Chapter Thirteen – The Desolation of Smaug III

Title: The Unexpected

Pairing: Bella/Legolas

Summary: What if Bella was the youngest daughter of Galadriel, one who thought was lost but in hiding. What if Gandalf asks for her aid in Thorin’s quest.


BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin. Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the twilight series and I really don’t own any of Tolkien’s amazing work.

Chapter Thirteen

Third POV

That afternoon Bella found herself in one of Beorn’s fields, a soft smile upon her face as the bees buzzed around her. It was peaceful and quiet, something she desperately needed right now.


After Beorn had asked about supplies and Thorin getting that sorted, Balin and Dwalin had cornered her.

“Why would you do that to us? We watched you let go Moriel!” Dwalin raged furious, his rough voice booming in the small room.

“I could not hold on any longer! I was bleeding to death and passing out. Gandalf was too far up and Dori and Ori were struggling to hold on! Either was I was going to fall!” She replied calmly, there was no use in yelling at them.

“We could have got to you! And then the bear, we finally got you back and then you go and do something crazy like that? If you keep doing things like that we’ll forbid you to come!” Balin retorted, his voice neutral with an undercurrent of anger.

Bella inhaled sharply, eyes darkening. “I am the one to blame for my injuries; I was foolish and got distracted by Orcs. I know you are worried but don’t forget I can heal well. Now enough! Remember I am older than you! You and Dwalin are mere children in my eyes, try to forbid me and we’ll see where that leads you.” She snarled before standing, the chair toppling over and cracking at the force.

She has been out here ever since, oh the others have tried to come but never strayed too close after she sent Balin and Dwalin flying back with a flick of her wrist.

“You are very brave or very stupid Master Baggins.” She hummed as she felt the hobbit sit at her side.

“They’re just worried, we all are. You lost a lot of blood, a lot meaning Ori burnt the clothes. We all thought you gone Canadriel.” Bilbo explained, holding back a flinch as Bella whipped her head to stare at him.

“Ka-nah-dree-el.” She corrected softly after a sigh. “Brave you are then. I must thank you for not telling them my name when you heard my brother speak it.”

Bilbo simply waved it off and frowned, his fingers fiddling with the gold ring in his pocket. He wanted to ask Lady Bella how she sensed him, if she knew what the ring was.

“You carry great evil with you Bilbo. That ring is dangerous and powerful, keep it hidden and keep it safe.” She instructed seriously her eyes glazed and dark, hand grasping Bilbo’s wrist tightly.

Bilbo winced and yanked back his wrist, letting the ring drop back into his pocket. “I will Lady Bella; I’ll keep it hidden and safe.” He promised, voice quivering in fear.

“Good, now do you want to learn how to use that dagger?” She asked, gesturing to the blade strapped at his waist.

“But you’re hurt!” Bilbo spluttered causing Bella to snort.

“My arm is stiff but I need to move it, did one of you’s collect my daggers?” She asked hopeful.

“I managed to get one of your daggers back; Balin has it on his pack.” Bilbo explained, watching as the elf before him sagged in relief.

“One is better than none, now go get it for me and I’ll teach you how to use that.” She urged, practically shoving Bilbo up and away in her laying position. “Test those burglarizing talents of yours.”

Bilbo sighed and quickly rushed towards Beorn’s, cringing as the odd animals open the door for him. He was quite uncomfortable with the odd animals that seemed to serve them food and beverages like that of men or any other humanoid species.

He quietly slipped into the room they were all sleeping in and sagged in relief as he saw it empty. Giving a quick glance over his shoulder Bilbo rushed to Balin’s pack and slipped the elven blade from the pouch.

“What are you doing?” Bilbo froze at the voice and sighed.

“Bella wanted her blade.” He explained simply, turning to look at the odd dwarf.

Nori chuckled and slipped his arm around the hobbit. “Then let’s go give it to her. You were almost good, but I was in the rafters.” The thief stated with a chuckle as he led Bilbo out the door.

“Fine but don’t tell Balin and Dwalin.”

Bella jerked her head back and sighed as she saw the dwarf with Bilbo. “This is getting caught. If you tell my brothers or the Durin’s of this I will make sure your thieving ways end here Nori son of Hori!”

