Chapter Twenty-Three – The Battle of the Five Armies IV

Title: The Unexpected

Pairing: Bella/Legolas

Summary: What if Bella was the youngest daughter of Galadriel, one who thought was lost but in hiding. What if Gandalf asks for her aid in Thorin’s quest.


BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin. Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the twilight series and I really don’t own any of Tolkien’s amazing work.

Chapter Twenty-Three

Third POV

Bella followed the company down to the armoury at Bilbo’s side. She dared not utter a word to her kin, not one word for there were none she could say that would change the king’s mind. Even with her powers she could not clear the haze of greed and lust for gold from Thorin enough to make him see reason.

“I do not know what to think or do.” Bilbo admitted as he took a look around, his eyes landing on each dusty blade and armour. “I do not know what to do Canadriel, this is a battle I know I will not escape from if I were to join it and I am afraid, terribly afraid. I didn’t sign up for a war with Dwarves, Man and Elf.”

Bella stopped and pulled the fearful hobbit into her arms, giving the comfort she knew he needed all the while his words echoed loudly in her head. This is a battle I know I will not escape from if I were to join it and I am afraid, terribly afraid… No, Bella would not allow any of her kin die in battle if she could help it.

“We must stop it Bilbo…”

“Master Baggins, come here!” Thorin ordered, his eyes glowering at the elf and Halfling speaking in hushed whispers, his hand clenching the Mithril tightly.

Bilbo shared a look with Bella before making his way nervously down to the King, his very being intimidating the closer he got. Armour clad and very much looking like a warrior king.


You are going to need this. Put it on. This vest is made of silver steel, Mithril it was called by my forebears.” Thorin whispered, holding the mail up for the hobbit to put on.

“No blade can pierce it.” He explained as Bilbo tugged and twisted the mail to sit comfortably.

When he placed the surprisingly light mail on he cast a look towards the stunned Dwarrow. Each one looking a little surprised at the face and he didn’t know what the looks meant. “I look absurd. I’m not a warrior; I’m a Hobbit.” He explained, looking back to Thorin.

“It is a gift. A token of our friendship. True friends are hard to come by.” Thorin explained, his voice dark and rough even with a hint of smile. Suddenly, in a blink of Bilbo’s eye, the smile is gone and replaced with a frown before he found himself being dragged away.

“I have been blind. Now I begin to see. I am betrayed!” The king spat out, causing Bilbo’s heart to lurch and clench in fear.

“B-b-betrayed?” He managed to stammer out.

“The Arkenstone.”

“Lady Bella, you will need armour.” Bofur called out as he caught sight of her green cloak amongst the dust and golden glow.

Dwalin whipped his head around immediately at that and took in his clothed sister. Not a hint of armour to be found upon her and he knew there was not a single bit of mail or metal that could fit her frame. Mahal forgive me!” He moaned out roughly at his neglect.

It had been not long ago that he had been terrified for her being but all worry seemed to fade away when they entered this mountain. “Are you hurt?” He demanded jerking her forward.

A sight that shocked many of the company as they watched Bella stumble, her feet catching on something and tumbled down, bringing the warrior dwarf and Nori down with her.

“Are you fucking kidding me!? Now of all fucking times I get this godforsaken clumsiness? On a rock too! A curse I tell you, now above any other fucking time I stumble and take too Dwarrow with me. Emmett would never let me live this down either, would tease me mercilessly about falling and killing myself over a rock.” She muttered annoyed before freezing, a hiss escaping her lungs as she realised what she said. But there was no crippling pain, only anger at herself for it.

“Are you okay Moriel?” Glóin asked as he helped her up while Dori and Balin helped up their stunned brothers.

“I am fine Glóin; I am fine besides taking a nice little trip down the lane because my brother was worried!” She snapped before sighing, an apology spilling from her lips at her harshness.

This time it was Kili who frowned, “drop it then.”

Bella blinked at him stunned with the demand. “I assure you Kili, I am well.”

