Chapter Three – An Unexpected Journey III

Title: The Unexpected

Pairing: Bella/Legolas

Summary: What if Bella was the youngest daughter of Galadriel, one who thought was lost but in hiding. What if Gandalf asks for her aid in Thorin’s quest.


Disclaimer: I do not own any of the twilight series and I really don’t own any of Tolkien’s amazing work.

Chapter Three

Third POV

“What news from the meeting in Ered Luin? Did they all come?” Balin asked, he was curious and hoped that the news was good.

Thorin simply ate as he hesitantly, bitterly told his company of what their kin had told him. He ignored them as they stared, silence, uncomfortable silence echoing in the small rooms.

The others stared on in disbelief; many muttering curses under their breath while others simply looked forlorn at the news. They had hoped to have more numbers, the journey from The Shire to Erebor was tricky at best but they knew that it would be a long tiring journey and a dangerous one at that.

Many of the company was disgruntled at Dain not coming, he was their cousin, cousin to Thorin and yet he turned his back, would not offer aid.

With a sigh Thorin cast a look at his company, thankful that those loyal to him would accompany him on this quest, would trust in him as he does them even if three were barely of age. “They say this quest is ours, and ours alone.”

Bella cast a look at the faces before her as she stood in the shadows mainly unseen, Gandalf blocking what was visible of her from the others for now and for that she was slightly thankful, the deep ache was returning and she could not hold back the wince or subconscious rubbing of where her heart rested.

She knew he was not her Chosen; she had loved him yes but Edward… Edward was not her Chosen and though that hurt, his love was warmth she had never felt before along with the others. She felt homely with them, and he cruelly ripped that from her, leaving an aching wound within.

Did I mean so little to them that they abandoned me with no parting goodbye? Did I mean so little that he used words to crush and break a being? Was I worth anything to them at all, or was it simply a lie? Bella thought bitterly, hand clenching as a new wave of pain rocked through her. She had been putting off these thoughts and now was not the time to think upon such things.

“Uh, what beast?” Bilbo asked nervous, confused.

“Well that would be a reference to Smaug the Terrible, chiefest and greatest calamity of our age. Airborne fire-breather, teeth like razors, claws like meathooks, extremely fond of precious metals…” Bofur listed, enjoying the slight nervous sway the Halfling was doing with each title and explination.

“Yes, I know what a dragon is!” Bilbo cut off, his eyes flickering to the others and then to the Elf in the corner. He could not see her face but he wished to know what she of all people were thinking, hoping they could relate to this nervous news.

The others began shouting, Ori standing up bravely shouting over the others about being unafraid of the beast, willing to stand with his king.

Balin sighed and cast a look. “The task would be difficult enough with an army behind us. But we number just thirteen, and not thirteen of the best, nor brightest.” He finished, ignoring the objecting voices that massed around him.

Fili slammed his palm down on the table, silencing the others. “We may be few in number, but we’re fighters, all of us, to the last dwarf!”

Bella winced as her side flared up at the memory of dragonfire brushing against her side, nearly consuming her. She had been there that day in Dale, she was seeking some new cloths and the Dale people were fine craftsmen be it from carving to smithing, not like the Dwarrows or elves but still beautiful.

The healed wound on her face and shoulder from when she was just entering her maturity burned, a wound she had gotten from the first dragon she had encountered before Smaug. Its name was lost and none celebrated that horror, none wished to remember that slaughter, she had nearly died that night in the woodlands of her home but lived as she fell into the waters. Yes, the wound was now gone, flawless skin but the phantom ached remained forever.

With a blink she was back in the present. Thorin standing and giving a morale lifting speech. “…Do we sit back while others claim what is rightfully ours? Or do we seize this chance to take back Erebor? Du Bekâr! Du Bekâr!”

The Dwarrows cheered and this caused Bella to frown. “What makes you think that you can slay the beast Thorin Thrainson?” She whispered, shifting into the light as all fell silence and snapped their eyes to her.

“I will not be questioned by the likes of you! I will reclaim our home and rid it of the beast, I will find a way!” He snarled causing Bella to snap.

“And you care so little for others because of it! If you prevoke the beast it will not hurt you but those near to you! What of the village near Erebor? Will you risk the lives of innocents to suffer the same fate as Dale?” She snapped flashes of screams, burning children and the smell of brimsone flashed across her memory, sucking her into the darkness.

Gandal frowned as he looked up at his old friend, resting a hand upon her shoulder to calm her down. Bella simply flinched away violently at the contact, cringing away as if being struck.

“What do you know? What would you know of what happened to Dale and if the town you speak of would suffer the same fate Elf?” Thorin yelled back angrily, how dare see, how dare she! She was like the others, keeping him from his home, trying to stop him.

“Thorin, I urge you to not…” Gandalf began to warn the king only to be cut off.

