Chapter Twenty-Six – The Battle of the Five Armies VII

Title: The Unexpected

Pairing: Bella/Legolas

Summary: What if Bella was the youngest daughter of Galadriel, one who thought was lost but in hiding. What if Gandalf asks for her aid in Thorin’s quest.


BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin. Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the twilight series and I really don’t own any of Tolkien’s amazing work.

Chapter Twenty-Six

Third POV


Thorin stood at the edge of the ruins, his eyes scanning the dark tower for any sign of the Defiler. There was no life, no sound beyond the gurgling dying creatures behind him and Dwalin’s grunt.

“Where is he?” He wondered confused, his eyes squinting through the mist that swirled around the darkened ruins.

“Looks empty. I think Azog has fled!” Kili supplied hopeful, but there was something looming in the air that made his stomach churn.

“I don’t think so…” He trailed off, turning towards his sister-sons. “Fili, take your brother. Scout out the towers. Keep low and out of sight. If you see something; report back, do not engage, do you understand?!”

Fíli nodded with Kíli, glancing over their shoulders as a cry pierced the air and the sound of footsteps. Dwalin scowled and strode towards Thorin.

“We have company; Goblin mercenaries. No more than a hundred.” Dwalin reported, causing Thorin to frown something in his friends voice didn’t match.

He eyed the goblins before turning back to his sister-sons. “We’ll take care of them. Go! Go!”

The brothers ran quickly down the steps and onto the frozen lake while Dwalin and Thorin battled the oncoming orcs. Yet it felt wrong to Thorin, there were no jokes or bloodlust laughter coming from Dwalin’s lips like usual when he battled.

“What has you so…” He grunted out as he dodged a blow before swinging his sword up in an arc, cutting off a head. “Melancholy? We are in battle and you are silent! What happened… is it to do with Bilbo?”

Dwalin grunted and swung, trying his best to ignore Thorin but… but he had the right to know. “What do you remember when the elves came, when Bilbo said he gave them the Arkenstone?”

“I remember holding Bilbo over the ramparts… I remember letting him go, killing him.” He choked out and if the next few Goblins died most viciously because of that fact neither Thorin nor Dwalin said a thing.

Dwalin froze for a second and growled. “Bilbo is alive… it was not he who died.”

Flashes of black and green filled his vision with white, power bursting out with a roar.

Balin and Dwalin leaning over the rail of the rampart. “NAMAD!” Spewed from their lips in a pain cry, clearing he haze.

Kíli’s horrified face, words ringing in his ear. “What did you do? UNCLE WHAT DID YOU DO?”

“No…” Thorin gasped out in disbelief, staggering to a stop and hissing as he felt a blade slice his calf.

An image of Moriel laying still, eyes unclear and pale in Kíli’s arms as he cried out, clutching her close. “SHE’S NOT BREATHING!”

“Dwalin… tell me it isn’t so…tell me I didn’t cause her to die!” He demanded, eyes burning. Dwalin didn’t utter a word for he needed not to; he saw the horror and grief in Thorin’s eyes when he spared him a glance. He knew the truth and it killed the both of them.


Legolas near collapsed to his knees as the cry finished, his hands clawing at his chest as the grief struck him. No, he had to believe, he had to believe somehow that she was okay and safe. He ignored the sounds around him, even when the Elvish horn sounded, piercing the air.

“Legolas, we must go. Your father is calling back the elves.” Gandalf called over his shoulder as he rushed towards the sound but Legolas could not will his body to move.

Tauriel glanced at her sister as she stalked off, a dark look upon her face that worried the red haired captain. She quickly made her way to her prince’s side and helped him up.

“Do not lose hope mellon, your Chosen could still be okay, can you not feel her?” Tauriel asked as she led him the way that Lorelei went.

Truth be told, Legolas could not feel anything but disbelief, pain and determination. He didn’t know it if was him or Canadriel. He hadn’t been able to tell the difference all that much since they made the promise and it worried him.

Thranduil came to a sudden stop of his captain’s sister standing before him, grief upon her face with unmasked rage.