“Then drop it and assure me- us, I watched you nearly bleed to death because you hid your wounds under illusion back in Mirkwood. So, drop the illusion, the company will not pity you or change their views of you because of it… right?” Fili asked, giving each member a stern look that made them all flinch instinctively, it seemed Fili had inherited his mother’s look.

With a deep sigh she nodded and removed the cloak, letting her brother get a glimpse of the armour she had on. “I have armour brother, might not be okay for battle but I have it nonetheless. Alright my Dwarf Prince, I shall drop it.”

They all watched in silence as Bella closed her eyes, her face resigned as the illusion dropped. She did not open her eyes, but she could feel their stares on her face, on her neck where the scar wrapped down to her shoulder that was now joined by Beorn’s claw and the rest of her scarred flesh. The heat and touch on her scar drew out a hiss her eyes snapping open to look into Bombur’s eyes.

“Why did you not tell us you were this ill?” He asked softly, stepping away from her. This time she frowned and cast a look towards all the others, there was no pity only horror and she could see it was not horror at her face but themselves. “We could have fed you more, or helped.”

Dwarrow were a rough bunch yes, but to women, especially women of their own race and that they claimed as kin they were protective and well… they were mushy little creatures, but Bella would never utter that out loud – ever.

Each and every single Dwarrow in the room bar Thorin and Bilbo who were somewhere else, and those who had already seen it stared at their sister in horror. They had neglected her; they had her fight with them when she was as frail as she was now. But Fili just blinked and smiled, pulling her close into a hug before bumping his head with hers.

“Well you’re doing better, the sunken shadows are gone and wounds healed. No damage caused by fighting a dragon with Bard and Bain. This makes me worry less…”

The world spun out as her ears caught the voice from down the hall, of Bilbo and Thorin speaking. But, it was not Thorin’s voice she was hearing, the hiss and rumble coming out harsh and in a familiar way, in the voice she heard from Bilbo’s head as he remembered the dragon.

“This gold…is ours…and ours alone. By my life I will not part with a single coin! Not…one…piece of it!”

“You all need to be ready, fret not about me.” She stated standing abruptly, the illusion back in place as she strode from the room, leaving her cloak behind her on the bench. She would have to leave it here anyway; she did not wish to ruin it, a gift from her Chosen.



Gandalf rode forth into Dale, his eyes wide and panicked as he takes in the army of Elves marching and preparing for war while the Men practised. He knew immediately that something good did not happen, something that of course would help with the oncoming orcs but he knew it was not them that they prepared for.

“No, No, NO! Oi! You, pointy hat!” Alfrid yelled, pointing to the grey man before him. “Yes, you. We don’t want no tramps, beggars nor vagabonds around here. We got enough trouble without the likes of you. Off you go! On your horse.”

Gandalf stared down at the man in displeasure at the rudeness. “Who’s in charge here?!”

“Who is asking?” Bard asked, coming up to the strange man and Alfrid, his eyes suspicious.

“I am Gandalf the Grey. I have come with urgent knew and need to speak with the leader of men and King Thranduil of Greenwood.” He explained, causing Bard to nod and jerk his head for Gandalf to follow.

“I am Bard, the speaker of Men since the dragon was slain.” He introduced while they marched towards Thranduil’s tent that overlooked the Erebor Gates.

“Mithrandir, it has been half an age since I have seen you. What, brings you here?” Thranduil greeted blandly, causing Gandalf to frown and stare at the Elven-King. He was known as a fair prince, a noble gentle elf that was like his father but now he was nothing but hate and madness.

“I came to warn you of a war.” He started cutting off as the Elf king simply laughed.

“Then you are too late for that, tomorrow we will storm Erebor and take back what is rightfully ours.” Thranduil stated, sitting back down on his throne.

“You must set aside your petty grievances with the dwarves. War is coming! The cesspits of Dol Guldur have been emptied. You’re ALL in mortal danger!” Gandalf ranted, frustrated at the King. If he had thought the stubbornness of dwarves were the bane of his existence then that has changed.

