Chapter Thirty Three – The End

Title: The Unexpected

Pairing: Bella/Legolas

Summary: What if Bella was the youngest daughter of Galadriel, one who thought was lost but in hiding. What if Gandalf asks for her aid in Thorin’s quest.

Author Note: Okay, this is the last chapter folks and I’ve been tossing and turning on how to write it… 

BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin. Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the twilight series and I really don’t own any of Tolkien’s amazing work.

WARNING: Contains Lemons… 

Chapter Thirty-Three

Third POV

Bella and Legolas both laughed as they were dragged into the dining hall by very eager Dwarrow’s. The smell of food filled the hall and once all were in music and laughter began to play. Bella laughed freely as she shook off the Dwarrow’s hold and spun her husband around to the music.

Her heart swelled at the word, husband, she had finally found her chosen and he was hers, and she his. It was a feeling that Bella and Legolas both could not describe but they could feel the still weak bond between them, one that they knew once they had been wed in the way of elves would be unwavering, unbreakable for all of time.

“I had never thought I would see the day where I was to join a Dwarvish celebration!” Legolas laughed as he spun his Chosen around, smiling as she laughed freely.

“And I had thought I would never see one again! But look at this my love, Man, Elf and Dwarrow are united for the first time in centuries!” Bella explained as she came to a stop and burrowing into her husband’s arms.

“Come, we must speak with Father.” Legolas sighed as he pulled back from his Wife when he saw his father gesture for him.

Bella nodded and followed after him, weaving in and out of the dancing couples, even being spun around by Bofur and Haldir. She gave them both a smile and a laugh before making her way to Thranduil and Legolas.

It is good to see you happy once more Canadriel, I have not seen you this happy since the first age.” Thranduil uttered softly, giving his eldest friend a bow. Bella sighed softly and cast her husband a look, gesturing for him to give them privacy as she led the elven king from the great hall.

I truly am happy Thranduil, your son… he has made me happy, I only wish Elleion was here to see this day.” She replied softly while taking a seat on one of the stone benches, patting the spot next to her.

Thranduil didn’t take the spot but instead dropped to his knees heavily before her and rested his head upon her knees, much like he did when they were younger. “As do I Canadriel.” He whispered before lifting his head to look at her.

“Have I destroyed our friendship beyond saving? Have I wronged you beyond forgiveness?” He asked pained, near flinching when Bella cupped the side of his face softly, her power washing over him and causing both to drop their illusion.

Scared eyes looked down into broken ones with sadness. They were both scarred by dragon fire and grief, darkness of many ages and too many wars. Thranduil had to take his father’s throne in battle when he fell and she had continued on.

No Thrand, all can be forgiven in time. I know you wished to do the ceremony but take this as your punishment for all you have done. I can punish you no more on actions that were caused by pain.” She replied honestly before snapping her head towards the door where both Balin and Dwalin were gaping at them.

“Do my eyes deceive me brother or is the Elven king on his knees before our sister?” Dwalin asked in disbelief causing Bella to chuckle and shake her head. Thranduil and she both quickly placed up their illusion once more and stood, the former choosing to ignore the quip.

“All right, enough now. What is it?” She asked them causing Balin and Dwalin both to grin wide in amusement.

“Glóin has challenged your husband to a drinking contest.” Balin explained, causing Bella and Thranduil to share an amused look.

“Aye, said that he couldn’t out drink a dwarf cause he’s a dainty elf.” Dwalin chuckled with mirth.

“Did he just? And what be my husband’s response?” She asked slowly while making her way back into the hall.

“Well he was on his fifth tankard when we came to get you.” Was all Balin said in reply.

Bella shook her head in amusement as she pushed her way through the crowd and sat beside Balnar with an amused grin. “You did tell them that we can out drink a dwarf did you not?” She asked him amused, her mind flicking back to her time travelling with them after the battle.

Balnar had made the mistake of challenging her to a drinking contest and had lost; he and a few others had passed out before Bella even got drunk. Elves could out drink any creature in Middle Earth bar Hobbits, a challenge Bella has seen firsthand and never wants to experience again.