“You will not turn away… not this time!” Lorelei stated calmly, trying to keep her voice firm as she stared down her king.

His eyes hardened as he stared at her. “Get out of my way!”

“The dwarves will be slaughtered!” She choked out, a tear running down her face.

“Yes, they will die.” He replied sharply, watching as she blinked her shock. It didn’t deter him as he advanced. “Today, tomorrow, one year hence, a hundred years from now – what does it matter? They are mortal.”

Anger flashed through Lorelei and with a sudden jerk she whipped out her bow and nocked an arrow, pointing it at her king. His eyes widened at the threat, at the fact the elleth before him dared to even point an arrow at his face. He could hear the others of his guard shift nervously.

Lorelei’s hands shook with the anger, spitting out the words she had longed to say but knew never to. “You think your life is worth more than theirs, while there is no love in it? There is no love in you!”


The anger that washed over her Kings face knew she had spoken too far, her hands dropping the broken bow in shock and stiffened as she suddenly found a sword at her throat, tears pooling and spilling from her eyes.

“What do you know of love?! Nothing! What you feel for that dwarf is not real! You think it is love?! Are you ready to die for it?” He snarled out, images of his Chosen flashing across his mind. No, he knew love but he had turned numb and cold towards all to keep himself sane. He could not allow himself to feel, to feel the grief that he had managed to keep at bay because of Legolas.

Legolas seeing the interaction pulled out his sword, the elven one that he knew was to be returned to the dwarf king and pushed his father’s away. “What she feels is true…

Thranduil jerked his head around to face his son, brows pulling down as the grief returned and pushed away the last of the darkened haze that the sickness in his land had brought upon him. “Legolas…” He trailed off as his eyes connected to a familiar gaze, one that he saw in the mirror every time he desired to glance upon himself.

No, I cannot hear it.” He choked out.

Cullasson named Acharthôr rushed towards his king and the prince as he caught sight of them, his hair dishevelled and littered with snow and sticks from when he had taken a hit by a troll into a rotted tree.

My King, my Prince!” He greeted, coming to a sudden stop before them.

Cullasson, what are you doing here? Where is the lady I left you to guard?” Thranduil ordered in panic, his eyes shifting to his son who was now staring at his most trusted guard.

Cullasson gave his king a glance, wincing at the disrespect before turning to the prince. “Lady Canadriel has informed me that if I were to see you, to tell you that she is up there.” He explained, pointing to the tower.

Legolas glanced up sharply before turning to face Lorelei and Tauriel at her side. “I will go with you, we need to hurry.”

“I am also coming with you my lord, I swore to fight by her side and I have done my duty as she asked.” Cullasson stated, glancing at his king and then to his sworn-brother that appeared from the shadows.

“She has given us warrior names.” Oron – Deldhínenon – explained to his king and prince.


Bella cursed at herself and Thranduil at the sound of the horn. She hadn’t able to leave as quickly as she wanted to reach the tower. She had needed to destroy the markers but now she needed to reach it as she had caught the sound of hooves on the mountain side and a glimpse of her brother rushing to the top.

If Dwalin was going up then Thorin would be with him and where Thorin goes, so does Fíli and Kíli. The visions she had seen was on a constant loop in her mind, of seeing the begrudging acceptance in Fíli’s eyes as the pale orc held him the closer she got to the tower.

She pushed herself faster, but she knew deep down that she would be too late to warn them but she would not be too late to save Fíli.

“This is a trap! Find Fili and Kili! Call them back!” Thorin demanded Dwalin, panic and fear clenching in his chest as he stared at the

Dwalin moved but paused after the third step and turned back to his king. “Thorin, are you sure about this?”

“Do it. We live to fight another day.” He replied before turning to look back upon the ruins.

Bilbo and Thorin share a look before turning, they needed to hurry and make their way back down, only to pause as the deep thrum filled the silence. Horror and dread pooled in the threes stomachs as they cast a look up to the tower, golden light flickering on the walls. Atop the tower, Azog appeared, dragging a bloodied Fili behind him.

“No!” Thorin gasped, his heart clenching at the sight.