Bard frowned and stepped forward, panic on his face. “What are you talking about?”

Thranduil smirked for a fraction and stood. “I can see you know nothing of wizards. They are like winter thunder on a wild wind rolling in from a distance, breaking hard in alarm. But sometimes a storm is just a storm.” He finished, handing the flute of wine to Bard and turned to look at Gandalf the Grey.

“Not this time. Armies of orcs are on the move. And these are fighters! They have been bred for war. Our enemy has summoned his full strength.” He tried to explain, to drive in the importance of what he was saying.

“Why show his hand now?”

“Because we forced him! We forced him when the company of Thorin Oakenshield set out to reclaim their homeland. The dwarves were never meant to reach Erebor; Azog the Defiler was sent to kill them. His master seeks control of the mountain. Not just for the treasure within, but for where it lies, its strategic position.” Gandalf tried to explain, making his way out the tent doors and to the overlook his eyes resting on the mountain. “This is the gateway to reclaiming the lands of Angmar in the north. If that fell kingdom should rise again, Rivendell, Lothlorien, the Shire, even Gondor itself will fall!”

Thranduil hummed unconvinced. “These orc armies you speak of, Mithrandir… Where are they?”


Bilbo once again found himself in the company of Bella in one of the halls far away from the others. He had found her easily enough as her muttered curses were loud enough to pick up with his sensitive ears.

“This is foolish, this madness clouds his judgment!” She hissed a sneer on her face as she whirled around to face Bilbo.

“I have an idea, but I need your help.” Bilbo explained hurried, causing Bella to pause.

“What do you have planned in the dead of night?” She asked kneeling before him once she cast a quick look around. “Has it got to do with the stone in your pocket?”

Bilbo nodded jerkily. “I cannot let them get hurt, so maybe… maybe I can barter with them, give them the stone for them to use as a bartering chip of their own, for the gold they were promised. It might avoid a war.” He stammered out, blinking as a bright brilliant smile touched Canadriel’s lips, illuminating her.

“Then we must hurry, you… you will need your ring to hide to get into the city, if I know Thranduil and I do… he will have ordered his archers by now to kill all that moves from this mountain.” She explained, before picking up the hobbit and rushing towards the rampart.

They moved silently, the echo of the company reaching her ears soother her that they were nowhere near them and occupied. Her heart clenched at the thought of her kin, though they were under the orders of Thorin and could not ignore them she could see that they were wary, tired and hungry… but what worried her most was the haze she would see in their eyes sometimes as they glanced towards the treasury.

When they reached the top she cast a look around, surprised that there was a rope coiled neatly behind one of the boulders. “I’ll lower you down and wait. This way there will be no risk of anyone finding a rope over the wall and I can explain I am keeping watch. Hurry Bilbo, good luck.” She whispered before lowering the hobbit down gently.

Flashes of his face twisted in fright and fear crossed her mind, rage and bitter cold following it that left a sense of dread in the pit of her stomach. She knew this was a good plan, the only plan they had to save them but she couldn’t help but think it was destined to cause suffering.


“You set your archers to kill but what if Canadriel comes? Will you watch as she dies and have a bounty on your head by Lady Galadriel?” Gandalf spat out, causing the Elven King to pause.

“Then she has chosen her own side in this battle.” He dismissed, earning a frown from Gandalf and Bard both. With a frown Bard turned on his foot and left, maybe and hopefully he could keep an eye out for the Lady.

“You, Bowman! Do you agree with this? Is gold so important to you? Would you buy it with the blood of dwarves?!” Gandalf exclaimed wildly, stopping Bard in his tracks.

“It will not come to that. This is a fight they cannot win.” Bard tried to reassure.

“That won’t stop them. You think the dwarves will surrender? They won’t. They will fight to the death to defend their own.” Bilbo gasped out, trying to catch his breath as he spoke to Bard.