He cringed at the memory and shook his head. “Nay, I’ll get a pretty penny from all the company and a few men if Glóin loses.”

The laugh that filled the hall caused some to pause and stare at the Elven bride, her face glowing with mirth and joy.

“Well then, it seems I must join this competition…. Anyone willing to go against me?” She asked simply, leaning back in her chair and eyed the faces around her.

“Oh, now this I cannot refuse!” Nori and Kíli exclaimed before taking seats across the table from her.

Dwalin snorted into his own ale and stared at the two- three to challenge her. Nori, Bofur and Kíli were going to regret their decision come morning. “You’re in for a world of hurt in the morning.”

Legolas smiled over to his wife while he waited for Glóin to finish his Ale. He had yet to even feel the effects of the alcohol and though he was glad for that, he also was a bit disappointed in the strength of Dwarven ale.

“Alright Lads, what be the bets?” Balin asked from his spot next to Thorin and Dwalin, taking the bets as people began to spout out their choice of winners. Only those who knew the drinking habit of the Elves and Bella’s ability to hold her liquor placed winning bets on his Namad.

“You’re going down! There is no way a Lass like you can out drink a dwarf!” Nori taunted as he sculled back his drink, Kíli and Bofur cheering and doing the same.

Bella simply raised her brow and easily downed her drink. She could feel her parents and brother behind her and feel their amusement.

Everyone laughed and cheered as Bella matched the three Dwarrow’s drink for drink before loud exclamations of surprise and dismay filled the air as Glóin fell over dead asleep, his body landing on the stone floor with a thud.

Nori, Kíli and Bofur blinked in surprise and swung their heads towards their sister as she casually leant back in her chair once more as Legolas joined her side. While Nori and Bofur were seeing double of everything, Kíli was close to passing out; which is what happened when he got halfway through his tankard.

“Are you even tip-tipsy?” Nori hiccupped out, earning a laugh in return.

Dwalin leaned forward and slapped Nori on the back. “I told ye you would regret the decision, Moriel outdrank myself, Balnar and Óin. Elves can hold their liquor well; she ain’t even feeling the effects yet.”

“No! I don’t believe ye!” Bofur slurred out, spilling half his drink on the table and hiccupping before he was suddenly face down on the table snoring loudly.

“Come on Nori, chicken?” Moriel taunted as she finished the drink in her hand and placing the tankard with the others.

Nori frowned and downed his drink, his vision darkening around the edges and he knew that he had lost and didn’t even fight the unconsciousness that swept up on him. He knew that Dwalin was right and would never lie about such things, cause out of the company it was Dwalin who could hold his liquor the most.

Canadriel and Galadriel shared a look, one of amusement as the men cheered and began collecting their debts. Even Elrond and Celeborn were cheering and joyous.

“I am proud of you my daughter.” Galadriel whispered before casting a look up to her new son. “But I know you do not desire to be here, all has been prepared, you may leave and enjoy your marriage night.”

Bella stared up at her mother in horror, her cheeks flushing in redness as she stared at her mother’s retreating form. Though a horrifying thought of hearing wedding night come from her mother’s lips, she was indeed correct.

So with that thought Canadriel hopped up from her chair and began to subtly pull her husband from the room. Giving Thorin a look as he went to stop them, earning a smirk and a dip of his head in reply of understanding.

“Where are we going?” Legolas asked in a laugh as he allowed his mischievous wife to lead him through the grand halls of Erebor.

Bella looked over her shoulder at her husband and smiled. “To the garden!” She replied.

Dis had spoken to her about the elven way of marrying and when Bella explained that it usually happened surrounded by nature, Dis near exploded with happiness. Apparently her mother had loved to garden and had requested one to be made near the royal chambers, it also surprisingly survived the years untended and Smaug’s attack.

She and the girls, plus Bilbo had worked to near nightfall when not busy to clean the garden up for them to use for tonight.

Legolas merely raised his brows at this and continued to follow his wife, his heart beating rapidly in his chest at the mere thought of where they were going. The Gardens of Erebor, a garden where he and his wife can finally be wed in the eyes of their people, to complete their bond. It would be a severe understatement if he said he wasn’t worried.