Nori raised his hands and took a step back at the threat. Normally he would just laugh it off but he’s seen the elf’s dark side and has heard of Moriel’s capabilities.

Bella eyed the dwarf critically before standing, her hand out for the blade. “Thanks.”

“Oh, I see why you don’t want the others to know.” Nori chuckled in realization.

Bella glared at the thief. “And what will it take to keep you quiet?”

“Well I’d like to learn how you threw them daggers of yours like you did to protect Thorin.” He stated causing Bella to raise her brows, a devilish smirk gracing her lips.

“Like this?” She asked innocently while flinging her arm out, the dagger hurried to the hilt in the tree a hundred feet away.

Both Bilbo and Nori’s mouths dropped open in shock, she didn’t even look and the blade hurried itself into the notch in the tree. She barely even put effort behind it!

“Yeah! How did you do that?” Nori asked causing Bella to laugh and grab the blade from the kind pony that fetched it for her.

“I am an Elf, Master Nori. We are trained in weapons when we reach the age of ten. I cannot teach you that trick as it has taken me my whole six thousand years to accomplish that feat. Now Bilbo, let’s start with your footing and test your grip.” Bella instructed, smirking at the thief’s flabbergasted face.

Bilbo quickly took stance before he found himself toppling over. “What was that for?”

“That is me testing your stance, now do it differently, keep doing it till I cannot push you over so easily.” Bella replied simply, watching as the hobbit took stance once again before pushing him over. “Again Bilbo!”

They practised for hours, even Nori joining in on the training, anything to have the upper hand and soon both he and Bilbo found themselves standing strong as Bella tried to push them over. A wide grin broke out on their faces at that and both of them memorized the stance.

“Good, now Bilbo draw your sword and grip it like you normally do.” She instructed, eyes slipping to Nori. “Daggers too if you want to learn the proper grip. Hold it up in an defensive position, Nori hold one lower, yes like that.”

They both complied easily and waited as Bella ran her eyes over them critically. She did not look pleased nor did she look disappointed, it made them worry. “Bilbo, you are holding it all wrong, look.” She stated before slammed her dagger down on his guard, brows rising as the sword clattered to the ground.

“You’re choking the sword; you need to hold it like this…” She instructed, picking up the blade and carefully moving Bilbo’s hand into the right position. “Now lock your wrist and hold it up again.”

He did what was instructed and cringed as her blade connected with his, sending a shockwave up his arm and yet it did not tumble to the ground. He stared at the sword still in his hands with wide shocked eyes, causing Bella to laugh. “Good Bilbo, good.”

“Now Nori, you have some skill, let’s see how you go against me.” She stated smirking, slipping into a low stance, holding out her dagger.

Nori frowned. “Now that wouldn’t be right with you only having one and I two.” He explained causing Bella to laugh.

“Okay then… Fili! Can I borrow your daggers?” She called over her shoulder, smirking as the young prince groaned and stepped out of the shrubbery and strode towards her. She gave him a fond smile and handed her dagger over for his before facing Nori once more.

Nori simply just blinked as he looked over towards where Fili emerged from. “How? What? Who else is there and how long?” He spluttered sending a tinkling laughter in the air, an honest to god happy laugh from Moriel, it made everyone relax instantly.

“They are all there Master Nori and have been since you and Bilbo exited the house, though why they tried to sneak up on an Elf is beyond me, Beorn and Gandalf did try to tell them.” She giggled before surging forward, catching Nori by surprise. “Are you a thief or what?”

Nori grunted before swinging his blades, the clash of metal against metal filling the air along with his curses and her laughter. She was excellent that was for sure, much quicker and less lagged than he.

“Come on Nori! Are ye’ gonna let the lass beat ya?” Glóin taunted from the bushes with a laugh, sending annoyance down Nori’s spine.

“You need to focus Nori, look I’m going to go left, when you see it, thrust both daggers forward towards my stomach and then spin, connect your elbow with my back.” Isabella instructed and followed through with the move. Nori did as he was told, letting her blades glide through his to keep him from harming her and he spun his elbow connecting with her back.

