Chapter Thirty – Comforts of Kin

Title: The Unexpected

Pairing: Bella/Legolas

Summary: What if Bella was the youngest daughter of Galadriel, one who thought was lost but in hiding. What if Gandalf asks for her aid in Thorin’s quest.


BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin. Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the twilight series and I really don’t own any of Tolkien’s amazing work.

Chapter Thirty

Third POV

Bella stood upon the ramparts overlooking the battlefield with a stoic expression upon her face, her hand fingering the braids in her hair. The bodies had been cleared and taken home while the filth that they killed had been burned. Her power had caused the ground in some places to be unsteady but that could easily be fixed.

“There you are.” Bilbo sighed out as he stopped at Bella’s side. “Everyone has been looking for you; they’re worried you’re ignoring them.”

“I’ve been here for a while.” She replied, not tearing her eyes away from the horizon.

It had been a week since she had seen her Chosen, he returning to Greenwood with the dead of their kin and his father. Her parents had stayed to heal all they could along with Elrond but they too had to return to their domains to take their kin home. She had decided to stay; she couldn’t live her brothers alone while they rebuilt Erebor and while they were still injured.

The people of Laketown were helping the Dwarrow’s to rebuild Erebor until winter was over before they begin to rebuild Dale. Of course all workers were compensated and they all got a section in the vast halls of Erebor that had been cleared. It had broken the heart of many to find so many corpses in so many places, either burned by dragon flame or simply starving to death.

“You’re avoiding us.” Bilbo stated as he looked at the glassy eyes of his elf-friend.

“I am not avoiding you all, nor am I actively seeking you all.” She hummed turning to look down at the hobbit. His concussion had passed but his ribs were still taped quite securely to heal. “I am glad you are staying for a while Bilbo Baggins.”

Bilbo fidgeted and straightened out his coat. “Yes, well… I’ve grown quite attached to these Dwarrow’s. Plus, come spring you will need someone who knows how to garden to cultivate the grounds. I’ve sent a letter and a raven to Hobbiton for Hamfast. Hopefully he will send over lists and instructions on what to do.

Bella smiled softly at him. “I’m sure if we cannot do it, a hobbit’s loving touch will.”

A startled laugh escaped Bilbo before he turned his attention to the scene before him, the bodies gone but the scorch marks of the pyres– bonfires remained. His eyes could see the forest across the distances, a black line on the horizon.

“When will Legolas return?” He asked causing Bella to shrug.

“He told me a few days at best, if he is lucky and they don’t find any stragglers but he needs to tend to a few things, he will return in two weeks with Lorelei in tow. I am waiting to see the outcome of that relationship with the others, especially Lady Dis if we go by Thorin’s reaction is going to be amusing.” She chuckled out, her eyes sad at the thought of the distance between her and Legolas.

“That… will it be bad? Will they forbid it?” Bilbo asked concerned, worry churning in his chest for his youngest Dwarrow friend.

Bella blinked and looked down at the worried hobbit. “No Bilbo, she is his One and he her Chosen. There is no helping in what decision the heart makes and they cannot forbid it. A long time ago, before the grudge between two races there was a few who had found love in another. There are not many Dwelf children left, some sailed and the others just passed on leaving the memory to legends. Two ages ago it wasn’t uncommon like it is now, but they have to accept it for if you try to rip them away from another they will fade.” She explained.

“Then uh, how have the others lived without their ones?” Bella frowned and looked down at the hobbit.

“It is different, it will ache but they know they’ll see each other again. To rip a One or Chosen away from an Elf or Dwarf would be to ban all contact or death. Those that have survived a death of a One turned all their effort and love to their children, like Lady Dis and for Elves we sail to Valinor.” Bella stated before turning towards the steps as the sounds of heavy footfalls reached her ears.

“Ah, I had thoughts Kíli, Fíli, Thorin, Dwalin or Balin would be next.” She hummed as Balnar stepped out of the entryway.

“Aye, they were going to come but I drew the short straw. Why ye hiding lass? Ever since the day of the war you’ve been either with that Prince of yours or somewhere else. Nori told me you were in the tombs two days ago.” He asked worried, his eyes scanning over her critically. “Yer’ not still fading I hope? Oh yes, the boys told me all ’bout what’s happened.”

Moriel cursed the company in every language she knew before sighing. There was no escaping Balnar when he was determined and short straw or not, he was determined.

“I am fine Balnar, a lot has been on my mind as of late and I miss my Chosen. I rightly don’t know what to do, I’m still under oath to my king and I feel restless, I wish to leave but I cannot. Not because of the Elven Oath I made but because I cannot leave them all, my heart has tied itself to the company, they are my family.” She explained sadly, before sighing. “I’m afraid.”

