Chapter Thirty-One – Circlets and Welcomes

Title: The Unexpected

Pairing: Bella/Legolas

Summary: What if Bella was the youngest daughter of Galadriel, one who thought was lost but in hiding. What if Gandalf asks for her aid in Thorin’s quest.


BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin. Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the twilight series and I really don’t own any of Tolkien’s amazing work.

Chapter Thirty-One

Third POV

Bella let out another huff of annoyance as she crumpled up the piece of paper and threw it into the fire. She was running low on paper and soon enough she was going to fling the whole table into the fire. As a non-spoken tradition the couple who were to be wed was to make the other a circlet, their wedding gift of sorts if they wish to have a non-traditional elven wedding. Well really, you give it to them anyway but the circlet was like a wedding ring in Man and Hobbit or a bead in Dwarven.

“Moriel what is the matter?” Dwalin asked as he stepped into the room, ducking at the sudden flying object.

“I can’t get it right.” She whispered frustrated, scrunching up the paper once more and throwing it into the ever growing flames. “Dwal, I cannot get the circlet for my Chosen right. Nothing seems to fit; the curves seem to be wrong.” She groaned before beginning her task all over again.

Dwalin raised his brows before making his way to her side and watched as she sketched out a circlet. “Maybe add a little bit of Dwarven touch to it.” He suggested causally causing Bella’s hand to still before she shot her brother a wide eyed glance of surprise.

“Well, you are kin to Dwarrow now Moriel. Maybe that is why a regular elven circlet won’t feel right to you.” He explained as she continued to stare at him.

Bella dared not to utter a word before grabbing the last fresh piece of paper and began to sketch. The curves were more pointed and more curved than the traditional points of a Elven or Dwarven sketch, a blend of both styles mixed together to interlay one another, but she also added her own leaves to the crown, two to be exact. Though she knew that the circlet was silver and as she stared at it she knew it would suit him well but there needed to be something added to it, a gem.

“Is Thorin in the throne room?” She asked her Nadadith as she stood abruptly.

Dwalin blinked and nodded, following his Namad as she practically flew from the room, her dress skirts fluttering with the speed as she whipped around the corners of the halls of Erebor towards the Throne Room. All Dwarrow’s they passed stopped, moving out of her way before continuing on, they were used to Moriel whipping from one place to another now. Those of the company they passed followed them in curiosity.

Thorin jumped slightly as the doors to the throne room slammed open revealing Moriel and a bewildered Dwalin along with the rest of the Company. “Namad?”

“I need two emeralds and a ruby; I need Fíli to make this.” She stated, shoving the slightly crumpled picture into his hands.

With gentle hands Thorin unfurled the image and blinked in surprise at the circlet that rested there, it was different and it was stunning. It was unlike anything he had ever seen before and he knew instantly why she wanted the emeralds and ruby.

“Fíli?” He called softly, waiting for his nephew to stand by his side. “Can you make this for Moriel?”

Fíli stared at the picture and blinked, his eyes flicking from the image to Moriel in surprise. “You wish for me to make your Chosen’s Circlet?”

She didn’t hesitate. “Yes, you are the best silversmith there is amongst those I trust.”

“Then I shall make this for you with honour, do you know what shape you wish for the gems to be made?” He asked seriously, clutching the paper to his chest.

“No, maybe ask Roga, Balnar told me she was a gem cutter before the fall of Erebor. Ask her for help, I just wish for the ruby to be in the middle and an emerald near the leaves.” Bella explained with a shrug, her eyes scanning over every Dwarrow that was in the room and frowning. “Why is everyone staring at me?”

“You’re in a dress.” Bofur blurted out suddenly before blushing.

Bella cast a confused look down at the attire Dori had made for her. “Well yes, I could not walk around in warrior attire all the time. I was running out of clothes to wear and Dori offered to make me dresses.”

“Aye lass, but we’ve only seen you in a dress once and that was in Rivendell. This is more form fitting and Dwarven… you are wearing Durin Blue, Fundin Gold and have our Family Sigils embroidered in the gold.” Glóin replied suddenly staring at the Lass.

“Well… I am family am I not? I swore fealty to Thorin for he is my king and my kin, you are all my kin, is it not accustomed to wear the colours that of your family?” She asked unsure, looking to Dori for help for he was the one that supplied her dresses.

“We did not know if you accepted all of us Lass.” Óin supplied softly.

