Chapter Twenty-Eight – Revealing the Truth

Title: The Unexpected

Pairing: Bella/Legolas

Summary: What if Bella was the youngest daughter of Galadriel, one who thought was lost but in hiding. What if Gandalf asks for her aid in Thorin’s quest.


BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin. Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the twilight series and I really don’t own any of Tolkien’s amazing work.

Chapter Twenty-Eight

Third POV

The second the cry of victory rang through the air, Moriel collapsed. Her body heavy and her vision swam with darkness; she had used too much energy and lost too much blood. Legolas quickly swooped her up into his arms and cradled her close to his body before quickly and carefully rushing down the mountain and towards where he knew the healers were.

She had said that her mother, father and brother were here and Legolas knew two out of the three were the best healers in these lands.

“Namad!” The cry was instant as they caught sight of them but Legolas ignored the Dwarrow’s for now. His chosen was more important, she needed to be healed immediately and then, then he will worry about her heart-brothers.

Prince Legolas.” Elrond greeted as he rushed towards his sister and the prince. “Let me take her.”

“No, she’s my Chosen; I cannot part from her now.” The prince replied causing Elrond to raise his brows in surprise.

Very well then, this way hurry.” He explained, ushering him to the large tent that was for him, Lady Galadriel, Lord Celeborn and Thranduil.

Legolas rushed towards the tent eagerly, clutching Canadriel closer to his chest as he ignored the calls for them both by all around them, by all that knew her. Elrond paused at the door, holding his arm out and stopping the Dwarrow that tried to follow the prince.

He recognised the company immediately, his eyes landing on the two she had claimed as heart-brothers. “You must stay out here while they heal her.”

“Why can we not see her? Is she dying?” Kíli cried out, grasping his brother’s arm with his good one tightly.

“I can assure you she is well, she has an injured shoulder and lost quite a bit of blood. She also used quite a bit of power doing the damage that you all saw and felt, she is drained and weak. They will heal her and when she is well enough, then and only then may you see her. For now she needs quiet and rest, you may linger but please do not disturb us.” Elrond stated to the Dwarrow, eyeing those that gathered around with a bland stare. He could trust the company to do as he asked but he didn’t know about the other Dwarrow and Men.

Legolas brushed away his Chosen’s hair carefully from her face while his father and Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn began to prepare things. “You know, I am quite mad at you gilgalad nín, you gave me a scare when I was told what happened.”

Bella chuckled softly as she stirred from her slumber, she still felt hazy and tired, very much in pain. “I am sorry caun nín; I could not let the hobbit die. I came back for you though; I could not leave Arda without you by my side no matter how tempting death may have been, Neliel forced me to see what would happen.”

Galadriel and Celeborn shared a look as they watched their youngest and her chosen.

She no longer fades meldanya, we will no longer lose our youngest… Galadriel thought to her husband, her hand brushing up against his.

Celeborn turned to his Chosen with a grim smile. But we did, she saw Neliel in Valinor…

Grief flashed across both their faces at the truth in the words. Their daughter had died, had gone onto the realm of their fallen and sailed Kin. Yet she had come back.

Emel.” Canadriel uttered as her eyes locked onto the two beings before her. “Ada.”

“Canadriel, you gave your mother and I quite the scare. We had thought you died on the battlefield of Moria with the other Dwarrow’s.” Celeborn stated softly as he sat on the edge of the bed while Galadriel knelt but her daughters shoulder and began to untie the armour.

“I cannot be sorry for all I have done, you know I had to follow the pull and after the… I had to leave.” She explained with a wince as her mother and Legolas shifted her to remove the armour.

“That may be so, but you could have told us… you could have sent word that you were well my sweet Moriel. But I am proud of you my daughter; you did what no other Elf had done since Erebor fell.” Galadriel stated, giving the Woodland king a dark look, pinning him to the spot.

“I have also been informed that you welcomed Dwarrow’s into the family and that they do not know what it means.” Celeborn stated amused, casting a look towards Elrond who looked way to innocent for Bella’s state as she shot him with a playful glare.

