Chapter Twenty-Nine – Confessions

Title: The Unexpected

Pairing: Bella/Legolas

Summary: What if Bella was the youngest daughter of Galadriel, one who thought was lost but in hiding. What if Gandalf asks for her aid in Thorin’s quest.


BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin. Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the twilight series and I really don’t own any of Tolkien’s amazing work.

Chapter Twenty-Nine

Third POV

“I am Canadriel, daughter of Galadriel and Celeborn of Lothlórien.” She whispered in a sigh as she glanced at her parents, leaning exhausted against her father. It had been a long time since she had been in the arms of her parents, had sought comfort from them.

Dwalin blinked and took out the pendant from under his tunic, words that the blonde elf, her One had spoken to his brother in the cells. I had thought your kind hated mine, what did you do to earn such high respect? Do you even know what it means by her giving you that gift?

“Namad what does you giving Balin and I this mean?” He asked roughly, confused as he held up the pendant.

“It means Dwalin, son of Fundin, that you are now under the house of Laurelindórinan. My daughter has given you tokens of our house as a sign for all elves and the like to signify you are royal and protected by us.” Celeborn stated, simplified it in a way in which the Dwarrow’s would understand.

Elrond then moved forward and stood by his sister’s side. “It also means that you are specifically under Canadriel’s protection and kin, for it is her personal emblem she has given you.”

“It is also why you were not… punished… for trespassing Mirkwood.” Legolas stated with a wince. “It is not a token so easily given; only three have ever received personal emblems that were not kin and only due to great acts of honour. It surprised me Dwarrow carried them when I saw it.”

Bella grasped her chosen’s hand in comfort as he sent her an apologetic glance at the way he had treated her kin. It is okay meleth nín.

“Why did you never tell us?” Kíli asked timidly, unsure.

“I rarely go by Canadriel now Kíli, I have uh reputation that is like my mothers. I’m an Elf-Witch as you all know and I’m close to my mother in power. I can’t be sure as to why I didn’t tell you in Moria but I can explain why I didn’t want you all to know who I was on this journey.” Bella explained wincing as the Last Alliance memories flashed up in her mind. She had slaughtered hundreds of orcs to reach her sister to find Elrond in all the mess.

“Many orcs and foul things know my name; they know it from long ago and onwards. I have made many enemies in my long life Kíli, from here to the Far East in the Lands of the Dawn to the Deep South that is ruled by The Black Númenóreans. It was both for my protection and yours that you knew not my real name, but I shall always be Moriel to the Dwarrow.” She finished sighing, her body tired as she felt her parent’s stiffen at the news she bared, or the reminder of it.

“My daughter has trusted you with the knowledge of her name, has trusted you to protect her when she sleeps and her safety when she is awake. Will you guard it like she has done for you all or turn your backs upon her for ‘deceiving’ you?” Galadriel spoke sternly, her eyes flickering over each and every member in the tent.

The Dwarrow’s before them look scandalised at the insinuation they would turn their backs upon their sister. “Of cause we won’t tell! She’s Moriel, nuthin’ gonna change that!” Dwalin stated horrified his eyes wide.

“Aye, the Lass is kin now, forevermore!” Glóin replied just as strongly with the others shouting their agreeance’s and promises but Bella kept her eyes locked on Thorin who had yet to say a word.

Thorin… Are you furious at me? Dis I lose your trust in telling you I was of a noble line? That I knew your forefathers and that your brother named me friend? She thought to him sadly, watching as he flinched.

I do not know what to think… but I am not mad Moriel, you will forever be my kin. I do not think Fíli and Kíli will let you go so easily… Thorin replied tiredly, still unsure on how this communication worked and well, was she always able to read their thoughts?

I can when I so choose, but I do not consistently, it’s an invasion of one’s privacy… If you are not mad then why have you not spoken? The others have noticed now and are worried you will send me and the others away. Bella stated softly, her eyes flickering over the concerned faces of the company as she and Thorin conversed silently.

I am ashamed Moriel of how poorly I treated you throughout the trip, before I knew who you were and after… I am ashamed that my bloods curse took me so strongly and swiftly that I neglected my friends, my kin and for hurting you and Bilbo both… I am worse than what my grandfather ever was. Thorin explained, looking away from the elf before him and lowered his gaze from Fíli.

“Thorin Oakenshield!” Bella hissed out loud, stalking around the table and yanking his chair back with ease before kneeling before him, forcing him to look at her. You are not worse than he. I may have said that I saw Thrór before me when the madness took you but you are not him! What he did was worse than what you have ever done!” She snapped.

Thorin snarled, jerking up from the chair so he was standing, towering over the elf. Galadriel grasped her Chosen’s and the young princes arm as they went to help, freezing them in the spot with a look before turning back to the scene.

“I threw Bilbo over the ramparts! I was told you were dead and it was my fault! I cared more for that worthless stone and gold more than my kin… this whole journey was to gain our home back not the treasure horde of Thrór! But I still hurt you, still hurt everyone and because of me Elf, Men and Dwarrow died! My sister-sons nearly died! You died! I failed, I failed now and I failed then.Thorin yelled furious, throwing his hands up in the air in frustration.

