Outtake Three – Goodbye, Moriel DwarrowFriend

Author Note: So this is the second part to Moriel DwarrowFriend, her leaving. It will be short because it was supposed to be on the full chapter of Moriel DwarrowFriend.

BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin. Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul.

))…(( Anything between that is Black Speech

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the twilight series and I really don’t own any of Tolkien’s amazing work.

Chapter Title – Goodbye, Moriel DwarrowFriend

Third POV

The camp was sombre as Moriel stood before them all, her armour glinting and swords strapped to her back with her quiver of arrows.

“Must you leave?” Balnar asked causing Moriel to sigh sadly, she had been with them for near two years now maybe more but cannot recall, time had seemed to pass in a blink of an eye. It was time for her to leave but she would not wander home, she could not.

“I must Balnar; you all do not need me anymore.” She explains softly, eyeing the small circle of friends before her. Though her eyes were mainly staying on Balin and Dwalin, the two Dwarrow she was pulled here for, the two Dwarrow who she had claimed as Kin and who had asked to allow them to braid her hair. But she had denied them that request, no matter how much she wished she could say yes; friend or not to Durin Folk, she was still and elf.

“But what if we do? Will you stay then?” Glóin asked and Moriel cast the cheeky dwarfling a smile. Oh she remembered Óin being mighty pissed when he found out that Glóin had fought in the battle, nearly tore the camp down in his rage. Their father on the other hand merely shook his head and muttered how much like his mother he was.

“You all do not need me; you are near where you will find a place to call home. From the hundreds that came, only so few are left. I cannot stay Master Glóin.” She sighs sadly, kneeling down to look the dwarfling in the eye.

But Moriel the way to your home is not safe! You go back towards Khazad-dûm.” This time it was Balin who spoke, his voice worried.

“Balin, I will be fine, do not fret.” She sighed, this time exasperated.

Then let two of us escort you back to your home.” All eyes snapped to Thorin as he made the suggestion. It is the least we can do for you Moriel.”

“If I say yes, will you all be happy?” She asked with raised brows, huffing when all around nodded enthusiastically in agreement. “Dwarves!”

Elves.” The majority replied back in the same teasing tone she used when she got fed up with their stubbornness.

“Birger and Hákon have offered to take you to the edge of your woods.” Thorin explains, gesturing to the two Dwarrow at his side geared and ready to go. “As well as Dwalin and Belnar.”

“Oh of course, two turns to four.” She chuckled before shouldering her satchel. She had chosen to leave the trunk behind as the others would have more use for it than she. With sad eyes she glanced at all the Dwarrow who had become her friends.

“Mahal tadnani astû, sanzigil tamkhihi astû.” (Mahal guide you and mithril find you.) She stated with a bow of her head in respect.

“Mukhuh bekhazu Mahal tamrakhi astû.” (May Mahal’s hammer shield you) Thorin returned, he too giving a bow of his head in respect.

Moriel and her four guards, two she even refuses to speak to begin to make their way back towards Lothlórien. Though she couldn’t really ignore them for long, it was hard to resist when the Dwarrow’s began to guilt her.

“Lass, let us do this for you.” Hákon grumbled, his hand clenching tightly around his Warhammer as he eyed the open lands.

“I do not understand why I need protecting, Dwal, Belnar?” She asked in common, eyeing the two. One was still a child and the other was still recovering from the wound he got on an orc raid the other month.

“Well you see lass— no we can’t really explain.” Belnar stammered out causing Dwalin to snort.

“I am doing this for my One.” Birger grunts from a head of them. “She was one of the ones you hauled in from the battle. Because of you she only lost her leg from the knee down and not her life. I owe you a debt and if returning you home is what I must do to repay it— then I do it willingly.”

Hákon nodded in agreeance. “I am also one you saved from the brink of death, willing I was to join Mahal’s halls, I was not yet ready.”

Moriel stopped and spun around to face the dwarves with a scowl. “I do not recall myself giving you a life debt. I did what I did because I could, because I needed to. I do not want you to repay me; if I did it was to make sure you didn’t squander the life I gave back to you.”

