Chapter Twenty-One – The Battle of the Five Armies II

Title: The Unexpected

Pairing: Bella/Legolas

Summary: What if Bella was the youngest daughter of Galadriel, one who thought was lost but in hiding. What if Gandalf asks for her aid in Thorin’s quest.


BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin. Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the twilight series and I really don’t own any of Tolkien’s amazing work.

Chapter Twenty-One

Third POV

“DA!” Sigrid yelled as she saw her father amongst the growing crowd, he looked wet and furious.


“I wouldn’t go turning on your own, Alfrid. Not now!” Bard suggested, his hand clenching tightly around Alfrid’s raised hand before spinning him and careening to the ground as Bain struck out his foot. He laughed in relief as his daughters rushed out from the crowd and crashed into him, his arms wrapping around all three as he held them close.

“It was Bard! He killed the dragon, him and the elf! I saw it with my own eyes. He brought the beast down, shot him dead, with a black arrow.” Percy yelled as he staggered towards them, he was down the far end and had just reached them.

The people began to cheer loudly for Bard and laying their hands on him, exclaiming their thanks. He did not want their thanks or praise; he did not bring down the dragon by himself, he did not deserve their praise fully.

“ALL HAIL TO THE DRAGONSLAYER! ALL HAIL KING BARD!” Alfrid yelled, jerking Bard’s hand up. The crowd goes silent, staring at the weasel of a man before them as Bard jerked his hand away.

“I have said it many times. This is a man of noble stock. A born leader!” Alfrid continued his hand still in the air as he glanced around wearily at the silent crowd.

Legolas, Tauriel and Lorelei stood back and watched as the crowd rallied. Watched as the dragonslayer spoke like a true king and talked down the angry mob.

“Winter is upon us; we must look to our own, to the sick and the helpless. Those who can stand, tend to the wounded. And those who have strength left – follow me. We must salvage what we can. Tonight we rest and tomorrow we march!” Bard yelled before stepping past the others and towards the shores before him that had yet to be looked at, pausing when he saw the elves.

“Where will you go?” Legolas asked, they had two choices really beyond facing the winters biting cold.

“Where there is only one place.” Bard replied, jerking his head towards the mountain.

Legolas nodded before stopping Bard once more. “The Lady who was with you, what happened? I was told she fought the dragon with you, did she make it?”

Bard eyed the elf with a frown. “Why do you ask? Who is she to you?”

“She is my Chosen, my heart-chosen, my soon to be wife.” Legolas managed to get out, the words of promise under the starlight the night before heavy on his mind.

There was only truth in his words, this Bard could see. “She helped me slay the dragon, helped the arrow pierce its heart before he toppled over the tower we were on. I did not see where she landed but she told me to leave… I heard her voice in my head to leave.”

Legolas sighed in relief, “Thank you that is all I needed to know. She will be on her way towards Erebor to search for the others.” He stated and turned to leave.

“I owe Lady Canadriel many things Master Elf, do you wish for me to give her a message if I were to see her when we reach the mountain?” Bard asked, causing Legolas to pause and for the other two to inhale sharply and share a look.

The elf that they held prisoner, that had claimed the Dwarrow’s kin and same in return, that had drew blood from their king, which had come to them for Legolas was their princes chosen… She was the Lady Canadriel, the remaining daughter of Lady Galadriel?

Lorelei closed her eyes and moaned with grief and shame, she had treated the Lady as a commoner and prisoner… she had thought poorly of her and… No, she would not think of things like this.

“Come, the orc I pursued out of Laketown, I know who he is. Bolg… a spawn of Azog the Defiler. A warg pack was waiting for him on the outskirts of Esgaroth. They fled into the north. These orcs were different from the others. They wore a mark I had not seen for a long time. The mark of Gundabad.” Legolas stated as he began to make his way through the camp, Tauriel and Lorelei falling in step with him.

Tauriel paused, her eyes popping open in shock. “Gundabad?”

“Gundabad?” Lorelei asked confused, she had heard the name before but could not recall where.

“An orc-stronghold in the far north of the Misty Mountains.” Legolas supplied before turning to face the Elf and horse that rode towards them.

“My Lord, Legolas. I bring word from your Father. You are to return to him immediately.” The messenger informed, eyeing the two elves behind him.

Tolo, Tauriel, Lorelei.” Legolas ordered, stopping in shock at the words that left the messengers mouth.

My Lord, Tauriel and Lorelei are banished.” The messenger informed hesitantly.

Lorelei and Tauriel gasped at the words, each holding back a sob. They were banished from their home? Because they would not stay, Lorelei because she could not let the dwarf die and Tauriel because she could not let her sister go alone.

“You may tell my father: If there is no place for them, there is no place for me.” Legolas stated, watching as the messenger jerked his head in surprise before bowing it and taking off.

“Legolas, it is your King’s command.” Tauriel gasped stunned.

He simply frowned and stared at the two women. “Yes, he is my king. But you are my friends; I will not abandon you so easily. You both did the right choice.”

