Chapter Twenty-Four – The Battle of the Five Armies V

Title: The Unexpected

Pairing: Bella/Legolas

Summary: What if Bella was the youngest daughter of Galadriel, one who thought was lost but in hiding. What if Gandalf asks for her aid in Thorin’s quest.


BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin. Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the twilight series and I really don’t own any of Tolkien’s amazing work.

Chapter Twenty-Four

Third POV

The morning came swift and soon all the Company stood upon the rampart and stared down at the army of elves and men at their doorstep. They watched as Bard and the Traitor elf marched forward, Thorin sneered and raised his bow. Isabella jerked as the arrow flew, arms instantly holding her in place by the dwarves as Thorin yelled down towards the Elves of Mirkwood and Men.

“I will put the next one between your eyes!” The King roared down at the elf in warning.

The Dwarrow’s cheered and threw insults down to the elves, not one noticing the dark look they received from Bella. Madness, the lot of this was madness… she knew this even as she turned and watched her old friend, the friend he no longer was tilt his head.


Instantly, several rows of Elves pull out their bows and aim in one swift fluid motion. The company cease the cheering immediately and ducked behind the ramparts. Dwalin had pulled down Bella with him in haste to make sure that she was not injured by accident if there were a volley of arrows.

“We’ve come to tell you: payment of your debt has been offered…and accepted.” Thranduil stated, a near vicious smug smile tugged at his lips.

Thorin tensed his arm pulling the string back further at the bastard’s lies. “What payment? I gave you nothing! You have nothing!”


Thranduil looked at Bard who sighed and reached into his coat, holding the Arkenstone up for all to see. “We have this.”

Thorin felt his breath become shallow, his heart beating loudly in his chest as a wave of anger rushed forth at the sight of a Man holding what was rightfully his. He felt his arms lower the bow in his hands as he became enthralled with the gem of his family.

“They have the Arkenstone? Thieves! How came you by the heirloom of our house? That stone belongs to the king!” Kili yelled furious.

“And the king may have it…” Bard stated, tossing the gem up and catching it. “…in our good will.”

Bard put the Arkenstone back into his robe. “But first he must honour his word.”

Rage turned his vision red. “They are taking us for fools. This is a ruse, a filthy lie. “THE ARKENSTONE IS IN THIS MOUNTAIN! IT IS A TRICK!”

“It is no trick…” Bilbo trailed off, causing Bella to curse in Sindarin, her eyes pleading with Bilbo not to. She had stayed with Bilbo, seeing how the gold sickness took Thorin and was slowly claiming the others; she had been the one to help the hobbit down from the high platform once he told her of the plan. Now, she wished she hadn’t, she saw him fall before her very eyes when she aided him and she could not risk another friend. “I gave it to them. The stone is real, I gave it to them.”

The Dwarrow’s present gaped, Thorin letting out a growl of anger before he turned his steel blue eyes upon him. Bilbo pushed around them and made his way bravely towards the King, knowing that he was surly to perish under the wrath of Thorin. But he had to, he had to take the stone, it was slowly making his friend lose his mind and he couldn’t allow that, so he betrayed his friend to save him.

Thranduil kept his fear at bay, the haze clearing as he watched on but his eyes flickered and stayed mainly focused on Canadriel who was struggling within the Dwarves grasps as he caught sight of her. Worry churned when he saw her expression fall blank before horror and then determination.

“You.” Thorin breathed out in disbelief.

“Yes, I took it as my fourteenth share.” He explained, never looking up at the King before him, he didn’t want to see the sick dwarf before him, he had to believe that Thorin Oakenshield was still there and not King Under the Mountain.

Flashes of Bilbo falling, lying dead at the bottom of the crevice below; body mangled and bloody filled her mind. She saw the aftermath, death of the Dwarrow’s, her friends… she saw a war and many of her kin falling, she could not let that happen.

Isabella struggled harder, cursing at Bifur and Dwalin who held her back, trying to keep her from invoking the wrath of Thorin. “Stay still Moriel, he will surely dish out punishment for you too.” Dwalin warned his sister, praying to Mahal that she would not be harmed too.

“Do not speak to me of LOYALTY!” Thorin roared, causing Bella’s form to still, her eyes wide as horror filled within her. “Throw him from the rampart!” He ordered, gasping angrily as his eyes shifted from one dwarf to another, no one dared to move.

Fili cried out as his uncle grabbed him roughly as he yelled in rage before letting him go and turned towards the hobbit, no one dared to move as they watched their mad king grab the Hobbit and pull him to the edge. They couldn’t help but watch, sick with themselves as they feared to help, they could not disobey their king.

Isabella stilled, her body tensing as a red hue began to tint her vision. She saw Thorin’s eyes shift with a dark haze as he lifted the hobbit over the wall and held him by the neck. She heard Gandalf, heard Dwalin speaking to her with an undertone of fright but she did not register the words as she watched Thorin spew out hate, his fingers loosening.