“No need to be worried my love, I too am new to this as well.” His wife cooed softly as they came to a stop in the hall. He watched her place her hands upon two of the stones and pushed, revealing a door that wasn’t there before.

They both took in the garden with surprise though Bella had seen it before; she hadn’t seen it like this. Every surface that wasn’t occupied by plants or furs had glowing light stones on it, stones she knew were rare since Erebor fell and had not seen for an age and with them were candles. In the middle of the garden was a nest of furs and pillows with a platter of food and some wine, this she knew was Dis’s idea.

Legolas took in the garden for a second before turning his eyes back onto his wife, the firelight casting a warm glow upon her skin. “Beautiful.” He breathed causing her to look up at him.

Bella turned on her heel and pushed herself up against her husband, standing on the tip of her toes and hesitantly place a kiss upon his neck. Legolas instantly wrapped his hands around his wife’s waist and pulled her flush against him as a moan escaped his lips.

She slowly and clumsily made work of the ties on her husband’s bracers before moving onto his tunic, a laugh escaping her lips as he fumbled with the clasp at her neck.

“Let me help you.” She chuckled softly before unlatching the clasp and letting the shawl pool to the floor. Her hands trailed softly down his cheeks to the claps on his tunic and began to unhook them one by one. Her hands were shaking, trembling with anticipation. Bella was well aware that the both of them were very new to this, and this was going to get very awkward, very quickly.

Legolas shuddered as her fingers slipped under his now open tunic and pushed the fabric back off his shoulders, letting it join her shawl on the floor. Her eyes instantly roamed over her husband’s exposed chest in interest, noting every scar and mark that adorned his pale skin.

“Are you going to come closer or stare?” He asked softly, holding out his hand to her. Legolas longed for her to be closer, to touch her, but he also wanted her to keep staring at him the way she was. He loved the look on her face as she took him in like that. There was something extremely arousing about being watched as if he was a meal. He had to admit, he was slightly nervous about completing their bond. What if he couldn’t perform?

Smiling, Bella took his hand and allowed herself to be pulled closer, pretending to stumble over her own feet despite her perfect balance and fell into him. With her hands splayed across his chest, she looked up to him with a grin and started to place kisses along his jawline and down his neck.

“I do believe you’re a little over dressed Meleth nín.” He rasped out, his hands quivering from the sensation of her lips on his neck.

She let out a breathy laugh and cast him a smile before turning around to let him undo the laces in her dress while pulling her hair to the side. She felt his fingers fidget with the tight lace ribbon, a few mumbled curses leaving his lips as he struggled, causing her to laugh. “I understand it’s a beautiful dress and I am grateful you’re helping me out of it, but you could simply rip it off if needed…”

“Nonsense,” he muttered as he was victorious in the end and watched the gown slide down her beautiful, perfect, body, revealing her skin to him. “I’ve never seen something so perfect.” He breathed, causing her to spin around and press her naked torso against his, her eyes locked onto his.

“I am not perfect caun nín.” She whispered causing him to shake his head.

His hand cupped her face firmly, “You’re perfect to me, imperfections and all.” He planted a kiss on top of her head and lifted her slightly so she could step out of her dress.

“Now look who’s overdressed now,” she countered, changing the subject as her cheeks had reddened. Steadying herself against him, she dropped to her knees, looking up to him through her lashes as she started to open his trousers. It was clear that he was interested in her and that made her feel more confident as she managed to fumble with his belt and pulled the garments off of him.

She knew what they looked like. She had seen the pictures and accidentally caught her male friends naked sometimes when she was still in Forks. She had even seen some of the males in her regiment naked, with their bits dangling from under them. But now that she was up close with it, she was wondering how on Earth this was going to fit.

And much to her surprise, it was already ready for more. She lightly brushed his inner thigh with her finger as well as brushing the shaft with her thumb as she rose to her feet. Her fingers were trailing across his chest with her journey upwards and her eyes were back on Legolas’ face. “Now, that’s better,” she muttered, before brushing her lips against his.