All four snorted this time and kept moving forward. “That is also why we wish to do this Lass.” Belnar informed over his shoulder with a cheeky grin. “You treat us with respect; you do not look down upon us like many of your kind do. You helped our people heal, survive and get back on their feet. This is the least we can do, so be quiet and accept that we are with you until your homes boarders. Plus, it’ll give many the peace and surety that you got home safe.”

Dwalin chuckled as he saw her open and close her mouth a few times before huffing. “Then I shall begrudgingly accept this. Sneaky Dwarrow’s, guilting me into agreeing… silver-tongued creatures.”

The Dwarrow’s had no clue what she said as she stormed past them but they knew it was to do with them and their words. Each of the Dwarrow shared a smirk before quickening their pace to keep up with the elf.

The day had past relatively slow and quiet, each member of the small company on edge as they were all on edge. The lands were still unsafe no matter the fact that it was only a few months ago they were in these parts resting with the majority of their people.

Moriel froze on the spot as she picked up the sound of something above, the sound of several somethings. She couldn’t be sure what it was, if it was friendly or foe but she drew her sword out in any case and waited.

“What is it Moriel?” Dwalin asked as he shifted from foot to foot, Grasper and Keeper in his hands as he eyed the hills. The others taking up a small circle formation around their ward in case of an attack, they could not let her get harmed.

“I do not— AH!” She screamed as her body jerked, the pain bloomed in her shoulder causing her to drop her sword.

All eyes shot to her and widened when they saw an Orc arrow jutting out of her shoulder, red blood seeping out across her armour. They didn’t hesitate in attacking when the first wave of Orc crawled over the rocky hillside and began to attack.

“Keep her safe!” Birger yelled over his shoulder, he was the eldest of the four Dwarrow’s at one hundred and ten.

Though she knew that she should remove the arrow quickly, her vision tinted white when she saw a Warg attack her brother, she did not allow him to fall after the battle and she will not allow him to fall today. She switched her sword to her left hand, thankful for being able to use both hands freely with blades of any kind and swung; knocking both Dwalin away while she took the brunt of the hit.

The ground rumbled as she slammed her hand down upon the earth when the Warg fell dead on its side, her sword digging out from its chest and smirked as the Orcs began to scream in fear but it also gave a disadvantage to the Dwarrow fighting them.

))KILL THE WITCH!(( An orc screamed and Bella felt her eyes widened and she hurried to scramble out of the way as one of the Orcish archers raised its bow once again.

“MORIEL!” She heard shout as another arrow pierced her flesh, but she couldn’t be too sure on who had called it.

The Dwarrow’s snarled as one and fought with a rage the Orcs were not expecting. They slashed, kicked and utterly decimated the Orcs that didn’t flee and only receiving a few cuts and bruises, Hákon receiving a broken nose. They quickly made sure there were none Orcs left before rushing to Moriel’s side who was thrashing.

Screams that tore from her lips as she realised that the blades were poisoned and was now burning through her veins. She couldn’t, no, she couldn’t go through this agony again… bad things would happen and—and…

“We need to get her back to the camp! It is closer than her home, she may not make it!” Belnar yelled as he gripped the arrow shaft.

“No!” Moriel screamed. “Leave them in, it slow the blood flow! They need to stay in! It is too late for the poison.”

The others shared a look, unsure on what she meant as she had reverted back to elvish and neither of the four could understand it.

Dwalin snarled as he strapped his hammers to the back and hoisted her into his arms, apologising to her as she screamed at the sudden jolt. He made sure to widen his arms so she was more comfortable instead of bending at an odd angle.

“Well, what are you bloody waiting for? A marching song? She’s hurt, she’s dying!” He roared furiously before taking off in a run or a brisk pace as he didn’t want to cause her more pain.

Belnar nodded. “I’ll run a head and warn the others, Balin and Balnar are going to be furious.”