“You are not the only one who has felt the dragonfire eat upon your flesh Master Dwarf. You forget what I am, I may not have been an elf of the woodland realm but I was there that day the dragon laid waste to Dale. I remember the screams of children burning, the scent of charred flesh and brimstone. I helped your kin flee and I was burned doing so, Smaug is not the only dragon there has been, I have seen many of oaks grow from saplings to mighty trunks.” Bella confessed, her speech becoming more tired, more pained as she went.

Everyone shifted uncomfortably, the ones who were old enough to remember that day looking down in grief. They felt pity for the elf, something some of them would never admit to or being able to relate to what the she elf stated and described.

“There is no way into the mountain, the front gate is sealed.” Balin coughed out uncomfortably, willing to change the subject as he found himself staring at the haunted eyes of the elf. He was sure that no one else but he could see her face and something bothered him about the lass.

Gandalf tilted his head in thanks at the silver-haired dwarf before humming. “That, my dear Balin, is not entirely true.” He trailed off, his fingers twiddling as the key flipped over with each turn.

Thorin looked at the ornately wrought key the wizard had brought forth suddenly, one that was familiar at not at the same time. “How came you by this?”

“It was given to me by your father, by Thrain, for safekeeping. It is yours now.” Gandalf explained, handing the key over to awe filled Thorin.

The key was surprisingly light in his hand, no bigger than a fingers span. This key, this key held all hope for his kin and he never knew it existed, never knew his father held and had passed on something that would aid them one day before he vanished.

“If there is a key, there must be a door.”

Bella zoned out of the conversation once again as she felt a shift in the air, her eyes locking onto the map. She knew the secrets it told, she being able to read the runes with ease, but she needed moonlight to prove her theory and even then if she told them, she knew they would not tryst her with the very thing that could lead them home.

So when Gandalf asked her if she could find the answer hidden she lied, she told him she did not know and he knew it. She after all was one of the very beings left besides her parents, sisters-chosen and Thranduil. They didn’t dare suggest she were weak for looking gentle for everyone knew that Elves no matter the gender are excellent fighters.

She stayed half listing, half numb as the conversation went on, storing the information away for later. That was until she found herself holding a very long detailed contract in her hands while Bilbo read them outloud from the other room.

She could hear Thorin and Gandalf shared words but she could not sign this. “I cannot sign this.”

Thorin snapped his eyes to her and went to reply only for Balin to beat him. “And why is that lass?”

“I have no care for gold or jewels, merely this last quest, I have sworn my oath to you already so there is no point for me to sign.” She explained.

“What too proud to sign your fealty to a dwarf then or did you lie about being a wanderer?” Bofur asked causing some to inhale as dark eyes flickered towards them. Gandalf shook his head slightly as she went to tell them who she was really, they would understand then that she was Lady Canadriel of Lórien and of Imladris but it was not the right time.

“Then if it will prove to you that I am not like the others than I shall sign.” She explained, grasping the ink quill from Bilbo before signing her title and name in Elvish, as the proper way.

All stared at the script as she handed it back over, her eyes catching Gandalf’s as his brows rose. She signed her real name and titles. Lady Canadriel of Lórien and of Imladris.

“Why did it flash white?” Bilbo asked suddenly, bringing silence to the halls once again.

“Because dear Bilbo, I signed my name and my titles to a contract and now I must do all that I can that is asked of me. It is binding by magic of my kin, an Elf’s oath is everlasting and eternal until the debt or oath is paid. I am a wanderer no more, my king and my fealty is to Thorin, son of Thrain, king under the mountain until he sees fit to release me.” Bella stated simply, almost offhandedly but the Dwarrows inhaled sharply, their eyes shifting to their stone faced king.

“If you shall excuse me then my king, Gandalf and Master Baggins, I shall go and take a gaze at the stars.” Bella stated after a beat of silence before leaving, she had seen the flickers of the light and she had missed them. In Forks, in the other realm she had only got to see the Stars if she travelled far from the state of clouds and rain, it made her sad that she could not feel and gaze into the prizes of her kin, to hear the voices of the stars.

Bilbo opened and closed his mouth a few times before frowning and returning to reading the contract.

Soon Bella heard the sounds of Gandalf yelling, along with the Master Hobbit, she knew that he would not come but also knew that he must. She heard the Dwarrows mutter to themselves before the deep rich sounds of song filled her senses, she had forgotten how strong and deep Dwarrows voices were. She knew the song, had heard it twice before, song of Erebor.

“That Fool of a Took!” Gandalf sighed annoyed as he made his way outside while the others found a place to sleep. “He has changed, too obsessed about respectable means and naming’s, afraid to not learn of all I saw him becoming!”

Bella cast a small smile to her old friend once she tore her eyes away from the sky. “If you wish, I shall speak to him in the morning. I shall tell him the truth of course, to show him that being an adventurer can still earn the amount of respect that he desires if he wishes it.”

“I would appreciate it elvellon, we shall leave in the morning before dawn breaks and I shall meet you down the road of course. I will slow the others down until you come to us, I shall leave your horse by the cropping of trees just into town.” Gandalf stated before heading back inside, leaving her alone with the stars once more.