The others watched them fight, Bella spinning around him in a dance while Nori jerked and charged. It was a vast difference in fighting style, they all could see it when they watched closely like this and they all appreciated the war dance they seemed to be doing while they had the chance. It was not often that an Elf would teach anyone their fighting moves or even their own personal ones like she just did.

“Elves have a weakness in their fighting styles, just like Dwarrow’s. All creatures do, if you can find each one then you will have a chance to win the battle, but the longer you fight the more warn they become and laggier their movements will be. Thus…” Bella trailed out, her body spinning gracefully, her hair flying out with her twirl before stopping, every Dwarrow freezing as they blink in shock.

Nori stood stunned as he felt the cool blade of metal against his throat while the other’s tip pressed firmly against the spot where his heart wildly beat in his chest. She had him in two killing moves faster than he could blink or even react to the movement.

“Don’t get angry, don’t over calculate. If you do Nori, there will be no one or thing that could save you from what I just did.” Bella sighed before standing up, frowning at the blades in her hands. They were heavier than she was used too and slightly unbalanced on one side.

“Well I’m hungry.” She stated with a smile before handing Fili back his blades and making her way back to Beorn’s, wincing as her shoulder burned.


The next morning the Company found themselves ready to leave, Beorn standing not far off with two horses and enough Ponies for the hobbit and Dwarrow’s.

“I have packed you enough food and water, I hope.” Beorn grumbled out as they approached. “I have also supplied you with more arrows Little Bird.”

Bella glanced at the milk painted horse with a smile as she saw arrows sticking out from her quiver. At least now she knew where it went, she spent half an hour this morning looking for the blasted thing and he had it all along. “Thank you Beorn, giving us food and water was enough.”

Beorn frowned down at Bella and picked her up into a hug. “No, you are the only friend I have Little Bird, the woods are dangerous and I do not know how you will take them. They are not what they used to be and you cannot guarantee safety from the Dwarves or two blades.” He rumbled out as he placed her carefully back on the ground.

“Saddle up, we will be with you soon.” Gandalf explained as he and Moriel stood before Beorn, the sounds of crows echoing the forest. The others glanced at Thorin waiting for instruction and began to mount as he nodded, they would wait for a little while longer.

“We are being watched.” Bella muttered darkly, her eyes catching glimpses of the black feathers.

“Yes.” Beorn growled as he glanced at the edge of his home. “The orcs will not give up their hunt for the dwarves until they see them destroyed.”

“Why now?” Gandalf asked seriously. “What has made the Defiler crawl from his hole?”

Beorn stared down the grey wizard. “There is an alliance between the Orcs of Moria and the sorcerer of Dol Guldur.”

“Are you sure of this Beorn?” Bella asked, stepping closer to her friend’s side.

“Packs have been seen gathering there. Each day more and more come.” He explained, ears catching the sound of something just out of range, something that didn’t bode well. Bella glanced behind her towards the Dwarrow’s and saw them shift as the ponies they were on whined nervously.

“Do you know of this sorcerer, the one they call the Necromancer?” Gandalf asked the skin-changer.

Beorn growled softly, bringing Little Bird close to his side. “I know he is not what he seems, fell things are drawn to his power. Azog pays homage to him…”

Thorin frowned, “Gandalf, Moriel. Time is wasting.” He called, watching as the two jerked surprised almost fearful. Bella glanced at Beorn one more time, resting her head against his chest before rushing towards her horse that Bilbo was holding for her.

“What is wrong?” Bilbo asked softly as he glanced between Bella and where Gandalf and Beorn were still talking.

“Nothing. Nothing.” She muttered quickly, sparing a glance towards Gandalf.

This did not bode well for them or for the future; she could sense something just beyond her sight and reach, something dark and dangerous. Sauron… Bella shook her head at that thought, the monster was destroyed…

It is he out of them all that will stop you for he came with dark bearings… Elrohir’s voice echoed across her mind as she heard Gandalf explain Saruman had said that there was no way the monster could return. Something did not sit right at that, something was terribly wrong and if her mother was suspicious of the White Wizard.