Balin? Balnar? Forget them, King Thorin will have our beards, we were to make sure she was protected and come to no harm.” Hákon stressed as he watched Belnar take off in a sprint. He didn’t know how long he could run like that but he hoped with was long for the Lasses sake and yet short for his own.

“Leave my cousin to me.” Dwalin grunted as he cast a quick look down to see her pale face, eyes wide and delirious. But that is not what worried him, what worried him was the black veins that he could see around the wound. “We need to hurry, the arrows were poisoned.”


Belnar saw the camp ahead of him and willed his legs to endure; he needed to get to his brother no matter how much they burned or how much his old wound screamed at him.

BALNER!” He roared as he came within yelling distance and he continued to do so when he stumbled on the edge of the camp no longer able to move.

Hearing his name being shouted by his brother caused Balner to shoot up from his spot and from the tent. His eyes scanned the camp with a frown until he spotted a group of Dwarrow carrying his blood covered brother.

“Balin!” He yelled as he ran towards his kin and taking him into his arms. Nadadith what has happened, where is Dwalin, Hákon and Birger? Where is Moriel?”

Belnar took in deep breathes, willing the air into his lungs. “Attack. Orcs… Moriel—Moriel wounded.”

The air seemed to still, the camp coming to a sudden silence as the Dwarrow’s around him all heard. Balin didn’t even hesitate before grabbing his sword and rushing with Óin and Glóin at his side towards the direction Belnar had come from.

“Balin!” Dwalin yelled from a distance as he spotted the three familiar shapes making their way towards them. Even at a far distance Moriel’s screams seemed to echo the plain, it held so much pain and agony.

“Dwalin! MORIEL!” Balin shouted as his Namad came into view; he quickly made it to his brother’s side while yelling for Óin to hurry.

The arrows are poisoned we need Balnar, he has what is left of the medicine Moriel used.” Dwalin explained while continuing onwards towards camp. His arms were tired, his legs burned and each scream his sister gave tore a little at his heart.

Let me take her Nadadith.” Balin asked as he saw the strain his brother was under. Dwalin paused and reluctantly handed Moriel to Balin with extreme care, apologising when he jostled her and explaining it was just Balin when she began to struggle.

“She’s gotten worse; I think a fever has started.” Dwalin explained as he shook out his arms to ease the ache blanching when he took a look down at his armour and saw the blood.

Blain hurried his step as he saw the blood upon his brother, if she had lost that much already then there wasn’t much time. “Thorin has gone forth to speak to the Dwarrow’s in the Blue Mountains. He left not long after you did with nadadaz’adad.” (Brother of father)

“Do not send a raven to him, she is our kin.” Dwalin muttered moving closer to Balin and Moriel as they grew closer to camp. His eyes scanned the faces and narrowed in worry as he saw a few step forward.

Balnar was waiting for them when they got to camp, his face grim as he led them to their private tent, the water mixture and herbs ready on the table with several clumps of bandages. Balin with the help of Dwalin laid Moriel down on her side with a grimace as she screamed and quickly removed her armour the best they could without jerking the arrow shaft.

Balnar grimaced too as he began to look the wounds over. “You are lucky you did not remove the arrows, it would have caused more blood loss but unfortunately it also allowed more poison to seep into her blood. We need to take them out now and to do that we need to break the end so we can rip it out.”

Dwalin paused. “I cannot… I…”

“Go guard the door Nadadith, make sure no one but medical can come in.” Balin ordered, he knew that Dwalin was closer to Moriel than him and whatnot, to that he didn’t mind. He also knew that though his brother was a warrior and had seen worse, he was still so young and could not handle that pain.

Both Balin and Balnar shared a look before gripping an arrow in each hand and breaking it, cringing away as Moriel screamed and began to lash out. They didn’t waste any time in ripping out the broken shaft and cutting away the tunic, making not to apologise to the lass.

“The wounds are worse than I thought. Infection on top of the poison has settled in, she has begun the fever. We should have enough Kings Foil but we may need more.” Balnar explained as he began to rip up the leaves in the bowl.