Soon just as Bella could see the sky begin to brighten, indicating a rising sun she heard the others wake and gather their things. She had of course gone and collected her weapons and satchel from the room Gandalf hid her in before venturing back outside once more, preparing for what was to come. She had been away for fifteen years nearly but fighting, riding was something she was born into. It was merely the ache her body gave at the grief that she had to steel herself from.

“Are you not coming lass?” Balin asked as he paused at the gate, his eyes turning back to the hooded Elf. Though he was there when the Elvenking turned his back on them he did not hate all elves, disliked the majority of them, but there were a mere handful whom helped his kind since the fall of Erebor and this one seemed to be familiar to him and he could see the grief in the Elf’s eyes.

“I am going to speak with Master Bilbo when he awakens, I shall meet you all soon.” Bella replied, dismissing those who stayed. She was surprised it was Balin, Dwalin and the young ones, mainly Dwalin.

She had helped him long ago, tending to his wounds after Moria, they were friends to a degree if no one but Balin ever knew. She had saved his life, saved that of his brothers too when they had been stabbed by several orc blades, some with poison.

“Alright then Lass, we’ll meet you on the trail. Hopefully you can convince our burglar to come.” He replied before making his way down the trail out of the Shire, dragging the others with him.

A smirk pulled onto Bella’s lips as she watched them go before heading back inside and settling into the sitting area. She winced as she saw how the young hobbit slept, knowing full well that he was surly going to get a crick in his neck.

Bilbo woke to the first ray of light that shone into his window, blinking several times before sitting up with a wince and stretching. His house was quiet and that confused him, did he really dream of thirteen hobbits, an old wizard and an elf had invaded his home last night.

“I can surely tell you Master Baggins that it was not a dream.” Bella called out lazily, a humanlike smirk tugging at her lips, it was a very Human Bella thing to do and not the Elven Bella that she was now.

Bilbo yelped slightly, turning quick on his heels to stare at the Elf before him, eyes widening as he took in hear face in the light. She was truly a beautiful being but the little he had seen of elves were, but now he could see clearly. Her hair was as dark as the earth after a harvest with strands of gold, eyes rich as a dark oak and pale skin of moonlight.

“Sorry to startle you, I did not intend it.” Bella apologised with a small smile.

“Its fine… it’s fine… Where is everyone else?” Bilbo asked as he sat down.

“They left before the first sun’s light. I stayed behind to talk to you, now tell me Master Baggins are you happy here, are you happy as you are?” She asked seriously, resting her elbows on her knees and chin on her hands.

Bilbo frowned at the question. “Of course I am happy here!”

“Are you sure, I see this is a large home and that from my time here yesterday you do not get visitors. Why are you alone, why has no one come? Tell me Master Hobbit, are you really happy here or are you trying to fool yourself into thinking that you are?” Bella stated her question and tone still serious.

Bilbo’s frown deepened as he thought about it, the loneliness that set in, the boredom. Gandalf was right, as a fauntling he had explored the woods in search for elves, come home caked in mud and leaves. Where had that Bilbo gone? Bilbo knew of cause, he lost his Took spark the day his mother died and his father faded away, he had to uphold the Baggins name.

“May I tell you something Master Baggins? Something if I do that you must not tell the others until I am ready to share? It may help you.” Bella asked simply, never moving from the position she was in, this is what confused Bilbo.

He knew elves to be tall and regal, never to slouch or seem… normal. That is what Lady Isabella looked like, she looked normal as if she were simply a Man or Hobbit. His Tookishness curiosity flared within him as the words finally caught up. “I swear I will not tell, I don’t see how what you say would change my mind of this adventure though.”

A wide grin spread across her face, but Bilbo noticed it did not reach her eyes. “Master Baggins, I am Lady Canadriel, daughter of Galadriel and Celeborn rulers of Lothlórien.” She explained causing Bilbo’s eyes to widen.

“You’re… you’re a…” He trailed off unable to form a word, drawing soft laughter from the elleth’s lips.

“Yes Bilbo, I am what others would consider a Princess in Westron. I am the Lady of Lórien and of Imladris, though that is only because my sister wished it when she sailed to the Valinor. I am a noble of noble blood and I do not stop it from letting me wander, to take adventures. I am old Master Baggins, older than you and the Dwarrows combined and heed my advice, live life to the fullest or regret it each passing day. Now I will let you think of this, if you decide to join us we will be on our way and if not, I will understand. Na lû e-govaned vîn Master Baggins.” She stated before taking her leave a small smile on her lips as she pulled her hood up, ignoring the looks as she went, she knew he would come.

Author Note: So wow, long chapter and wow… I changed it up a little, didn’t want you all mad that I basically did the movie all in all now.

Dwarrow is the plural for Dwarf.

Fauntling – baby hobbit.

Elvellon – Elf Friend

Na lû e-govaned vîn – Until next we meet… Literal: To the time of our meeting



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