Outtake Two – Visions

Author note: Okay, so this will be a short piece, let’s see how it’ll take me. Heathensgurl asked for a piece showing the Cullen’s reaction to never finding or seeing Bella again.

Third POV

Denali, Alaska.

No one knew what to do; Esme and Alice were beside themselves with grief. Esme had lost her daughter and Alice; Alice lost her best friend, the only one who understood her the most. Emmett tried to return, tried but was stopped by Carlisle stating that it was Edward’s wishes and as she was his mate, it was his decision.

Rosalie and Jasper said fuck Edward, for they knew what being separated from your mate felt like and Edward wasn’t showing signs of the pain, nor did Jasper feel it. Something wasn’t right with the Golden Child but because he was the Golden Child, Carlisle would never believe them.

Even the Denali’s could see that Edward was not feeling the pain of separation from his so called Mate. A scream tore through the house, causing everyone to rush towards Alice who was grasping her head in pain, a never ending scream escaping her lips.

The scent of horses, dirt and death clung to the air as Alice pushed her way through the crowd. She couldn’t understand why she was seeing this different or why she couldn’t see the people at all beyond a blur.

She could see the mountain reach high above her, one that she had never seen before as sound around her began to reach her ears. Yelling, whispers she could not understand and a mighty roar echoed across the land causing her to gasp and double over as something hit her.

“….NO!” She heard as she pushed past the last of the blurred figures and glanced up in time to see brown eyes and long brown locks tumble over the large cliff. She didn’t know why she ran, nor why she did not get closer to the falling woman but in her heart she knew, she knew who jumped from the cliffs edge and into the water.


The Cullen’s shared a frightful glance as Bella’s name spilled from Alice’s lips in a pained scream.

“Bella!” Alice choked out once more, burrowing her face into her mate’s chest and whished with all her might she could still cry, that the vision was not true.

“Alice? What did you see?” Esme asked worried, clutching her mate’s hand tightly. “What- what about Bella?”

She let out another sob, allowing the calm to wash over her and peaked up at her mother. “It was a vision I had never experienced before. There was a large crowd before a mountain, the smell of horses, dirt and death clung to them. I was running and running when something caused me to double over; I heard shouting I could not understand and when— when I looked up.” Another sob caused her to stop as the image of her best friend falling and falling replayed over and over in her mind.

“Go on… when you looked up?” Emmett demanded, earning a glare from Jasper but dammit, Bella was his sister too!

“I saw Bella falling from a cliff edge and into the water at the bottom.” It was a whisper but everyone in the house heard it.

Rosalie pulled out her phone and dialled the human, a number she refused to delete from her phone that only Emmett knew was there. When all she got was voicemail, something Rose knew would never happen she dialled again and again with no success.

“Someone call her!” Esme begged causing Rose to frown.

“I did, there was no answer. It kept going to Voicemail and I know she always kept it on just in case Charlie called.” Rose explained drawing all eyes to her. Emmett of course knew his mate and Bella were friends that they spoke quite often when they went hunting.

Carlisle clutched his crying mate close to him. “Call Edward, we’re going back to Forks; Charlie must know where she is.”


The car came to a sudden halt as their house came into view with a very large pack of wolves surrounding it.

Carlisle got out of the car slowly, with Jasper joining him. The Alpha, one Carlisle knew to be Sam was the only one in human form.

“You are not welcome here; the treaty has been null and void since last year!” Sam growled out, signalling Paul to halt. They had been Bella–Moriel’s– friend, it was she who helped he and Paul adjust to being wolves when they first shifted and in return they helped her keep her secret even though she felt guilty of not being there for them beforehand.

“We have done nothing to break the treaty.” Carlisle stated, blinking as the wolves snarled as one.

“Careful Carlisle, they will attack. They are angry beyond words and their hate towards our family has grown.” Jasper explained as he shifted through the emotions, pouring them into the earth as he let them run freely through him.

“Why are you here Leech, has your family caused enough pain?” Paul snarled as he shifted back, not even caring he was naked. It was the image of Charlie dead upon the floor of his home that ran through his mind and the image of Moriel’s broken eyes running through Sam’s.

“We came back to see Charlie, I got a vision of Bella and none of us can reach her. We drove past their house but Charlie’s cruiser wasn’t there.” Alice piped up as she moved to her mates’ side.

“And it never will be. Charlie is dead; he was killed by that redheaded bitch three months after you left. Bella is gone; she no longer walks this realm anymore, she has returned to her people.” Sam rumbled out.

“What do you mean people? Did she go back to her mother?” Esme asked softly, confused.

Paul snorted. “You thought her to be human; she mustn’t have trusted you well then. Moriel–Bella was an Elf; you know pointed ears, magic. She was not from here; she returned home when your son, that bastard broke her and left her in the forest two miles from her home. She is never coming back.”

“We don’t believe you!” Emmett shouted.

“It’s true.” Jasper sighed out, drawing the eyes of his family to him. “She had always felt powerful to me; her emotions were stronger than a human, than a vampire even. She had confessed on Bella Babysitting Watch that she longed for home sometimes, the tall trees and rivers. The power that always surrounded forks is gone, they speak the truth- Bella is gone.”

“NO! I can’t believe that!” Alice screamed before breaking out into sobs. “I just can’t.”

“You got what you came for now leave, and never come back!” Sam snarled before he and Paul both shifted back into wolves and disappearing back into the forest once more.

Author Note: well this chapter was hard Hahaha.



7 thoughts on “Outtake Two – Visions

  1. Oh boo-hoo you all followed Eddieboy’s rule and left her in Forks. No goodbyes or sorrys before you left. You’ve no right to feel anything towards Bella. Sam and the pack should have ended the Cullen’s.
    I did like this chapter. I’m just bitter towards them.

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