“Aye, we know you considered Thorin, Fíli, Kíli and Dwalin and Balin brothers, but you did not give us a hint that you called us kin.” Bombur supplied this time causing Bella to blink and then to frown.

“I have, I fell asleep in the open with you all by my side. I let you sleep in a pile on my bed and I have called you all my brothers for that is what you all are.” She listed before frowning deeper. “I have told my Parents and my Brother that you are all Kin and they have accepted this. They called you nossë, meaning they accepted you under their house name.”

“Well I feel a bit of a fool.” Bofur stated as he swaggered forward, his grin wide and apologetic. “You’re right lass and we didn’t bother to ask, just assume. Well let me – as the eldest of the Ur family – welcome you to our little rag tag of a group… till Bombur’s wife and family arrive that is, then there’ll be six more to join.”

Bella laughed and bowed her head. “Well since we have cleared this up, can you do this for me Fíli? I’m not good at silver smithing and it means so much if you could make my Chosen’s wedding crown.”

“Is that tradition?” Ori asked suddenly, flushing as he usually did when he said something he didn’t mean to out loud.

“Yes Ori, we usually give our Chosen a wedding circlet when we uh… wed.” She stammered, her own cheeks flushing. “But it’ll be given in the ceremony since I have chosen to have a Dwarven one. Our Circlet’s are like your wedding Beads. But we wear them in only times of importance or when we chose to, I don’t wear many as I haven’t had the chance to gather my crown from my kin.” She explained.

“How do Elves wed?” Ori asked again this time everyone noticed as both Bella and Bilbo flushed a bright red. Bilbo because he remembered asking the same sort of question after the trolls and well Bella because….

“Uh… We uh…” She stammered, scratching the back of her head as she looked away from her brothers. “We… um… we elves do not marry in the way of Men or Dwarf or the same as Shirefolk…” She began repeating the words she told Bilbo before cringing.

With a deep sigh she dropped her eyes to the ground as she felt the blush burn her cheeks hotter. “If we were to bed someone, share that sacred gift and passion… that is how we elves wed.”

The others stare at her before suddenly Glóin and Bombur flushed, as they had wives and knew exactly what she was saying…

“Oh… OH! We are so sorry Namad; we didn’t mean to force that out of you.” Dori stammered, blushing himself under his silver hair.

“I don’t get it.” Kíli stated causing those that did to groan.

“Kíli, I am a maiden.” Bella blurted out bluntly causing his eyes to widen and cheeks to flush. “If you’ll excuse me… I can sense Legolas nearing the gates.”

When Bella left the room Fíli smacked the back of his brother’s head and shot him a look while Thorin just hurried his head in his hands. At least Kíli still held some innocence, maybe Dis wouldn’t kill him, just maim him.

“I’m going to go and make a family bead for Moriel.” Glóin piped up before turning on his foot and striding out the door, Óin following his brother with a smile.

I am going to do the same, haven’t had a sister before.” Bifur supplied with a smile before following the In brothers out the room, dragging his brothers with him.

“Nori, Ori we have things to make for our sister. Come along!” Dori yelled half way out of the throne room causing Ori to laugh and run after him and for Nori to shake his head.

Dwalin turned to his brother and sighed. “They’re copying us brother. We had her first.”

Balin patted his brother’s shoulder in comfort. “We’ll always be her favourite, just remember that.”

Thorin shot his cousins an amused look. “How do you know that though? It could have changed; I or my nephews could be her favourite now. Even Bilbo could be, she’s spent more time with him on this trip than us all.”

“Oh no, don’t drag me into this feud. Now if you Gentlemen will excuse me, I need to bake Canadriel something to welcome her to the family.” Bilbo chuckled as he straightened his waistcoat and made his way out the door.

“It still is weird to get used to the three names.” Kíli stated suddenly, causing those that are left to stare at him. “Well you all call her Moriel, Fíli, Ori and I call her Bella and Bilbo is the only one to call her by her actual name. It’s just odd, I don’t know if the others will catch on quick to the Moriel/Bella thing.”

Balin chuckled. “Many who are coming know her as Moriel lad; they’ll just think you dwarflings call her something special. They’ll figure it out eventually.”

“I’m going to get this started right away if that is all right with you Uncle. I would like to give her a gift as well; I was going to make her a circlet for when she was in court with us, something that would show others her deeds.” Fíli hummed as he stared at the design before him and as another one formed in his mind.

