What Could Have Been – Alternative CH 21

Author note: I cant quite remember who requested this of me but they asked if I could perhaps write a section where Bella helped from Dale to aid her mother, so this is it.

Chapter 21: The Battle of The Five Armies II – Alternative Section

“Bless my beard! Lady Bella, you’re alive!” Bofur yelled in relief and suddenly she found herself tackled to the muddy scorched earth by the princes.

“It’s good to see you all as well.” She hummed, her eyes scanning over the four Dwarrow’s before her with a critical eye, only relaxing when she saw no sign of further harm. “Are they safe? Bard and the children?”

“They’re alright, Bard and Bain came back. We got Sigrid and Tilda out safe, Lorelei made sure of it.” Kili explained, causing her body to relax.

“Legolas?” Bella asked softly, her eyes reaching Fili’s dark blue.

“The prince?” Kili murmured. “He came with Lorelei’s sister, we left before we could speak.”

“But he is safe, that is good then. Come, we must rest before making our way to Erebor.” She hummed before getting to her feet, lifting the princes with her.

“By my beard! Your face!” Óin cursed as he took in the smooth features of the elf once more.

“I am fully rested and strong once again to keep up my illusion Master Óin.” Bella yelled over her shoulder before making her way back towards the room she had tried to originally rest in.

The night wore on slowly, the bitter chill of winter beginning to show its harshness and though the Dwarrow’s laughed and ate happily on some of the food Bella scrounged up, she could not relax. There was a foreboding dread in the air; one Bella could not escape as she cast her eyes south-west towards Dol Guldur.

A hiss of surprise escaped her as she saw a flash of her mother. Her mother was close, closer than she had wished for her to be at this present time. Canadriel knew that her mother was a powerful elven-witch along with the aid of Nenya but the image of her mother fading to the dark as it beat down upon her light caused her heart to clench with fear and for rage to burst forth.

“Moriel? What is it?” She heard someone ask but it sounded as if they were at a long tunnel.

“Naneth…” She breathed out, her eyes wide and unseeing of the view of Dale before her.

My child, my Canadriel… You are strong once again, faced over the darkness that looms over you and fought bravely my little one. Now it is I who has to fight the dark, I will succeed my sweet one, do not fret. I have seen all of what could be and without Mithrandir all hope will fail, be ready Canadriel for things will turn dark too soon.

“There is fell magic in the air that taints the sky and woods of my Kinlike, my mother, my brother are fighting against it. To save Gandalf, to save the forest.” She hummed, turning her eyes away from the window and sky for a second. She would not let the dark power harm her mother, she would lend what she has gained back for tonight if need be to banish whatever darkness lies within Dol Guldur.

“Your mother?” Bofur asked with raised brows, pulling the pipe from his lips.

A soft smile graced her face. “Yes Bofur, my mother… but that is a story for another time.”

“Do you think everyone is okay?” Kili asked softly after a moment of silence.

“They have to be, Kee.” Fili comforted his brother but he could not keep the same worries out of his eyes.

They sat in contemplative silence for a long while after that, no one willing to talk as all were weary. Their eyes were on Moriel as she began to glow, her light flaring out as she her eyes glazed. She could see the light orange glow in the far distance, a cry escaping her lips as she felt her mother’s power ripple out and hers reacting to it.

“YOU HAVE NO POWER HERE, SERVANT OF MORGOTH!” The voice that escaped her lips was that of an echo of her mothers, power radiating from her very form causing Fíli and Kíli to huddle closer together while Bofur and Óin moved closer to them as well. Beyond her chant they could hear a faint darkness whisper in the air that chilled them to their very bones.

“YOU ARE NAMELESS, FACELESS, FORMLESS!” Her voice changes into a deep, booming, and powerful tone. The others began to shield their eyes as the light grew, near burning their eyes with the intensity. “GO BACK TO THE VOID FROM WHENCE YOU CAME!”

Bofur surged forward as the power burst and Moriel collapsed, his hands catching her form as she fell. He cradles her close as she shivers, her breathing ragged. “We were deceived.” She choked out in horror and fear.

She knew the dark power she had helped her mother banish; she had felt it long ago. Sauron endured, he may not have his form or strength that he once had but he had not been vanquished as they had hoped.

“Moriel, are you okay?” Kíli asked worried as he saw how pale she was, how her body still shivered like she was cold.

“I just need to warm; I used my power to aid my mother in banishing the darkness in Dol Guldur.” She managed to get out, jerking slightly as Óin, Fíli and Kíli moved closer to her and curled around her to give her warmth.

“Tomorrow you will have to explain what we just saw, what you spoke.” Fíli stated, leaving no room for argument.

“Tomorrow then.”

Author Note: There you go!



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