“We owe Thorin Oakenshield a debt and you as well Legolas Greenleaf, for without you our daughter would have faded and taken all hope for the future to leave.” Galadriel hummed softly, a sense of deep knowledge echoing her words.

“What have you seen Emel?” Bella asked her mother before hissing as the herb paste was pressed into her wounds, the soft chant of healing falling from her mothers and brothers lips.

Galadriel cast her daughter a fond smile. “Nothing you need to worry about for a long while Can-nín. Do not be weary anymore my sweet child, for you have much happiness now.” she finished, placing a kiss upon her youngest daughters brow.

“You owe me no debt my Lady, for I already have what I wish for.” Legolas replied softly, smiling down upon his chosen’s face. “She has given me more than I have ever hoped for and I shall cherish her love until my last breath.”

Canadriel smiled and leaned into her prince’s hand. “We have promised one another, spoken words of love under moonlight.”

All four sets of brows rose in surprise with matching smiles from all the Elves in the tent. Each one pleased and happy for them both, they could see the depth of emotion in the newly promised couple before them.

“Then when all is done and the death mourned we will celebrate. Do you wish to bind in the way of Elves in private or in the way of Men?” Elrond asked with an amused smirk causing Canadriel to scowl at her brother.

“Just because I teased you with such matters to your binding of Celebrian does not mean you can do the same back.” She snapped back causing Elrond to chuckle.

“Forgive me nethig; perhaps you would prefer the Dwarvish way instead.” He teased but the smile dropped as a flash of dread and guilt flickered across her face. “They will understand Canadriel.” He tried to sooth.

“They will not understand, they… I lied to them of who I am since the beginning, they will not understand. No one knew who I was even when I had visited Erebor to speak with Thrór. They will not take kind to me being a royal by their standards of two great Elven kingdoms; I do not want them to treat me differently than when they thought I was a simple elven wanderer. I do not know how they will react when they find out that Legolas is my Chosen, I do not want them to hate him for who his father is.” She choked out, tears spilling from her eyes as she spewed out her fears. She didn’t really know why she didn’t tell them her real name long ago, now she wished she had.

Thranduil and his son shared a look, his mouth snapping shut as Legolas cast his father a dark look with a sharp shake of his head. The Woodland king frowned and sighed before stepping out of the tent, his eyes resting upon the Dwarrow’s who gathered near the tent, each trying to not look obvious at the fact they were trying to eavesdrop.

With a deep sigh he let go of the hate that settled in his heart before making his way towards the Dwarrow’s, not saying a word when they all cast him a glare.

“What do you want ye tree-shagger?” Glóin rumbled out darkly as he winced, hand rubbing his leg.

“I do not care for how you see me or think of me, I only ask you not judge my son because of my failures and actions.” He stated calmly, looking down at the Dwarrow’s. He could see some, the young princes, the savage one and Oakenshield understood his words and why.

“Why should we do what you ask?” Nori spat out his face twisting into a sneer.

Nori, quite. We will not judge him; he has no fault in whom his father is. He has shown us kindness where you did not. He saved my life and the life of my kin; Legolas will forever be a Dwarrow-Friend.” Thorin stated loudly causing some of the Elves and Dwarrow’s around them to pause and whip their heads to the Dwarf king in surprise.

Thranduil bent his head in thank. “Then I shall take leave, when the time of mourning is finished we will talk about trade agreements and alliances.”

The Company watched the elven king leave before turning back to their own with stunned faces.

“What’d you do that for?” Nori spluttered.

“Aye lad, we understand why you named Moriel long ago but the Prince?” Óin grunted out as he fretted over his brother and the other wounded.

Balin frowned at Thorin. “I do not know if it is a wise idea. Not many will accept the son of the…”

“His is Moriel’s one.” Dwalin interrupted his brother softly, causing the others that didn’t know to fall silent in shock. “That is why Thorin named him Dwarrow-Friend, not only because he had helped keep the Orc’s at bay but because of Moriel.”

“When did this happen?” Balin demanded, casting a worried glare towards the tent as protectiveness flared up within him.