The ground shook, lose stones of the ruins falling and the ice of the frozen waterfall began to crack. The orcs shifted uncomfortably, fearing what was causing such a thing. Azog remained standing, his arm dropping the filth slightly but not letting go as he scanned the area.

No one moved as the ground rumbled more and the air howled in anger. Thorin could not remove his eyes from his nephew could not hear anything but the howling wind. Everything seemed to slow nearly to a complete halt and then the sound of a blade meeting armour, flesh and bone pierced the air.

Azog blinked and looked down in surprise to see the hilt of a sword within his chest, a sword that he had not seen or heard slice through the air or felt pierce his armour and flesh. He felt the pain bloom rapidly before toppling forward, dragging the dwarf filth with him.

Bella snarled as she pushed forward, her body hurtling through the air and across ice and rock as she flung her hand up, sending a torrent of air to slow Fíli’s decent.

Kíli saw her, before stepping out, his head shooting up as he saw that she was looking above him and cried out in surprise as he caught his brother. Their bodies colliding hard but not nearly enough to cause serious damage, maybe bruises.

Fíli and Kíli stared at one another in disbelief before turning to the dead pale orc that landed on the jagged rock pile beside them, a familiar blade sticking out from his chest.

“FILI! KILI!” Moriel yelled as she came into view, her body colliding with theirs as she clutched them tightly, a sob breaking free from her lips. “I got to you in time… you’re not dead… I got to you in time… I thought I wouldn’t be able to catch you but you’re not dead. Kíli you caught him… I saw you both die!” She choked out before blinking as a vision of Lorelei and Bolg fighting, her dying flashed in her mind.

“We’re safe… you saved me.” Fíli tried to reassure but the fear caused his throat to tighten.

“Stay together, get off this mountain and go back to Dale, find the others. Grab Thorin and Dwalin and go! I will not let you die and I will destroy all that try but you need to leave this mountain NOW!” She hissed standing, jerking them up. “Go, please… please kharâm, ithmir.”

“Where are you going?” Fíli asked, grasping her arm tightly as she tried to leave.

“I need to find my betrothed. I sent word I was here, let me go and run… do not make me force you.” She whispered pained, there still could be a chance that they would not make it or even herself.

Kíli and Fíli shared a look as they grasped each other tightly. “You will need this.” Kíli stated, pulling out her dagger that he still carried.

She paused and looked at the brothers before closing Kíli’s hand back around it. “It is yours now. Forgive me.” She whispered before shoving her hands out and pushing them onto the frozen river and rushing back up the stairs. She had killed the leader but she must now kill his son for this Eru forsaken war would end.

Kíli and Fíli cried out as they watched her disappear into the mist, the tower crumbling in her wake before they found themselves once again in the midst of a battle, their uncle joining them. There was no relief for Thorin as he saw his Sister-sons unharmed for they were surrounded by orcs.

Legolas flipped, killing the bat and landed on the tower top. He didn’t know what he had missed, why the pale orc was dead or that the tower crumbled so easily. He could not see his chosen from the higher advantage but he saw the Durin king and princes fighting and he knew that he had to aid them. He knew that they meant a great deal to his Chosen, so without further thought he raised his bow and fired.

legolas-the-hobbit-battle-of-the-five-armies-1 (1)


Tauriel and Lorelei got separated at the top, one going one way and the other – well the other way. Lorelei went searching for Kíli, she could feel him close and knew he was here somewhere in this forsaken ruins while Tauriel began to cull the orcs that dared to make their way towards her and her sister.

Lorelei fought with all she had, her sword cutting through the orcs around her. “Kíli!” She screamed, eyes scanning the ruins for her Chosen.

“Kíl…AH!” She cried out as a foot connected to her back, pushing her body into the stairs.

Lorelei got up quickly, ducking and slicing with her dagger as her sword was thrown from her hand at the impact and cursing with each miss of flesh. The pale orcs son had metal scaled protruding from his flesh that would not allow her to get in a cut.

Another cry escaped her lips as the foul orc filth grasped her neck and lifted her in the air, licking his ripped lips as he smirked at her. His teeth were razor sharp and she knew that he wanted to bite and rip away her flesh. With a desperate cry she kicked out, causing the best to buckle but in return was thrown painfully into the rock, her head cracking against the stone.