A roar filled the silence, one that even stilled the king, which sent a shiver of fear down all spines. All eyes shifted to the elf that stood among them, who was being held back now by Bifur, Glóin, Dwalin and Bombur. The others froze as they saw their friend-sister, the elf who had risked much pain, who had never treated them anything lesser because of the hate between their kind turn into this.

Her eyes were black, the whites a hued blue that matched her ashen skin. Another roar escaped her lips as Bilbo screamed, a power exploding from her as she rushed forward.

“CANADRIEL, NO!” Thranduil and Gandalf screamed as they saw her jump, her hands and body shifting once Bilbo was in her arms before impacting with the water below, barely missing the rocks.

Bilbo came up spluttering confused and dazed, his eyes shifting to the others above and wondered how he could have survived that fall.

“NAMAD!” Balin and Dwalin yelled, their heads sticking over the edge to look down below. They could not see her; they could not see the woman who healed them, fed them when they were just past their maturity after the war of Moria, after the fall of Erebor.

“What did you do? UNCLE WHAT DID YOU DO?” Kili screamed in horror as he threw over the rope and made his way down, ignoring the protests and orders of his brother and Uncle. Balin and Dwalin did not follow, their bodies frozen and eyes locked onto the dark waters below.

Thranduil didn’t hesitate; he was in the water mere moments after her impact, diving into the cold black waters to look for his friend, to look for his Son’s Chosen. His hands grasped something smooth and yanked, gasping for breath as he pulled Canadriel from the waters.

“Here let us help!” Bard urged, throwing his hand out along with Kili’s.

Thranduil let the Dwarf take his friend while he took Bard’s hand and was hoisted out of the water, his eyes taking in the fact, for a second that Gandalf had helped out Bilbo. But that second of relief did not last long as the dwarf prince cried out.

“SHE’S NOT BREATHING!” Kili screamed, his ear pressed along her chest. He could not feel the rise and fall of her breaths nor could he hear the beating thrum of her heart.

Flashes of her laughing, of her comforting him in times of need, of her wide smile and pained grimace as she had saved him and his brother over and over again, of being curled up in her arms at Beorn’s crossed his vision as his body moved, pulling her close to his chest. He did not love her like one would his One, for he found that in Lorelei but both Kili and Fili had loved her as family, she was family… she wore their beads in her hair… she had claimed them as such and once you announce that one is kin then it was sealed, they were kin forever more.

“Kili you need to let go, Thranduil needs to help her!” Bilbo whispered as he tried to tug away the dwarf’s arms from Bella. Bilbo could not dare to look at her still frame, could not for it was his fault she was… she was…

Thranduil keened as he whispered spells to try and bring her back, she was not out of reach but there was no spark of hope within her. No will to come back and carry on but enough to linger. “Please my friend, you cannot leave… come back, do not let death take you… there is still hope… there is still Legolas, he chose you… Please… come back.”

No one said a thing, no one moved or shifted and the only sound that was made was from Kili who was trying not to cry. Thranduil kept chanting, repeating the spells and his words over and over again all the while pleading with Eru to not take her from them for she was not meant to die. It was unfair for them to take her when she finally found some form of happiness, when she had found her True Heart, her Chosen.

Thorin blinked, a haze lifting slightly from his mind as he stared at the elf that had saved his sister-sons over and over again and even him and the others with a great risk of herself, she was not moving. Horror filled him, what had he done? She was his kin!


She is a dwarrowfriend! She has saved you and your kin!


Thorin sneered down at the sight, Bard glared up at the king while those around him tried to revive the Lady. There was no worry in his eyes for which he claimed as kin, who risked her life for them.

“Do you have no care? Does her dying not mean anything to you? This would have been settled, the return of the Arkenstone for what was promised. Will you have peace or war?” He yelled up at them, his eyes shifting over each and every face. It seemed they all wore their true emotions unlike their king as they stared at the fallen Lady.

As Thorin bowed his head in thought, a caw sounds, the raven swooping in and perched beside him. The raven he had ordered to send for Dain, he could hear the others startle, their voices muffled by the roar in his ears as he cast a look to the top of the hill side. “I will have war.”


Thranduil swooped up Canadriel in his arms, his eyes glowering as he looked at the marching Dwarrow’s on the hill before turning to two of his most trusted soldiers. “Take her to Dale immediately; make sure she is safe at all costs.”

The guards nodded, one carefully taking the Lady from the king before they rushed back towards Dale, the other soldiers making a path and made sure nothing were to attack.


The smell of home brought Bella from the darkness, her eyes opening to the familiar canopy she had not seen for a very long time.

“This… this isn’t right.” She murmured as she remembered clearly diving after Bilbo, of falling hard into the water that knocked the wind from her lungs and the ice cold water near suffocating her, then nothing.