“Since our trip to the woodland realm, when she nearly died upon us.” Fíli explained his eyes locked onto his hands, not daring to look upon the others. “I knew since then, he had told me she was his then before shoving me back in the cell. She told me in Lake Town when you were conversing with Bard.”

“Why did she not tell us?” Dori asked.

“Does she not trust us?” Ori whispered softly from in between his brothers.

“She doesn’t do she? Not with this, not when we gave her no reason to. We have treated her poorly since the beginning until after Rivendell. But we have spewed out hate and malice for her kind, calling insults.” Bifur rumbled out sadly.

No one said a word as every hate filled thing they spewed about elves since the beginning of their adventure came back, only the young ones felt less guilty since none had spilled out their hate only shown annoyance and followed their elders steps.

Canadriel frowned as she felt something nudge her senses, a sense of shame and guilt churning in her chest causing her to sigh. “I need to tell them, can you help me up?” She asked Legolas softly causing him to frown.

“You need to stay rested Canadriel.” He whispered softly.

Elrond, Galadriel and Celeborn shared a look before nodding. “You may sit here and be the delegation between us and them. Now may not be the time to sort out alliances and trades but here you can explain to them. We will be by your side iell nín, we will support you.”

“Thank you emel. Legolas, can you go get them for me?” She asked her chosen before holding out her hands to her father who had come to help her up. Legolas frowned before nodding and made his way out the tent and towards the Dwarrow’s he knew were close by.

“She wishes to see you all.” He stated, causing the Dwarrow’s to jump surprised. They had not heard the elf prince sneak up on them, but then again they could hardly hear over their own guilt and the cries of pain around them. They all quickly – as much as they were able – jumped to their feet only to stop when Legolas held out his arm to stop them.

“I need you to do me something, no; I need you to do her something. Please, do not be mad for what she is about to tell you. You are her heart-kin and your anger; your hate might just kill her.” He whispered before pivoting on his foot and making his way back inside the tent.

The Dwarrow entered the tent eager with Thorin and the princes in the lead only to freeze as they saw the ethereal beings behind their sister, near a mirror opposite of her and the eldest in the room stared at the Lady with golden hair. They knew of the Elf-Witch that roamed the forests near Moria, many had come to fear the sheer power that the lady possessed and every dwarf knew not to pass the lands of the elf-witch.

Elrond chuckled softly. “I see you all know who Lady Galadriel is.”

“Yes, but I do not understand why you honour us with your presence My Lady, or why you came to our aid when we are not near your borders.” Thorin replied confused causing the elf to smile wide, a smile he recognised from somewhere.

“Namad are you alright?” Dwalin asked as he finally saw his sister sitting in front of the two of the powerful beings. His eyes scanned her over before locking onto the wounds on her neck, a frown pulling at his brows. “You’re hurt.”

“I am fine Nad-Dwalin. Please take a seat, there is something I must tell you.” She sighed out, unable to lift her eyes from the table. Everyone shared a worried glance as she refused to look at them and even cut herself off from calling Dwalin little brother.

“You all know Lord Elrond, I would like for you to meet Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn of Lothlórien.” She introduced softly wincing when her mother placed her hand softly upon her uninjured shoulder.

“There is no need for you to introduce yourselves to us as you are nossë, my Chosen and I know who you all are.” Galadriel stated her voice soft.

“I must ask, what does the name Canadriel mean to you?” Bella asked, this time her eyes raising and scanned over the Dwarrow’s before her and resting on Balin and Thorin.

“We’ve heard that name be uttered several times over our journey; the elves Legolas sent up on Ravenhill stated the name as well.” Fíli stated confused, the others nodding with him but still her eyes stayed firmly locked on Thorin and Balin, the latter being deep in thought.

“Adad, what is the matter?” Balin asked his father whom was pinching the bridge of his nose in concentration.

Fundin snapped his eyes open and looked down upon his boy with a soft smile. “We will be having a guest in a few days, a Lady Elf from one of the greatest kingdoms of the elves. She wishes to pay tribute to Frerin’s naming day.”

