborn foolish king.

“Bilbo? May I take that?” Balin asked softly, pointing to the elven blade in the hobbit’s hands.

Bilbo jerked and looked down at the blade in his hand before nodding, passing it over to the dwarf before returning back to the others who stood around Thorin and Gandalf.

“The Halfling? The Elf?” Thorin gasped out as he opened his eyes to see Gandalf. Balin and Dwalin looked away and Gandalf grimaced.

“It’s all right. Bilbo is here. He’s quiet safe.” He replied, pointedly not answering about Bella. Dwalin and Kili quickly helped up Thorin as he struggled to get up, jerking their hands back as he shoved them off before advancing on the Hobbit who stood a bit away nervously.

You! What were you doing? You nearly got yourself killed! Did I not say that you would be a burden? That you would not survive in the wild and that you had no place amongst us?” he roared, pointing at the hobbit, flashes of what happened coming back. The gleam of the elven blades saving him from the Warg and then his executioner followed by Bilbo killing off what the elf didn’t.

Bilbo flinched and cowered away slightly before finding himself in the kings embraced, thoroughly surprised. “I have never been so wrong in my life, I am sorry I doubted you.” Thorin explains as he pulled back before searching the other person he needed to apologise.

“Where is the elf? Where is Lady Bella?” He asked before frowning as Balin, Dwalin and Gandalf cringed and looked down. “What? What is it?”

“Bella… Lady Bella was hurt; I tried to tell you before the Orc’s attacked.” Bilbo stated slowly as he too realised the Elf was not amongst them.

Ori and Dori shared a look. “She saved me, but her leg was bleeding.” Ori explained before grimacing and recoiling like the others as they saw how much blood was actually on the young Dwarf.

“Where is she then? Was she not saved by the eagles?” Thorin asked once more as horror began to sink in, he too cared for the elf in some degree; she had saved his life twice just hours ago and that of his kin and company. She had the spirit of a dwarf and protected them even though she was in pain. She was claimed by his cousins as sister. He had sworn to Lord Elrond that he would make sure she returned to her kin.

“Balin? Dwalin? Where is lady Bella?” Fili asked as he looked closely at the two Dwarrow’s, fear gripping his heart as he saw the tears in their eyes.

“She fell.” Dwalin managed to rasp out before looking away just as Balin spoke. “She let go.” The reaction was instant, some crumpled in shock and others cried out in disbelief.

“No, she has to be okay! The eagles could have saved her in time!” Kili yelled in disbelief, he refused to allow the thought that she was gone.

Thorin turned away, a pained grimace on his face before freezing as his eyes took in the view before him. His feet moved without thought to the edge to get a better view and his breath vanished. There in the distance was Erebor, the tall peak stark against the pale blue sky.

“Is that what I think it is?” Bilbo asked as he followed Thorin’s gaze. The others follow too, but the joy at seeing the mountain was not as it should have been, it was masked by grief.

“Erebor—The Lonely Mountain. The last of the great dwarf kingdoms of Middle-earth.” Gandalf supplied, his eyes sad.

“Our home.” Thorin breathed, watching the colour lighten over the mountain. That was their home.

Author Note: *wild cackles* come on, I needed to throw in some angst! Yeah I cannot help the Whump!Bella, but hell look two chapters! Onto the next!



7 thoughts on “Chapter Ten – An Unexpected Journey X

  1. oh, don’t fret. Bella is alive. but they finally made it to the mountains. now the real adventure begins.
    i do love your story. i was sitting on the edge of my sit the entire time. excellent! 😀

  2. I LOVE IT!! and everyone knows what comes next is the spiders and her possibly seeing legolas. i cannot wait for that to happen. man i love this story!!! so addictive. i really really hope another chapter comes soon. cause i am hooked. i need the next chapter like i need a coke! 😀

  3. Oh your keeping me on pins and needles. Enjoying this so much!

    The scene where Thorin walks down the tree towards Azog with fire all around him is my favorite of all the movies.

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