“Then go Fíli, I give you my blessing for the gift.”


Bella and Legolas stood back from the others in the main hall past the third door while the company and those from the Iron Hills and early Blue Mountain arrivals were awaiting the arrival of their kin. Of course she was surprised that they trekked through snow as it was nearly mid-winter, she always forgot how durable the Dwarrow’s were.

“Be still meleth nín, I have more to worry then you.” Legolas chuckled out, trying to reassure his chosen. It was indeed true though as he was the Son of Thranduil the traitor elf that turned his back upon the Ereborian Dwarrow’s in their time of need.

“They will not kill you, maim maybe.” She teased him causing him to cast her a flat look. He wished she chose not to wear her cloak and hood but he understood her fear, they were the only elves so far in Erebor until those of the Blue Mountains

“That is very reassuring…” He muttered causing her to laugh, which in turn made him smile.

“Now why are you all the way back here Lass?” Balnar asked as he came to a stop at his friend’s side, staring up into her hooded face with raised brows.

“Because they are greeting Kin, kin who mind you will not know who I am.” She explained as she cast a look down at Balnar before looking back at her kin. “I also don’t want to cause trouble for them, some won’t take too kind of Legolas and I being here and I want them to see their family.”

Balnar shook his head and sighed. “From what I know Lass, they already expect you here. Dis is travelling with the caravans for she couldn’t wait to see her sons and you know how those two are. They told her all about you and wouldn’t Dis know who you are?”

“I’m not sure, the last I saw of Dis she was still a mere dwarfling, and she may not remember me.” She explained with a hum before leaning into her Chosen’s embrace.

“AMAD!” The twin calls of Fíli and Kíli caused all three to chuckle as they watched the two jump from foot to foot while Thorin held them back. Bella could see the caravans just nearing the gates now and oh how many where there.

“Belnar will be glad to see you again Moriel.” Balnar hummed as he made his way towards the ever growing crowd of Dwarrow’s.

Legolas wrapped his arms around his Chosen’s waist tighter as he felt her begin to shift to leave. He wouldn’t let her, he knew how hard this would be for her but she needed to face this… just like he needed to face them all head on. He knew to Dwarrow’s that a One was sacred; he had learnt that the first time he returned after he left and was accosted by the workers stating his absence caused Canadriel pain.

He also confessed his fears to her brothers when she was asleep one night, confessed he was worried about what the others would think of him for being who he was. They were blunt to the point of harshness but he knew they meant well, they told him what he needed to know and him being here by her side as a united front screamed to the Dwarrow of his bravery and loyalty to his One.

It didn’t take long for the caravans began to arrive and what Bella saw she could recall some of the Dwarrow’s being at the battle for Moria. She also got a glimpse of Dis and had to do a double take and hold back her giggles as she saw that Dis and Thorin could be twins.

Do you see it too?” Legolas asked as he watched the two royal siblings embrace the best they could while Fíli and Kíli clutched onto their mother.

“The fact that Dis looks like Thorin in a dress? Yes.” She chuckled before blinking as a little dwarfling came barrelling into her. In an instant she had the child in her arms and just staring, her eyes flickering around to whom the little one belonged to.

“Are you an elf?” He asked with awe filled eyes causing her to chuckle and nod.

“That I am Mizimith.” She chuckled out. “Now where is your Amad, Adad?

Legolas stepped back from his Chosen and smiled fondly at the image before him, the little one fitting perfectly in her arms.

Balrak I told you not to… oh.” The red headed dwarrowdam came to a sudden stop, her rant cutting mid rant as her eyes landed on the elf and her son.

“I assume this young one is yours?” Bella asked carefully, but there could be no mistaking he amusement as the dwarfling clutched at her cloak.

“Yes, he is. Simkka, daughter of Bofhak at your service.” The dwarrowdam replied, bowing slightly but never taking her eyes off the elf that held her son.

Bella bowed her head for she didn’t want to jostle the young one. Moriel Dwarrowfriend, at yours.” She replied in Khuzdul causing the dwarrowdam – Simkka – to open and close her mouth several times.

It is an honour to finally meet you Moriel, Belnar is my One and I have you to thank for his life.” The dwarrowdam explained fully relaxed now, a soft smile upon her face.