With a deep sigh he turned and began to make his way towards where he saw some horses. “I ride north, will you come with me?”

“To where?” Lorelei asked without hesitation.

“To Gundabad.”


Bella groaned her back aching as she collapsed on one of the beds in Dale. She had walked all day and near all night to reach this point, now she needed to rest before facing the others. Though she knew rest would not come easily, echoes of screams and dragon fire, the scent of death clung to these walls.

She could remember Dale, the laughter of children, music and bartering. It was a merry place of riches and warmth. With a deep sigh she staggered to her feet, no there wouldn’t be any rest tonight as the memories haunted her.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, yes, she knew that she suffered PTSD on a multitude of scales. She had even been diagnosed by it from a doctor in the other realm, Charlie having to take her when the nightmares grew too much.

Charlie… In a flash Bella found herself staring down at the image of Charlie and Herself, he elven self. The image was worn and creased the edges ripped and water logged in a way. Thankfully she knew there were plenty of images of them both nestled safety in her album back in Rivendell where she had left it. The purple leather nestled amongst those that rested in the precious books section of the library.

“Bless my beard! Lady Bella, you’re alive!” Bofur yelled in relief and suddenly she found herself tackled to the muddy scorched earth by the princes.

“It’s good to see you all as well.” She hummed, her eyes scanning over the four Dwarrow’s before her with a critical eye, only relaxing when she saw no sign of further harm. “Are they safe? Bard and the children?”

“They’re alright, Bard and Bain came back. We got Sigrid and Tilda out safe, Lorelei made sure of it.” Kili explained, causing her body to relax.

“Legolas?” Bella asked softly, her eyes reaching Fili’s dark blue.

“The prince?” Kili murmured. “He came with Lorelei’s sister, we left before we could speak.”

“But he is safe, that is good then. Come, we must rest before making our way to Erebor.” She hummed before getting to her feet, lifting the princes with her.

“By my beard! Your face!” Óin cursed as he took in the smooth features of the elf once more.

“I am fully rested and strong once again to keep up my illusion Master Óin.” Bella yelled over her shoulder before making her way back towards the room she had tried to originally rest in.

The night wore on slowly, the bitter chill of winter beginning to show its harshness and though the Dwarrow’s laughed and ate happily on some of the food Bella scrounged up, she could not relax. There was a foreboding dread in the air; one Bella could not escape as she cast her eyes south-west towards Dol Guldur.

A hiss of surprise escaped her as she saw a flash of her mother. Her mother was close, closer than she had wished for her to be at this present time. Canadriel knew that her mother was a powerful elven-witch along with the aid of Nenya but the image of her mother fading to the dark as it beat down upon her light.

“Moriel? What is it?” She heard someone ask but it sounded as if they were at a long tunnel.

“Naneth…” She breathed out, her eyes wide and unseeing of the view of Dale before her.

My child, my Canadriel… You are strong once again, faced over the darkness that looms over you and fought bravely my little one. Now it is I who has to fight the dark, I will succeed my sweet one, do not fret. I have seen all of what could be and without Mithrandir all hope will fail, be ready Canadriel for things will turn dark too soon.

“There is fell magic in the air that taints the sky and woods of my Kinlike, my mother, my brother are fighting against it. To save Gandalf, to save the forest.” She hummed, turning her eyes away from the window and sky.

“Your mother?” Bofur asked with raised brows, pulling the pipe from his lips.

A soft smile graced her face. “Yes Bofur, my mother… but that is a story for another time.”

“Do you think everyone is okay?” Kili asked softly after a moment of silence.

“They have to be, Kee.” Fili comforted his brother but he could not keep the same worries out of his eyes.

They sat in contemplative silence for a long while after that, no one willing to talk as all were weary. One by one they began to fall asleep and Bella once again found herself staring out towards Dol Guldur once more; she could feel the darkness growing before she was flung back, a cry escaped her lips as her mother’s power rippled in the air.

“Oh, that wasn’t pleasant.” She muttered it had been a very long time since she had felt her mother’s power that strong. Something must have caused her to use such a blast of power and didn’t envy whatever it was; she knows that her mother is one of the most feared in this land.

With a shake of her head she let her eyes close, her hands resting upon Fili and Kili’s heads as she settled between them, tomorrow they would go to Erebor, another thing that seemed to cause unease.


Bilbo roamed the vast halls of Erebor, anything to get away from Thorin and the others. They did not seem like themselves, Thorin most of all. He had been searching non-stop for the blasted shiny rock and left all open. There were more things to be done than dig and dig, Bilbo could see they were tired and starving. With a harsh sigh he began to wander again, he needed fresh air.

Four Dwarrow’s and an elf stood stunned outside whatever was left of Erebor’s mighty gates. The cracked stone and chunks from claws of the beast marked that bad things had happened indeed. Fili and Kili ran in first, followed quickly by the others.

“Hello! Bombur? Bifur? Anybody?” Bofur yelled, fear gripping his heart.