“Go now while you still have the light!” Beorn told them as a howl filled the air. “Your hunters are not far behind.”

“I’ll lead; the pathway is not far from here.” Bella stated, giving Beorn one last look before taking off in a gallop the others following. She knew that Beorn will follow them as far as he could to give them more time to reach the woodlands. The others kept their ears and eyes open for any sign of the wargs or orcs that were hunting them, their bodies tensed and ready for any form of attack.

As the pathway entrance came into view Bella jerked to a stop, her horse neighing at the suddenness of it all but Bella could not go further, her eyes trailing the tree line as the others rode past with Gandalf. The woods were wrong, they felt sick, they looked sick and she could feel it.

“Here lies our path through Mirkwood.” Gandalf called back to the others.

“No sign of the Orcs. We have luck on our side.” Dwalin grunted, his eyes shifting from the trees to the other areas as he dismounted. This was good news; they had beaten the orcs to the woods.

Bella glanced over her shoulder as Gandalf turned to look behind her, her shoulders sagging in relief as she saw Beorn had indeed followed them and kept the hunting party away from them. She did not hear what Gandalf had said but she began to gather her packs, placing on her weapons before her bags.

“This forest feels… sick, as if a disease lies upon it. Is there no way around?” Bilbo asked, nausea churning in his stomach at the sight and feel of the woods. He being a child of earth could feel the life of the plants that grew and lived around him, could hear them like the Dwarrow’s heard rocks. The sickness made him feel just as sick; made him feel nervous to enter the darkened woods.

Bella blinked and moved forward in a haze, her hand resting on Bilbo’s for a second as she felt the darkness pulse from him and disappear as he let the ring go before heading into the forest after Gandalf. She could feel her mother, feel her magic in the darkness and it called to her like a moth to a flame.

“Something moves in the shadows unseen, hidden from our sight. Every day it grows in strength. Beware the Necromancer. He is not what he seems.”

The voice of her mother echoes in both Bella’s and Gandalf’s minds as they neared the guardian statue to the entry way, something red sticking out from behind the green. Gandalf blinked and quickly yanked down the vines, a cry escaping Bella’s lips as a flash of fire, of darkness burns across her mind.

Gandalf catches Moriel as she collapsed by his side, Galadriel’s voice still echoing in his mind. “If our enemy has returned, we must know. Go to the tombs in the mountains.”

“You need to go.” Bella gasped as she staggered to the vine covered bench to the side and collapsed on it. “I will stay with them… I will make sure they stay on the path… Gandalf you need to go immediately, I saw… I saw great darkness… a darkness that should no longer exist, be weary mellon-iaur.”

Gandalf nodded before making haste, his voice echoing in the trees as he called out to the others not to let his horse go. Bella moaned as she collapsed onto the stone bench, the burning eye fresh on her mind brought forth fear, great fear as the War of the Last Alliance flashed across her mind. The scent of ash and blood filled her senses as screams and battle cries echoed in the forest, no, not forest.

“No…no…no…” She moaned as she found herself amongst the bodies of her kin at the base of Mount Doom before suddenly jerked back to reality as she stared into the worried eyes of Balin.

“You okay Moriel?” He asked softly, worried as he took in her fear filled eyes and ashen skin. The company had rushed in after they gathered their things and Gandalf had left to Moriel’s screams. They found her rocking back and forth on the ground, eyes seeing something unseen and it concerned them all.

Bella blinked away the last of the memory before standing. “Yes… just… a war I wished to never see happens again.” She murmured so only he could hear.

“Aye lass, I have them too, we should push on.” He replied knowingly and understandingly.

Bella nodded before pushing forward, her eyes blinking at the decayed and covered path stones. She remembered them being the colour of autumn leaves in the sand. “We must stay on the path, the forest is cursed.” She murmured before following the stones.

Author Note: Well, can anyone guess what the next chapter is going to beeee? Remember more love = more updates!



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  2. Sorry!! I must have not hit comment!! (I check on this one when I repost!) But wonderful chapter. I am simply amazed by all the details I had forgotten in the books. You bring them back to life in this story!! Thanks so much!!!

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