“No the honour is mine; Belnar and Balnar are good friends. This is Legolas Greenleaf, my One.” Bella stated as she introduced her Chosen.

Simkka stared at the blonde next to Moriel and bowed her head in respect. “Then at your service as well Legolas. Belnar and Balnar are gossiping over there with my brother Simkak.”

“Bella, Legolas there you are! Why aren’t you with us and the others? Oh… sorry.” Kíli stammered out as he caught sight of the dwarrowdam and Bella with the dwarfling. “Is something wrong?” he asked worriedly.

Bella chuckled. “All is well Kíli, this is Simkka, Belnar’s One.” She explained before smiling down at the now sleeping Dwarfling in her arms. “And this is Balrak. I’m sorry, I’ll come with you now… well I would but I am afraid the little Mizim has a hold of me.”

“He does that, Balrak you need to let go now Khajimel.” Simkka chuckled as she glanced between the young prince and Moriel. She knew that she was close to the sons of Fundin but she didn’t know that she was this close for the young prince to call her by another name and for her to call him by name without titles.

Simkka smiled at Moriel as she knelt down before her and with a care and gentleness of a mother lifted the babe from her arms and into her own.

Tell Belnar I will see him when this young dwarfling will let me escape from the others.” Bella whispered slyly causing Simkka to chuckle and nod.

I will, he will be glad I am sure. Go Moriel for the young prince is getting impatient.” Simkka chuckled causing Bella to smile and bow her head before standing and moving towards Kíli while taking Legolas’s awaiting hands.

It was now she could feel many eyes upon them, hear the whispers about them some harsh but turning into ones of surprise as those that knew them whispered who she and her Chosen really were.

Namad, we had thought you ran.” Dwalin chuckled as he saw Kíli come back with Moriel and her One.

Bella rolled her eyes. “Nadadith, I was a hostage to a curious and sleepy Dwarfling.”

I know that feeling all too well.” Dis chuckled as she stepped forward from Thorin’s side, gesturing fondly to her own children. “It is good to see you again Moriel Dwarrowfriend. These five have been filling me in on all that has happened and all you have done. Thank you.”

Legolas nudged his chosen and smiled, telling her that he was right and there was nothing to fear. Bella simply just rolled her eyes at her chosen at his smugness.

“There is no need to thank me Dis, they are Kin. I couldn’t let them die.” She explained simply, looking down when she felt a yank on her dress. Bella smiled at the young dwarfling, what is it with children attaching themselves to her?

Yes Mizimith?” She asked softly after she kneeled down to the child’s level.

Why are you hiding face?” The dwarfling asked curious causing several of the company to laugh. She could see that the young child was indeed Bombur’s as it was the dwarrowdam who stood next to him that apologised for her daughter.

Because it is comforting. Would you like to lower it?” She asked softly, bowing her head when the young one nodded vigorously.


The others shared a look as they watched their Namad bow her head lower and allow the dwarfling to push back the hood to reveal the Circlet Fíli had made for her a few weeks back and had gifted it to her the night before. Gasps could be heard by all that were witnessing the exchange as they took in the golden crown with the dragons on the side.

Pretty.” The dwarfling giggled as she stared at the elf before her.

Something niggled in the back of Bella’s head causing her to look up and around, ignoring the looks that all the Dwarrow’s around her were giving her before locking eyes upon Bilbo who stood off in the corner away from the crowd. He looked uncomfortable.

Come join us Bilbo, do not worry. She thought to him, holding back a laugh as she saw him jerk in surprise.

Can you do something for me little Mizim?” She asked the dwarfling before her and the four others. She would have to get used to the fact that Bombur had four children, one was a gift, two a blessing, three a miracle and four was very, very unheard of. See that little one over there? Well he should be here with his family, will you go and get him, drag him here for me?”

Those that understood laughed as the children quickly rushed off and literally dragged a scowling Bilbo through the crowd and over to them.

“Truly evil.” Nori muttered to Legolas causing blonde prince to smirk.

“But she wouldn’t be the one we love if she wasn’t.” He replied as he watched his Chosen and Bilbo stare down each other, one amused and the other fighting off the smile.

Truly he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Author Note: Okay, this has been long I know but WOW I’ve had writers block and RL just wouldn’t slow down. On the plus side… I GOT TO MEET NORI AND BOMBUR! OMG! Hahaha.

Mizimith – Young Jewel

Mizim – Jewel



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