“But you feel guilt; you broke free of the sickness and will help those that seek aid. Thrór cared not for the lives of his kin; he forced Dwarflings into war for a mine that had been abandoned for the wealth of what laid within. In the end, he felt no guilt only greed and vengeance towards the orcs that stood between him and treasure.” Bella whispered softly, as she watched and felt the sadness sweep across him.

You did not fail them in the war Nadad… you were a mere child with the weight of your race upon your shoulders that should not have been placed there in the first place… You saved your kin by leading them to the Blue Mountains; I was with you for some time, remember? I helped and struggled along with you and you did not fail Frerin, he did not die alone… She whispered softly to him, admitting being with Frerin in the end as she saw the memory of Thorin finding his brother.

Thorin snapped his eyes to Moriel and staggered back in shock. “What! Why did you not save him?”

“Uncle?” Fíli asked as he caught his uncles staggering form, casting a look between Bella and Thorin.

“Because he would not let me, he knew it was his time. There was nothing that I could do but be there for him when he went to his makers halls.” Canadriel sighed, casting a sorrow filled look up into Balin’s eyes as he helped her stand, he knew what they were discussing. It seemed today was the day to reveal all secrets.

“Aye Laddie, she could not do much. Let your worries and guilt go, Frerin didn’t die alone.” Balin supplied softly, causing all eyes to snap to him.

“You knew?” Thorin asked with wide eyes.

Balin nodded sagely. “She told me after she healed Dwalin in the tents; I thought it wise not to tell you and that is my mistake.”

“Did he die painfully?” Thorin asked after a long pause, guilt eating him up inside.

“No, he did not, I made sure of that.” She stated honestly, a neutral look upon her face as she thought of a way to ease his guilt.

Thorin nodded before his whole body stiffened as the sounds of war filtered across his mind. His body aching softly from hits and wounds that he knew he never received.

“Have you come to guide me to Mahal’s halls?” The voice of his brother whispered across the battlefield loudly causing his head to jerk down.

No I have not… you know I cannot enter your makers halls my sweet Frerin.” He replied, Moriel’s voice echoing, eyes locking onto his blood splattered brother.

“Ah, my lady. You should not be here.” Frerin gasped out once more, his hand reaching out for him. Thorin didn’t hesitate, his hand wrapping around his brothers while his free one brushed back the hair from his face.

Neither should you Frerin, you are not of age… why fight a battle you were not ready for?” He asked softly, sadness welling within his chest that it took all his strength not to cry out in pain.

“For my people… I could not leave Thorin this was my battle too. I am gl-glad you are here My Lady. I shall not die alone.” His brother choked out, his body convulsing with coughs.

He did not hesitate, hands flying to the wound that was on his chest and pressed down, chanting words to heal him in a tongue he could not understand.

Guilt of his own that did not come with the memory swirled around him at his brother’s words.

“No my lady, it is my time to go. Tan menu selek lanun naman.” He whispered before closing his eyes, a smile upon his face.

Thorin let the tears slip free, only a couple as the sadness consumed him at the loss, the undeniable grief and pain that swept through with the anger towards his grandfather, an anger he had not felt in a very long time.

Hurun ganat, fair prince.” He whispered, pressing his forehead to his brothers in a final goodbye.

Thorin gasped as he was shoved out of the memory, his eyes blinking up dazed at the white roof tent voices yelling around him as he tried to regain his breath and shake off the lingering emotions that weren’t him.


“DAIN!” He heard Balin and Dwalin roar furious as his cousin went to string on more profanities in Khuzdul.

“Do not test me Dwarf; if you come near my chosen I will remove your head from your shoulders!” Legolas hissed down at the redheaded dwarf from the Iron Hills.

He had come in demanding to see Thorin about winter and them being here, throwing insults of all kinds even to the Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn’s face only to draw his axes as he saw Thorin and Canadriel on the ground with her hand pressed upon the king’s head. He managed to move forward and press the edge of his axe’s blade to my chosen’s throat before anyone of us could move or see his motive.

“If you do not remove that axe from my Namad’s throat cousin, I will burry my own into your flesh.” Dwalin hissed furious, holding up his own weapons and shifted from foot to foot.

Thorin jerked his head around to where he felt Moriel and grasped the axe head tightly and yanked, causing Dain to stumble a bit as his weapon was removed from his grip by force. Canadriel dared not to move; knowing if she even jerked her head a fraction the blade would slice her throat instead of just grazing it.

“And if you dare threaten my daughter again Dain Ironfoot, you will know my full wrath.” Galadriel hissed, her face darkening to the point of grey a look the others had seen many times on Moriel.

“I am fine.” Bella stated, snapping her eyes open and sighing.

Thorin jumped to his feet, handing the axe to his nephew while the others held back Balin and Dwalin along with the Prince. Dain stared at his cousin in shock, mainly due to the fact he had called an elf sister.

“What in the bloody blue blazers is goin’ on? You call us fer war and we come callin’ expecting to fight some of the no good tree-shaggers but end up fighting with them! Then I come to find you on the floor with one!” Dain yelled furious, swinging his arm out wide and harshly nearly hitting Legolas as he helped up Bella.