“That leaves us with one last thing,” he reached for her hair and removed the clasp that was holding back her braids, letting them swing free to frame her face. He ran his fingers through her hair, letting his fingertips brush against the point of her ear, smiling as she took in a ragged breath.

She was ever so glad in that moment that Dis decided to just clasp them all back instead of braiding them all together. She looked up at her Chosen through her lashes as he repeated the action, sending another shiver of pleasure down her spine and causing her to bite back the moan.

“You Meleth nín, do not play fair.” She rasped out. “Tonight is a celebration of our union, not a competition of who gets to come first.”

He let out a laugh at that, and replaced his finger with his lips. Legolas kissed the top of her ear, then nuzzled her earlobe and her neck, as his hands started to explore her body with gentle caress. While he had wished that he would be able to fumble her breasts, her perky bottom had to do for now, he was enjoying her body against his far too much for either to move right this moment.

There was nothing more in her mind but the sensation of Legolas kisses, slight nips and caresses of her jaw and neck, each leaving a trail of fire behind in their wake. There was nothing to compare to and the sensation of warmth shot through her body like wildfire.

His beloved had been right, this night wasn’t a competition. It was a celebration. And a night of discoveries. Legolas slowly fell to his knees as he continued with his attentions with his lips, kissing her flushed breasts, one hand replacing his lips as he continued to kiss her torso while the other made sure she wouldn’t fall over.

Bella let out a moan at the sensation and clutched his shoulders as her knees threatened to give out. “Legolas…” she breathed as he caught her, and gently lowered her down onto the furs.

Getting to his knees, he moved above her, smiling at her before repeating what he had done while she was still standing upright, but now paying more attention to the other side of her body. “You are so beautiful,” he whispered as his kisses left a trail on her body. “Your skin tastes so sweetly.”

“Legolas…” She moaned out as he continued his ministrations. “Please, no teasing…” She whimpered.

“Shh, let me love you, gilgalad nín.” He breathed, his breath cooling the spot he had just sucked causing her body to shiver in delight.


He looked up to her and smiled. “Are you alright?” While it was evident that she was enjoying herself, that his attentions, his exploration, was enjoyable, he was worried that it wasn’t enough.

“Your touch has set me ablaze caun nín. Please, either allow me to return the favor or ravish me…”

Legolas wasn’t surprised by his love’s boldness, he loved that about her. Seeing her respond as she did was everything he needed, but if he had to be honest, he wasn’t sure how to go about next, as he was afraid of hurting her.

She smiled at him as she took his hand and placed it on her heat, she was wet down there, she wanted more. She demanded more as she looked at him. “Please.”

He lightly ran his fingers over her lips, exploring as he had done with the rest of her body. She shuddered underneath him and he curiously inserted a finger inside of her, causing her to moan loudly. Feeling how tight she was inside, he knew that he was never going to fit. Perhaps if he’d try to widen her a little, he would. Shifting so that he had better access, he covered her mouth with hers, as he wiggled the finger around.

Her body arched into his, her moans stifled by his kiss. Yes, it was slightly uncomfortable, but she knew that it was a part of it all. In time, this would become easier and even more pleasurable than it already was. It already felt as if every fibre of her being was burning as hot as the sun, and she couldn’t wait until she’d explode. She buried a hand in his hair as he continued with a second finger, her body yet again moving against her will.

Hesitantly, with her free hand she reached down between them and caressed the soft head of his erection, feeling the tiny veins running across his flesh. She couldn’t help but both blush and moan as she felt him harden in her hand.

“Your hand feels glorious around me, Meleth nín,” he said after abruptly breaking off the kiss and placed his forehead against hers. He hadn’t anticipated her to do that. He had been so focused on her, that he had forgotten about himself, but she also made him walk a very thin line. Legolas had already been on the verge of spilling. “But if you wish to feel me inside of you, please, withdraw your hand for I cannot promise I will be able to do so.”

“Hurry then,” she demanded, her hips rocking against his fingers inside of her.

“As you wish,” he grinned and inserted a third finger, her body yet again spasming against him, a moan escaping her lips as her eyes fluttered closed. Her hand fell away from his length and she tried to pull him closer by tugging on his hair.