Balin frowned. “But why are you so worried? Is the Elf dangerous?”

“No my boy, Lady Canadriel is a fine elf and kind to all. She’s got a soul of a dwarf, but not many take to kind to her for being an Elf. But, I cannot hate her for she is the reason I met your mother Frar and that you were able to be born.” Fundin explained with a chuckle.

“That she did my One, let us hope you can meet her Balin, we owe her a debt and we have you because of her.” Frar explained softly.

“She was the reason I and Dwalin live.” Balin stated, blinking back the memory he long since forgotten. “Da told me long ago when Dwalin was a mere Dwarfling that because of her they met and I was able to be born.”

Bella frowned then before her heart clenched and eyes slipped closed pained. She remembered now, Frar and Fundin, she had seen her body lay mangled on the cot when she had found Balin and Dwalin long ago. But she did not, never could not know that it was Fundin she knew, for she knew others with that name.

“Do not be afraid Can-nín, this will be their test. You must have faith in them.” Celeborn stated softly to his daughter.

“That is true… long forgotten but true.” Canadriel stated slowly, many things now clicking into place. It explained the reason why she had felt the pull towards Balin and Dwalin long ago. She had after all healed Frar from a near fatal wound to the stomach, they were unsure if she could conceive but Bella would not give up and did all she could to heal her. She could recall that night, that memory now.

“…I heard nadad utter it in passing.” Thorin said slowly, his eyes locked onto his sister before them. He could faintly remember those times, unable to see the memories without dragon fire and pain at the loss of his kin.

“Canadriel is our daughter.” Galadriel stated simply, a smile pulling at her lips as the Dwarrow’s opened and closed their mouths unable to talk. “Our youngest, she is our Daughter of Night.”

“Ah, my lady. You should not be here.” He gasped out once more, his hand reaching out for her. Canadriel instantly wrapped her hand around his while the other brushed back the hair from his face.

“Neither should you Frerin, you are not of age… why fight a battle you were not ready for?” She asked softly.

“For my people… I could not leave Thorin this was my battle too. I am gl-glad you are here My Lady. I shall not die alone…”

Bella closed her eyes tightly; her hand clutching Legolas’s as she steeled herself for what was to come and snapped her eyes open. “You were not the first Dwarf to name me friend; you only gave the title I already bore life.” She whispered pained, little blue eyes and golden hair danced across her memory.

Thorin frowned then along with Balin, Dwalin and Óin. “Who named you friend then?” The King asked, a sense of recognition and disbelief forming.


Thorin blinked and jerked as his brother’s name fall painfully from her lips, his chest tightened as he stared at her, truly stared at her now. Her eyes were sad, resigned and her body near slumped over the table if it weren’t for the Elf-Witch holding her up. it was then that everything he had ignored that sounded strange came flying back, all the times the elves and even Gandalf had slipped and called her or started to call her by another name. He had thought that…

“Your birth name is not Moriel is it?” He asked slowly causing Bella to shake her head and stand; the two beings next to her stepped to her side.

“No Thorin, my name is not Moriel.” She stated, causing the others to stare at her in shock.

Legolas watched on with worried eyes as he stepped away and next to Elrond, he too tense and ready to intervene any fight or argument that might occur.

“When I came to your aid during the battle of Moria I had given the name Elrond named me. There are many names you can receive, the mother or father name, that of others choosing and the one you choose yourself. I have all three, Moriel my brothers choosing, Isabella the name I chose when I left this realm and…” She trailed off before taking a deep breath and said fuck it.

“The reason why the elves of Rivendell and Lórien came to your aid was because of me, because they are my parents.” She explained and just waited for the chaos.

Author Note: Actually I am unsure on how this turned out… This chapter has been on my mind for quite some time and it didn’t shape out to how I wanted it to be. Also, there are some scenes in here that are from the Outtakes on AO3.

Adad – Khuzdul for Father

Nadad – Khuzdul for Brother

Meldanya – Quenya for My Beloved or Dear

Nossë – Quenya for clan, family, ‘house’



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