Balin frowned. “Should we not call her Kin? Wouldn’t they help?”

“We cannot. There has been a great amount of tolerance for Moriel but the second she left the insult to Elves had grown once more. They will not tolerate any other still seeing them as betrayers, even if it meant the death of Moriel DwarrowFriend.” Balnar informed with great regret, cringing as Balin let out a string of curses and shattered the chair by the door in his anger.


Days had passed and Moriel was still in dire need of aid, every request to bring in one of her kin to help was met with great criticism from the elders. Balin, Dwalin and a few others did all they could to look for Kingsfoil, even spending coin in the towns of men.

Each day, Balin and Dwalin grew more haggard and each day the camp seemed to reflect on that as well. Everyone who was left knew Moriel in some way, whether they were healed by her, spoken to her or had a loved one saved at her hands and now they could not return the aid she had given them to her. It did not help that Moriel did not sleep, could not sleep and in her only lucid state she told them.

It hurt many that she could not trust them to sleep fully, but they understood.

“Dwalin, Balin you need to come quick!” Floki — Birger’s One — yelled as she pushed her way through the crowd. They had decided for once to – well they were ordered to go and join in the dinner by the fires, take a reprieve from hearing their sisters scream.

The Fundin brothers stood quickly, abandoning their food and ale while grasping their weapons. “What is it? What has happened?”

“We do not know, she was resting and then…” Floki trailed off as the sound of yelling reached their ears. The brothers quickly picked up their pace and saw two of the healers escape the tent with another unconscious between them; they all were covered in cuts and scratches.

Dwalin was the first one in the tent and jerked his head to the side just in time to see a small dagger whiz past his head and lodge itself in the ground outside. His sister had fast reflexes and as he turned to face her, it took all his will to hold down his wrath when he saw four Dwarrow holding – trying to at least hold her down.

But he paused, his mouth open to yell when he saw the delirious haze upon Moriel’s eyes as she threatened in several tongues, all unknown to him. She eased the very second her eyes landed on his stunned frame by the open tent flap with Balin just a step behind him, causing the four Dwarrow holding her down to sigh in relief.

“Lass has a strong kick.” One muttered as he held his arm against his ribs while he helped the other limp.

“Lucky buggers, she managed to dint my chest plate and I think she fractured my eye socket.” Another groaned as he held his face, Dwalin raised his brows and looked down at the armour in amusement to see a dent.

Balin and Dwalin waited until all were gone from the tent before taking up their usual spots at their sister’s bed. She was still feverish but the poison was now gone from her body, something they didn’t know how she could put up with over and over again if the smell to the black ooze was to go by.

“She’s getting better.” Balin sighed out in Westron, pressing his forehead to his sisters.

Dwalin nodded. “Aye, but the fever isn’t breaking. I am still beyon’ words of how to feel ’bout the fact they won’ call her kin.”

“As am I brother, but it has been done.” Balin sighed before sitting heavily in his chair and preparing for a long night.


Another three days had past and finally Moriel’s fever had broken, which made everyone relax considerably but the price for the fever breaking was not ideal. Balin, Belnar, Dwalin or Balnar had been woken to her screams every night – depending who was on watch that night.

If they thought her screams of pain were bad, they were not expecting the screams caused by memories. They seemed to leech the happiness and energy from any who heard it, it was heart shattering and agonizing more so than when she was in pain. They could feel her agony.

No one knew what she dreamt of and she refused to speak of it, no matter how long or much they pled to her.

A scream rippled out in the silence, jerking Dwalin awake. He quickly got up from his chair outside and made his way into the tent and quickly rushing to his sister’s side as he saw her clawing at her neck and face.

Namad wake up! Moriel! NAMAD!” he yelled, jerking back as her arm flew out.

Moriel cast a hazy glance up at him, her eyes pained. “Sorry for frightening you Dwal.”

“What causes you ill thoughts Moriel, is it the attack still?” He asked softly, brushing back the hair from her face.