Gandalf looked down at the Halfling in amazement. “Bilbo Baggins!”

“Gandalf! It is good to see you, late as always. I need to speak with you all.” He rushed out, trying still to get his breathing under control. Bard raised his brows but nodded, making his way back into the elven kings tent.

“One of the company wishes to speak with us.” Bard supplied as the Elven King shot raised his brow.

Thranduil hummed and looked over to where the Halfling and Gandalf entered the tent, brows raised in thought. He was such a tiny creature, more gentlefolk than anything and yet, Thranduil knew not to underestimate the Halfling. “If I’m not mistaken, this is the Halfling who stole the keys to my dungeons from under the nose of my guards.”

Bilbo rocked back and forth on his heels in discomfort and embarrassment at his lack of manners that day, of stealing and breaking out the company from the cells. “Yes. Sorry about that.”

Bard and Gandalf shared an amused look before turning back to Bilbo as he stepped forward to the table with a nervous frown, his hands fiddling with his jacket.

“I came…to give you this.” He stated, pulling out the cloth and unwrapped it, revealing the Arkenstone.


Thranduil rose to his feet in surprise. “The heart of the mountain! The King’s Jewel.”

No one knew what to say or do as they looked at the glowing gem for a beat; their eyes flickered between it and the nervous hobbit with awe.

“And worth a king’s ransom. How is this yours to give?” Bard asked suddenly, the moment of silence shattering.

Bilbo cast a nervous smile before looking back at the cursed glowing pebble. “I took it as my fourteenth share of the treasure.”

Gandalf smirked slightly as he puffed his pipe while Bard frowned. “Why would you do this? You owe us no loyalty.”

“I’m not doing it for you.” He stated, looking up at the confused faces of Bard and Thranduil. “I know that dwarves can be obstinate and pigheaded and difficult, suspicious and secretive…with the worst manners you can possibly imagine, but they also brave and kind…and loyal to a fault. I’ve grown very fond of them, and I would save them if I can. Thorin…Thorin values this stone above all else. In exchange for its return, I believe he will give you what you are owed. There will be no need for war!”

Thranduil and Bard looked at him in surprise and shock while Gandalf just looked on in masked pride for the hobbit before him.

“I need to go, Canadriel is waiting for me back on the rampart. Just… just consider what I said, I will leave it with you.” Bilbo stammered out moving to leave.

“Bilbo, you cannot go back, you need to leave.” Gandalf uttered causing the hobbit to spin back around with an angry scowl.

“I’m-I’m not leaving. You picked me as the fourteenth man. I’m not about to leave the company now.” He spat out rudely, cringing at the lack of manners.

“There is no company, not any more. And I don’t like to think what Thorin will do when he finds out what you’ve done. What you and Canadriel both have done, it is bad enough she is stuck there with him but you, you need to leave while you can.” He tried to explain, his eyes shifting between the angry hobbit and the two others who knew her.

“I am not afraid of Thorin and if he finds out then so be it. I will not walk with the shame at the thought of Canadriel suffering his wrath under my plan.” With that he spun on his heel once more and quickly made his way out of sight, he had to get back to the mountain.

“He is going to find out, what do we do?” Bard asked worried as he wrapped up the Arkenstone and placed it in his coat.

“We go on with the plan.” Gandalf stated reluctantly, but he knew that there would be more chances of people living if they were all in one place. It was going to be a tricky feat and a long day, they didn’t have much time left.

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10 thoughts on “Chapter Twenty-Three – The Battle of the Five Armies IV

  1. I love the smart Bilbo. Poor Bella and Bilbo stuck with a king who has lost his mind because of his greed for gold! Somebody needs to knock some sense into Thandruil has he forgotten Bella is his son’s chosen has he forgotten what killing her will do to Legolas!

  2. Love how Bilbo risks it all to go back for Bella. And how they all point to Bella being the reason they are not liking they extreme lines the Elf and Dwarven Kings are taking.

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