She felt breathless as he continued to please her, her heart pounding wildly in her chest as she felt something begin to coil deep within as her Chosen’s thumb brushed over her nub. She gasped again, as he had realized that that, too, gave her pleasure and deliberately repeated the movement. “Legolas…” She moaned out his name.

With a mischievous smile on his face, he withdrew his fingers from her and shifted so that he was hovering above her. She looked delirious, her head lolled to the side and her body occasionally spasming. “I’ll probably hurt you, my beloved, tell me when I do and I shall wait until you feel comfortable enough for me to continue.”

With a deep breath she nodded, trying to relax her body as he settled between her legs.

“Are you ready meleth nín?” He asked softly, brushing back a loose strand of hair from her face and trailing his fingertips down her jaw.

“Yes, Hû nín.” She breathed out, she was more than ready.

He took hold of his length and gently pressed it against her entrance. He gently nudged her legs up with his free hand so that he had better access and once he was certain that she was relaxed enough, he slowly started to push himself inside of her. His eyes never leaving her face. He’d stop at any sign of discomfort.

“Le annon veleth nín.” Bella whispered to him, candlelight reflecting in her eyes. It felt slightly uncomfortable as he started to melt into her, but it wasn’t uncomfortable yet. Until he reached the point where he hadn’t been able to reach with his fingers and that hurt.

He stilled instantly as a tear slipped down her cheek. “Meleth nín?”

“I am alright, caun nín,” she assured him as she took a deep breath to try to relax again. “It feels as if you are splitting me in half, but in a very good way.”

“I don’t think that’s a good thing, if I am splitting you in half. It must hurt.”

She smiled reassuringly. “You can continue. The pain has passed.” Though it hurt Bella was mildly surprised that it wasn’t as painful as everyone made it out to be. She had been surprised, that was all. Now that she knew what to expect, it was a bearable pain. She had endured worse in battle.

“I love you.” He breathed before continuing after she gave him another reassuring smile. Once he was fully inside of her, he waited. She felt good around him. Nice and snug. Legolas softly nuzzled her earlobe as he allowed her to get used to the feeling of him being inside of her.

“I love you too.” She moaned out, her back arching. “I am ready for more, my love.” With her permission, Legolas slipped one arm under her back and caressed her shoulder, pulling her closer to him. He needed to be closer. With every shift and thrust, she could feel the coil of ecstasy deep within her tightening.

Can-nín.” He breathed out hoarsely as she ran her nails down his back in ecstasy. His rhythm stuttered as his name fell from her lips, her walls tightening around him. He moved his hand down and lifted her hips slightly while quickening his pace, a loud moan escaping his Chosen at the new angle.

She was close; the new angle caused him to hit a very delicate spot that caused the coil deep within her to tighten with each thrust. “So close…”

“What do you need me to do?” He groaned, his control was wavering.

“Faster!” She cried out, her nails digging into his flesh.

Shifting again, he found a better position and did as she had told him to.

“LEGOLAS!” She cried out as she felt the coil break free like a tidal wave, causing her vision to grow white and leaving her past the point of no return. Distantly she could hear Legolas call her name as he came, his own release filling her.

Legolas collapsed, moving in a way he would not crush his love as he breathed heavily. “Gerich veleth nín.” He whispered to her.

He was hers, undeniably hers forever more and she was his.

Author Note: BAM! This story is now complete and WOW what a hot ending! For this lovely lemon please thank Buggy for her hard work as she practically wrote it for me since I suck at lemons to the extreme! No seriously, go thank Buggy! Or go to  and give her some love on her own fics!

caun nín means my prince

gilgalad nín means my starlight
Meleth nín means my love

Hû nín means My Spirit

Le annon veleth nín – I give my love to you

Gerich veleth nín – You have my love



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  1. No matter how many times I reread your stories I always get the chills when reading your fight scenes.

    I look forward to any new adventures that you bring us along with you for the ride.

    Also, I’m not sure if it is just me but when I click the next button it takes me to the corresponding chapter number in Another Place, Another Time. I just thought I would let you know just in case it isn’t just me.

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