Both Bilbo and Balnar frowned worried. “Afraid? You’re hardly ever afraid, yer the bravest person I know Lass. You stood up to an army of Dwarrow and helped us when we tried to hurt you, turn our backs upon you and treated you suspiciously.” Balnar stated strongly as he moved to her side.

“Aye, he be right. You also stood up against Thorin in Bilbo’s house.” Nori uttered as he stepped out from the darkness.

“And you saved my life against the trolls, saved us from the Wargs.” Ori stammered out as he stepped next to his brother. Bella stiffened as she realised that while Balnar came to speak with her, while she was talking, she lost focus and didn’t hear the company make their way up to the rampart.

“You made sure we were fed in Rivendell, you named us brothers.” Balin was next, his eyes sad.

“You protected Fíli on the rock giant; you made sure he didn’t slip at your own life.” Kíli whispered with a frown as he cast a look towards his brother.

“You fought with us in the goblin tunnels, risked your life for us.” Glóin pointed out.

“This is not the same; all that I did before thinking because I couldn’t let you get hurt. Because you are my kin, but this fear I feel is completely different.” Moriel spat out, pleading with them not to push the subject.

“You have done many things Moriel that is beyond bravery, what many including some Dwarrow to cringe at the thought of it. Facing Azog was one of them, running head first towards the Bear. What causes you to be afraid?” Thorin asked softly as he stood between Dwalin and Fíli.

Moriel stiffened her eyes tightening and the others cringed as they saw the look of utter despair and anger. “I am immortal!” She hissed darkly. “I cannot lose you all. Your life spans are a mere blink in the eye for an Elf and I cannot…”

Sobs built in her chest as she collapsed, Balnar swiftly catching her and lowered her gently to the ground. “I cannot lose more kin. I don’t… there isn’t much time… and when you die… I will never see you again. You will go to Mahal’s halls to wait for the remaking of the world while I will be in Valinor. That is why I am afraid; I do not want that pain. I do not want to lose you all.”

Each of the company shared a glance before rushing forward and embracing their sister, giving her words of comfort as she sobbed between them all. They didn’t know she had carried this burden, many forgetting how long an elf life must be, she’s always been there for them, never aging, never changing.

It was now they realised and could sense the ticking clock of age winding down. Many of them had a hundred years to go or more but to her, to a clock of age that no longer moves or counts downs. Forever watching them age and die.

“You’re a Dwarrowfriend Moriel, I am sure Mahal will allow you to wander to his halls to see us. Our maker cannot be that cruel.” Kíli whispered as he burrowed his head into her shoulder and neck.

“Come Namad, you must be hungry, eat and then you must rest.” Dwalin stated as he lifted her up from the ground, the others moving back to give them space.

Other Dwarrow’s stopped and stared as Dwalin carried Moriel through the halls of Erebor with the King and the Princes leading him towards the royal chambers. Many stared on in worry, knowing who the elf is exactly to the royal family and as a hero of Erebor; the only elf to be accepted so freely and honestly by all and that respect went to her chosen by extension.

“Is Lady Moriel alright?” One of the Dwarrow’s from the Iron Hills asked as they made their way past.

“Lady Moriel is fine Lad; just a little tired is all. We’re taking her to get some rest; she’s feeling the effect of her One gone is all.” Bofur explained simply, making up a reason that wasn’t really a lie. He knew the absence of Legolas was taking its toll on her like the absence of Bombur’s One took a toll on him.

The dwarf frowned and bowed his head. “I know the feeling too, my One is back in the Iron Hills, she could not come to war with us. I’ll spread the word around to the others, make sure they know it’s nothing too serious; we all know who Moriel Dwarrowfriend, HealerOfKin is.” With that the dwarf left, leaving Bofur to stand there with a raised brow.

Thorin quickly opened the door while Kíli and Fíli rushed over to the bed and pulled away the furs and blankets so Dwalin could lay her down.

“She’s asleep.” Dwalin whispered softly as he carefully placed his sister down upon her bed, brushing back the strand of hair where his bead rested. Though now it was joined by others, beads from all the company, the Ur’s, Ri’s and In’s.

“Resting or asleep?” Balin asked.

“Asleep, she’s safe here with us. If it is alright with you my king, I must stay.” Dwalin stated as he turned towards Thorin once he closed the door to her room and stepped back into the sitting room.

Thorin frowned. “If you think any of us are going anywhere while she’s asleep you are mistaken. My duties can wait for now.” He explained before jerking up as the door opened and Bofur stepped in.

“Aye, it’s just me.” Bofur greeted loudly causing the others to shush him and point towards Moriel’s room.

“She’s asleep, finally.” Óin explained, his tense frame relaxing, Bofur cringed.

“Sorry, but I got one of the Iron Hill lads who stopped me to spread the word that Moriel’s just tired. You cause quite a scene carryin’ her up here. They won’t be botherin’ her none but I’m afraid that prince of hers will be getting a scolding when he returns. I couldn’t really say she went off the deep end ye’know so I told ‘im that she’s just feeling the distance of her One is all.” He explained quietly causing the others to groan.