“Lorelei!” Tauriel screamed, trying desperately to get to her sisters body as the orc filth sauntered towards her with his mace held high ready to strike.

Bella screamed furious before throwing all her weight into the orc, crying out as the metal dug into her neck and shoulder. Bolg grasped the elf tightly as he stumbled back from the force, taking her over the cliff’s edge with him.

The tower shook as the troll smashed the base, causing Legolas to sway to keep his balance. A cry pierced the air that had his heart clenching and eyes shooting towards the cliff face, his chosen and Blog rolled down the mountainside.

Bella came to a painful stop on a flat part of what once was stairs and moaned in pain, she could feel that she had a broken rib or two, on top of an energy drain and the wounds in her neck and shoulder. Why is it always the same shoulder? She thought pained as she realised she had two new scars to add to dragon fire and Beorn’s claws.

Legolas, seeing this, reached back for an arrow, only to curse as his hands grabbed air. With an angry snarl he threw his bow down and pulled the elven blade free, he would have to ask for the story of the blade later, before he leapt off the tower. He plummeted towards the ground, his body jolting as he buried the blade into the trolls head causing it to stagger in pain.

A dark look crossed his eyes as he saw Blog rise from the outcropping of rock above his chosen before twisting the sword. He used it to guide the troll forward, smashing into the already-weakened base of the tower with a satisfying blow.

Bella gasped in pain, her head tilting up and eyes connecting with her Chosen’s. “Legolas.” She gasped.

A rage unlike anything he had ever felt before swept through him as he heard the pain whisper of his Chosen, his vision tinting red as he saw her lifeblood upon her flesh and face. He didn’t hesitate to move, meeting the filth in the middle of the makeshift bridge to get to his Chosen, he will kill the orc who hurt her.


Thorin protected his sister-sons the best he could as he fought off the attack. His eyes caught glimpses of arrows in the dead that were around him and he knew that he owed an elf a favour.

“Thorin, Bella… Bella!” Fíli yelled as he heard her cry.

Thorin spun before jerking backwards, dodging the sword that was meant to remove his head from his body before swinging back, trying to glance for what Fíli was talking about.

“What…” Kíli exclaimed as two elves dropped from the mist, armour glinting and hair flying as they dispatched the last of the orcs.

“Who are you?” Thorin demanded sword raised to strike.

“WAIT!” Dwalin yelled, rushing out from the mist. “They were sent by Legolas and are friends of Lady Canaahdriel… does those names mean a thing to you?” He asked in a huff.

Fíli and Kíli shared a look, the younger holding up the elder as they hobbled closer to the elves. “Legolas is Moriel’s One.” Dwalin and Thorin did a double take at that news before suddenly the elves shifted.


“Need to leave now, the Lady Canadriel has told us to make sure you leave this cursed place. Hurry.” The redheaded elf spoke, gesturing for them to follow.

“We do not know a Lady by that name.” Thorin stated harshly causing the elves to frown and share a look.

“You know her as Moriel or Bella.” The fair haired one uttered and it was then that Kíli connected the dots.

“They were the ones who the elven king told to take and look after, they can be trusted.” He stammered out. Thorin shot his nephew a look and told them to leave before turning back to the ruins, stopping when Dwalin caught his arm.

“What do ye’ think you’re doing?” He demanded.

“To find our sister. Go Dwalin, I won’t trust them elves with my sister-sons without word from Moriel herself. Go, I will be fine.” He ordered. Dwalin frowned but nodded, rushing after the young princes and the elves.

Thorin cursed as soon as Dwalin was from his sight when three Orc’s rushed from the ruins. He easily dodged the first one, blocking blows from the second as he culled the first. Thorin fought the second with ease but the third one took him by surprise and knocked him back and across the ice.

Author Note: Well… anticlimactic 😛 There is only so many maybe one or two of The Battle of the Five Armies section left and then some original chapters!

kharâm – Plural word for Brothers

ithmir – Leave now



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