“Canadriel, my brave sister. You do not belong here.” The voice, the voice of her sister stated softly.

Neliel, where…where am I? What is this place?” She asked softly, her eyes landing on her fair haired sister she had not seen since the second age.

Neliel moved to her sister, wrapping her tightly in her arms. “You are stuck between the living and death my little sister. I am sorry to see you here, to see the grief upon your soul but I can also see it mending, you have finally met your Chosen. For this I am happy, Celebrian will be overjoyed and if Celephinthel were here, she would be too.”

Bella let out a hysterical laugh. “He is Thranduil’s son.”

Elleion will be overjoyed and shocked that her little one is now grown up and has a Chosen… But Canadriel, why are you here if you have more to live for?” Neliel asked softly, brushing back her sister’s hair and pausing at the sight of the beads.

Three beads she could see, two of the same but different etchings and the larger one that sat at the back of her head had the mark of Durin.

“Because… I do not know if I wish to live in that suffering anymore neth nín. Legolas I may have, I can feel joy and love I have never felt before but there is just so much sadness, despair and hate. I cannot live another war, see my kin die… They will die, they do not have long on this earth and I cannot bear to see it… call me coward if you wish.” Bella choked out in Westron, unable to say the words in her native tongue.

Neliel frowned. “Is it the Dwarrow’s you speak of? The ones whose beads you wear?”


“Come with me Canadriel, there is something I wish for you to see.” Neliel stated firmly, pulling her sister up from the bed and out into the light.

Bella gaped at the beauty of the place, a place she had never seen before but felt and smelt like home. Many of the elves they passed she knew and yet didn’t know, many of them surprised to see her and others bowed while a handful just ignored her.

“Where are you taking me?” She asked her sister before slamming her jaw shut with a loud click as her eyes took in the small pond before her.

This is the pond of Lórien, one that will show you your desires if you wish it or what will come if you stay and what will come if you go back… Look Can-nín and then decide.” Neilel urged her sister.

Bella frowned and knelt down, looking deeply into the water. She did not see anything beyond her face, the deep sadness that rested in her eyes and the scarred flesh.


“It’s a trap!” Bilbo screamed before horror striking him as he saw Fili in the pale orc’s hand. Watched as he dropped him from the top of Ravenhill like a ragdoll and collide with the earth.

“Fili!” Kili screamed, running towards his fallen brother. “NO!”

A cry pierced the air as he fell to his brothers’ side, arrows protruding from his chest. He gasped and groaned as he pulled himself to Fili, his body collapsing instantly, his head resting on his brother’s chest eyes closed.



Dwalin roared in madness, his axes slicing through the air as he battled the orcs that surrounded him. He did not care that he was being reckless; he had lost his family, his brother and his sister. He could not protect his brother and his sister died protecting Bilbo as his king dropped him from the rampart.

Bella screamed as she saw the blades piercing her brothers flesh, the soft voice telling her of why Dwalin was the way he was.


The Ri brothers fought side by side, protecting Ori whom had fallen, his cries piercing the air as he clutched his broken leg.

The Ur brothers were not much better, only Bifur remained unharmed as Bofur pressed his hand upon Bombur’s stomach to keep the wound closed, his voice hoarse screaming for someone to help with Glóin and Óin did their best to reach them.



“Farewell, Master Burglar. Go back to your books and your armchair. Plant your trees…watch them grow. If more people valued home above gold this world would be a merrier place.” He gasped out, his blood surrounding him like a cape.

Bilbo cried over the top of him as he begged for Thorin to hold on, a deep wound in the kings chest, but it would be of no use for he was already gone. His blue eyes wide and unseeing, never again to see the hope of the eagles arrival.


Thranduil and Bard lay dead, bodies wounded with many elf, orc and man around them. They fell too trying to protect their people, trying to cull as many as they could. Lorelei and Tauriel lay not far from them.

Bella jerked back from the waters with a gasping breath. “I don’t want to see anymore!” She cried out but Neliel kept her at bay.

“Look Canadriel! Look at what happens if you stay here!” Neliel yelled ferociously, but she needed her sister to go back for her time here is not yet to come.

Legolas stood upon the frozen wasteland, his eyes taking in the war around him. He was filthy, covered in the blood of kin and orc as he held out two swords, his and his Chosen’s. He had come in time for battle, only to be told by his father that Canadriel had fallen and did not awaken.

He did not recall what happened as grief struck him fiercely, consumed him like oil and flames. The cry that escaped his lips tore through the battlefield, he recalled that and then recalled no more. Only now as he stood upon the cliff top, he recalled only bits and pieces.

There was no hope left for him, no love for his chosen was gone and he could follow. With one last glance at the sky he turned, eyes closed and crossed the swords at his chest before falling back.

“NO!” Bella screamed, her cry piercing Valinor with such grief it caused all to pause.

Author Note: Mwahahahahaha… Yeah I went there! Needed that angst action pack!

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