Balnar just chuckled. “Aye, some of the Iron Hill lads were with us in the battle long ago, some of them just wee dwarflings in the years following us. Moriel’s a much respected elf amongst many and she’s being called Protector of Durin, Slayer of Azog and Hero of Erebor. They care for the lass, I could see the worry if brought when they saw her and Dwalin.”

Everyone’s brows raised in surprise at this causing Balnar and Nori to snort. “Aye, even some of the Dwarrow’s that arrived with the Blue Mountains two days ago said something bad about Moriel and got a tongue lashing. No one’s dared to say anything about her after that.” Nori explained as he began to sharpen one of his knives.

Thorin, Balin and Dwalin groaned. “That means we’re going to have’ta make sure the caravans that are coming about everything so they won’t attack her.” Dwalin moaned as he began to do a mental inventory on all the weapons in the Weapon’s Hall.

Fíli fidgeted causing the others to look his way as he and now Kíli avoided their eyes. “We may have already done that…” Fíli trailed off, Kíli taking over.

“…we sent a letter to Amad.”

“Dis is going to kill me, shave me and kill me.” Thorin moaned in horror.

Balin chuckled and slapped him on the back. “Aye, that maybe so but think of it this way Thorin, you have much ammunition on Kíli with that elf lass of his.”

Kíli paled considerably. “No… you can’t tell Amad yet, Uncle!”

Bilbo frowned at the others before his ear twitched, picking up the whimpers from the other room as they argued. He warred with himself at the desire to lay with Canadriel, the elf who treated him like a brother or son, who risked her life with him. He knew that she enjoyed it when they all slept close and together when they were travelling.

Confusticate and Bebother it all… he thought as he opened the door with a loud creak and cringed when the arguments stopped.

“What are you doin’ Laddie?” Bofur asked causing Bilbo’s shoulders to slump.

“I’m going to lay with Canadriel.” He explained, he was also the only one who called her by her real name in private. “She-uh… she’s restless and I know how much she finds comfort when we lay near her.”

Kíli and Fíli were first to their feet, remembering back at Beorn’s how she called for them in her fever hallucinations and didn’t settle till they were by her side. The next on their feet were Ori and Dwalin before the others quickly followed and made their way to the bed. Fíli and Kíli curled around her shoulders, with Bilbo between her and Fíli’s chest before Dwalin took one side and Thorin the other. The rest – including Balnar – managed to pile in, curling up or across the others and when everyone was finally settled, the whimpers stopped and Bella fell silent once more, the frown leaving her face.

“She wants to leave.” Balnar murmured softly causing the others to tense. “But she won’t because she swore an oath to you my king and… her heart has tied to you all.”

“I will release her from her Oath if she wishes to leave; no one will make her stay.” Thorin murmured back, his hand resting upon the crown of her head.

“No, she’ll stay for a while, till Erebor is fixed and Dale is rebuilt. Then she will wander once more, but she will never be alone now. She has her One and she has us.” Balin explained softly, easing the others.

“She wants to meet your families, but she is worried too.” Bilbo sighed out, snuggling closer to the warmth and Canadriel’s ribcage.

“We’ll just have to show her that there is nothing to be worried of, they’ll love her like we do.” Bombur murmured softly by her feet, translating what Bifur murmured into his ear.

“I’m feeling awfully tired of a sudden.” Ori stated with a yawn.

“Me too.” Dori murmured back, burying his face into his brothers hair.

“Sleep my brothers… be still and sleep.” Bella whispered to them, and the others let their eyes close shut and sleep to take them, the can worry and plan when they wake.

Author Note: Okay so this is a short filler chapter, I didn’t want to really drag it out much. I’ll get to the whole circlet and meeting Dis in the next chapter! And gah! The image of the company curled around her like a blanket makes me coo inside, I wish I had a damn picture of it!



10 thoughts on “Chapter Thirty – Comforts of Kin

  1. The imagery of them all in the bed makes me long for my bed. Going front the valley to austin and back in 2 days with 5 hours of sleep is killer Lol. But the imagery was cute and I love the chapter. Super excited for the sequel.

  2. A really lovely chapter 🙂 I was very excited when I saw the banner pics for the sequel. I loved the scene of everyone joining her in bed, but I can’t wait to see if Legolas walks in on it. 😉 It would be funny to see his reaction, if he has one, or if he just joins everyone. lol

  3. Considering I have no love for LOTR or the Hobbit, I was mighty surprised to take such a fierce liking to this fic. Because I did like this so much, I decided to watch a couple clips on YouTube and the Legolas/Bolg fight made me laugh. Elves are really nimble…

    Planning to watch the entire series.

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