“I have been on this earth since the first Age Dwal, many wars and deaths I have seen. Battles against beasts and even the Darkness himself long ago… death and ruin on visions of those.” She murmured sighing as he placed a cool rag upon her head. He was furious that the healers had refused to summon her kin’s help.

“I did not know you were that old.” He explained with a stunned frown. “What was it tonight?” he asked hesitantly, hoping she would explain.

Moriel closed her eyes and rested her head against her Dwarven brother’s palm. “Tonight I was in the war of the Last Alliance once again; I was one of the elves who stood amongst thousands of my kind, beside Man and Dwarrow to march against the armies of Mordor.”

Dwalin’s heart hammered in his chest as he stared wide eyed down at his sister, he knew all the tales of that war. The only time that Dwarrow fought side by side with Men and Elves before the bitter rivelry and hate started.

“I dream of it amongst other things. I get stuck in the nightmare of seeing my kin die, my friends… I had lost my sister in that war and another of my sister’s Chosen. I watched as my eldest sister be beheaded by the hands of orcs. I watched as my friend and mentor Gil-Galad died, I saw Elendil fall and Isildur’s stand against Sauron. It never ends so much blood and death.” She whimpered.

“Shh Namad, all will be well you are safe now.” He cooed, bringing her closer to him carefully and into his lap. He would keep her safe for now; it was at least all he can do. With a deep sigh his eyes locked onto his brothers, who stood with a sad frown upon his face and with a simple gesture Balin too joined him and Moriel.

They both will protect her tonight.


All too soon Moriel was well again and departing once more, this time she was not to return home.

“Stay Moriel, you are not yet well.” Dwalin tried to delay.

“You know I cannot Dwalin, I am being called in another direction.” She lied; she could not stay with them any longer now. She had delayed them too much from their path and she desired to wander once again. Dwalin sighed and accepted this before sharing a look with Balin. It was only them who were bidding her goodbye today as she had made her farewells to the others last night before they retired.

“We have a gift for you Namad.” Balin stated before holding out a package for her to take. “We couldn’t do much but this is what we could do, with what we had.”

Moriel raised her brows and took the package in her hand, she could feel the firmness under the cloth and that it weighed a little. Not by much, but enough to tell her that it had indeed involved metal.

She quickly unwrapped the gift and blinked at the bracers before her. They were made of rich leather, and she was indeed correct that they held metal for on the top there was a beautiful tree like design with all the hints of Dwarrow art.

“Do you not like them?” Dwalin asked worried as he looked at his sister’s blank face.

Her eyes snapped to the two dwarflings before her, both of them with worried features and fidgeting with either their tunic or beard. She pulled them into her arms as quickly and tightly as she could. “I love them beyond anything, I shall always wear them. Will you help me put them on?” She asked pulling back.

Dwalin and Balin smiled proud as they helped her take off her old bracers and place on the new ones, glad that they fit well. It had taken them a long time to create them for her, unsure of the measurements so they did it all by eye.

“I shall write when I can, but if I cannot then do not hold it against me.” She murmured to them softly.

“We won’t Namad, be safe.” Balin replied softly, bumping his forehead gently to hers.

“I will. Farewell my brothers, Na lû e-govaned vîn.”(Until next we meet) She breathed before standing once more and shouldering her satchel.

“Mukhuh bekhazu Mahal tamrakhi astû.” (May Mahal’s hammer shield you) They said together, giving her one last bow and watched as she began her trek onwards.

They didn’t know that the next time they would see one another again would be in a hole in the ground, many years from now.

Author Note: There you go my readers, the second half to Moriel DwarrowFriend! 


2 thoughts on “Outtake Three – Goodbye, Moriel DwarrowFriend

  1. Great story (and outtakes), I really enjoyed it. Not sure how I’d personally feel about being bound to someone, loving them before I know them, but eh! It seems to work for most in Tolkien’s (Or at least your) world, so I’m game!

    Really did enjoy reading this, gonna go read some Dragon Heart now, ya gotta love Fíli (From what I’ve read, anyway).

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