“Azog is dead.” Thorin stated simply, “He had come to kill off the Durin line, he nearly killed Fíli. That is why he came, an army in tow.”

“And if it wasn’t for Moriel my brother would be dead! She killed the Defiler!” Kíli stated loudly and proud.

“She is also the reason we all lived, the Lass was the one who made the earth quake. It was because of her that the others came when we needed ’em and it’s because of her we got healers.” Glóin stated as he hobbled closer to the Lord of the Iron Hills.

Dain stared at the elf lass with a critical eye as she held her hand to her throat; she peeked over the blonde elf’s shoulders and dared not to turn away from his gaze. This amazed him as many; even his own kin couldn’t look at him for long as he was challenging someone. It was then as he continued to stare at her, the way her lips twitched in a way he had seen before did everything click.

“Bless my beard, you’re that Moriel? Tha’ one who healed all our kin after the battle? The one who nearly collapsed three villages when they tried to rip off my kin on our way to the Blue Mountains?” He asked astonished, causing the Dwarrow’s behind him to snort in laughter and the three elder elves to raise their brows.

Canadriel shifted under their gaze. “What? They were charging them twice as much and paid quarter the price. I didn’t actually level a town Emel, Adar… I just simply shook them, that’s all.” She defended herself causing the company who was there to snort.

Galadriel just raised her brows. “That answers my questions as to why many villages suddenly decided not to trade with us anymore.”

“To answer your question Dain, yes that is who I am and for the- uh – scene you wandered into…” She trailed off, her eyes flickering to Thorin and back.

“She was giving me a last goodbye to Frerin.” Thorin explained causing all those that knew and understood to still.

“How? Frerin died in battle long ago, he died alone!” Dain managed to choke out, he too was close to his younger cousin, he, Thorin and Frerin caused quite mischief when they were younger.

“I was there when Frerin died, he did not die alone and nor did he die in pain. I made sure of that, but he would not let me heal him.” Bella explained sadly, looking away from them and towards her brother.

“So this is where you all are?” Óin stated cross as he flung the tent door open, his eyes glowering at all the injured in the room.

“If you’re not back in your cots in five minutes I am going to drag you all by the beards to them, some of you are critically injured!” This time it was a very familiar voice that reached Bella’s ears and caused her to smile.

“Balnar, my old friend I didn’t know you were here or with the Iron Hills.” Canadriel greeted causing the old dwarf to look up at her with a cross expression.

“Now Moriel, I was told you were injured to so sit.” He demanded causing her body to collapse on the chair instantly, knowing better than to cross him.

Balnar didn’t utter a word as he marched towards Moriel, both of them ignoring the amused looks by the others as he peeked at the wounds on her shoulder, humming. “Well I can see they are patched nicely and healing well. Whoever did it knows their healing.”

“That would be my mother.” Moriel stated as she gestured to her amused mother.

Balnar turned and bowed his head. “Then I can see where she learnt her skills My Lady. Though taking them in consideration for herself when she is wounded is something else. Stubbornness of a dwarf.”

The company snorted as they listened to the healer mutter to himself and the wince their sister gave. Moriel shot them all a glare before smiling, setting them all on unease.

“I am fine Balnar, three little cuts are nothing and you know that. Maybe you and Óin should look at the others for me, Glóin and Thorin look like they’re about to pass out. We can’t let our king pass out or die now because he ripped his stitches.” She chuckled darkly, setting the two healers critical disappointed eyes upon them all. “The Ur brothers had the sense to stay seated and are you alright Dwalin, you look a little green.”

“Right the lot of you out! You’re all getting reassessed and if so much as one stitch is ripped I am redoing the lot!” Balnar ordered causing the company to wince and scatter before turning back to Moriel. “I will see you later Moriel, we have much to discuss.”

“That we do my friend, is Belnar with you?” She asked causing him to shake his head.

“Nay, he has a wife in the Blue Mountains, he couldn’t fight much after Moria and the damage he took to the leg and side. My wife and Son are here though, Roga is a tough lass and Balgar my son wouldn’t stay behind just like his mother.” He chuckled, shaking his head.

“Then when all is calm and things are settled and mourned, I wish to meet them.” She explained softly before letting him leaving. All Dwarrow gone from the tent and leaving her with her Chosen, brother and parents.

“It seems we have much to discuss Cana-nín, maybe how you earned the loyalty of the Dwarrow’s? We wish to know what happened.” Celeborn stated to his daughter softly.

“I saw the pain and chaos when you shared your memory to Thorin Oakenshield. Share your pain with us hên nín, ease your sorrow.”

Canadriel looked at her family before grasping her Chosen’s hand for support, it was a long story and the pain she had felt while healing, losing those she could not save and then having to leave them it was something she could never forget.

Author Note: Well fuck this was an Angst chapter… I wasn’t going to introduce Balnar just yet, but there had to be some happiness. Lol… YAY Belnar!

Also, sorry for the damn delay, I’ve been super busy with a ball and then work and being sick… So here is this!



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