Bella cast a look at all of them a dark glower on her face before she took off in a run. The others didn’t comment on the fact she knew the halls with ease as clambered through the halls, looking for their kin.

“WAIT! WAIT!” Bilbo screamed petrified as he saw the five figures. No, he wouldn’t allow the four Dwarrow seep to the same sickness that the others are following.

“It’s Bilbo! He’s alive!” Óin yelled relieved as he and the others came to a halt just in time for Bilbo to catch them.

“Stop! Stop! Stop! You need to leave. We all need to leave.” Bilbo gasped out urgently, trying to catch his breath

Bofur stared at him confused. “We only just got here?!”

“I have tried talking to him, but he won’t listen.” The fear and desperation made the Dwarrow uneasy and for Bella’s face to harden. The hopes she had were dashed as she listened to Bilbo as he confirmed her fears and worries.

“THORIN. Thorin. Thorin. He’s been out there for days. He doesn’t sleep. He barely eats. He’s not been himself – not at all. It’s this – It’s this place. I think a sickness lies on it.” He tried to stress, tried to explain.

Fili rushed past in dread as Kili spoke. “Sickness? What kind of sickness?”

“Fili. Fili. Fili!” Bilbo yelled as he chased after the fair-haired prince.

They ran through the passageways down deeper into the mountain. They came to a stop as they rounded the last corner, the Dwarrow’s eyes widening in awe as they took in the mass amount of gold. It piled high to one end of the room and swept down, the ground barely visible. Bella yanked back Bilbo into the darkness, not noticing the startled look upon the hobbit’s face as he saw her scowl.

A voice rang out, causing the others to freeze as they watched Thorin, a Thorin they didn’t know walk out from a passage way. His voice was wrong, deeper and gravelly than they recalled. “Gold… Gold beyond measure. Beyond sorrow and grief.”

Thorin Crazy

Thorin looks up and sees the others, it was then when Bella saw Thrór instead of Thorin that she knew the sickness had already claimed another Durin. She did not utter a word nor make herself known yet as she watched him greet his kin to the kingdom.

Rage bloomed in her as she stormed back up the stairs, leaving the others behind in her wake; she did not even alert Bilbo to her sudden departure. She walked and walked the familiar halls she had been in a few times, taking in what was left of the great kingdom before stopping.

She knew the line was cursed since Thráin II, since the rings were forged. Her mother’s voice whispered softly in her ear, a poem, a truth from long ago.

Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky,
Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone,
Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die,
One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.
One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.

The Dwarrow’s are not as easily influenced as Men, but the ring my dear Canadriel increased the dwarves’ greed for gold…

It did not help that the gold is shrouded in dragons magic, a magic she could feel that seeped into the very metals and gems in the room. It was indeed dragon sickness that spurned on the lust haze. Even from here she could smell the putrid smell of the dragon, brimstone and something that made her stomach roll and skin quiver.

I need air… she gasped, stumbling to her feet for she didn’t realise that she had fallen to her knees and began her journey back to the ramparts.

The fresh cool air was a relief once she stepped outside, her eyes closing as she breathed in the smell of the mountain without the thickness of death. She waited though, the sounds of soft footfalls reaching her ears and indicated that someone was coming.

Bilbo blinked as he came to a stop at the top of the stairs that lead to the rampart, his eyes landing on Bella immediately. “Couldn’t stand it either?” He asked causing her to look down at him.

“This whole mountain smells like death and sickness. The line of Durin is cursed Bilbo, it all started with the rings and now it is in the blood. I fear there is no way to…” Bella trailed off, her eyes darkening as she sensed the darkness on her hobbit friend.

“You found it.” She stated, her eyes sliding shut. Bilbo frowned and then nodded the voice of Smaug echoing in both their minds; Bilbo remembering it and Bella seeing it from him.

“I am almost tempted to let you take it, if only to see Oakenshield suffer, watch it destroy him, watch it corrupt his heart and drive him mad.”

Bilbo and Bella snap their eyes open and carefully he pulled out the tattered cloth and opened it, revealing the Arkenstone. Bella stared at the glowing jewel with hate, the sickness seeping off it in waves along with that of an old power. A nature power that she could not hear nor understand but she knew that the gem was cursed forever more, maybe from the start.


“Hide it for now Bilbo, if Thorin should see this or find it then there is no hope for him to escape the madness he is in now.” Bella whispered, folding the cloth back over the stone and placed it back in his jacket pocket. “We must return to the others, make sure they rest and feed, I sense death upon the horizon.”

Author Note: Right, getting back into it now. Had to, I am not too sure this ch made sense but ah well.



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  1. i wonder how Thorin would react to Bella. the others might not be as hostile, but Thorin, he’s a different story. madness and power is a very deadly combination. i am sitting on the edge of my seat right now. so exciting!!! 😀

  2. Ugh I was hoping that Bella could snap Thorin out of the spell he is under. Sorry this is late, no iPad to read when published since I had no idea… I can’t wait… Specially since that teaser you gave!

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