Chapter Twenty – The Battle of the Five Armies I

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Title: The Unexpected

Pairing: Bella/Legolas

Summary: What if Bella was the youngest daughter of Galadriel, one who thought was lost but in hiding. What if Gandalf asks for her aid in Thorin’s quest.


BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin. Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the twilight series and I really don’t own any of Tolkien’s amazing work.

Chapter Twenty

Third POV

Warning bells chimed in the night air, screams of the villagers and their chatter echoing them like a march. Bella could hear all the grief and despair; she could hear the wind howling from the beasts wings. She cast her sights out towards Erebor, her mind in fractions as she thought of what must be done.

“We’re out of time.” Lorelei stated quickly, stepping back inside as a dark shadow flashed across the sky. “We must leave.”

Bofur jumped to his feet. “Get him up.”

“Come on, brother.” Fili urged, helping Kili to his feet.

Kili shrugged off his brother with a groan. “I’m fine… I can walk.”

“You must leave, as fast as you can.” Lorelei urged to the little ones, worry evident on her face before glancing at the Elf by the window.

“We’re not leaving. Not without our father.” Bain stated loudly, moving to the raven haired elf’s side.

Bella turned and cast her gaze upon the children. “If you stay here, your sisters will die. Is that what your father would want?”

They cast her a look, one that told her they knew she was right. Bard, wherever he may be, would not want them to stay. A roar filled the night sky once more and Bella followed the others last out the door, her skin itching as she placed up her illusion, sighing as she got her full sight back.

“Give me your hand.” Fili stated, holing his out for the young one to take. “Kee, Bella come on!”

Bella lifted Kili off the ground when he stumbled; shocking Kili as he looked down at his dangling feet before landing next to his equally stunned brother. They both shot the elf-witch shocked glances before Fili helped Bofur paddle, they would talk about her strength later, and it seemed they still didn’t know much about elves.

She shoved them all down, her body hunching over the children and Kili as the dragon flew above them. Bella knew what was coming next, knew the heat of the flames would be before them soon as she saw the glowing belly of the beast.

Lorelei cast a look back towards the elf. “Are you okay? Are you with us?”

“I am fine Lorelei, I am seeing well enough in this time.” Bella snapped before her body jerked forward, Bain’s warning coming too late as they crash into the Master’s boat. Both Lorelei and Bella stared at the master in disgust as he pushed past them, more worried of the gold than the citizens he governs.

“Move it! Move it! Come on, faster!”

“My gold, my GOLD!”

Bella sneered before jerking her hand, their boat twisting as she moved the water and placed them under one of the houses as Smaug flies over again, fire raining down from the sky. The heat licked upon their flesh as they moved through the waters slowly, their eyes up in the sky for signs of the dragon.

Lorelei glanced down at the children who shivered in fear as their eyes took in the burning buildings, of the people dying. They were too young to see this kind of despair.

Bain glanced up at the tower as the bell fell silent, his eyes widening as he saw his father on the top. “DA!”

Tilda and Sigrid hearing their brother’s scream turned their own falling from their lips. They watched as he aimed his bow, pulling back the arrow and releasing just as the dragon flew by. Bella knew there was no hope for him slaying the beast with the simple weak arrow he held.

“He hit it! He hit the dragon!” Kili yelled excitedly almost in disbelief.

Lorelei shook her head. “No…”

“He did! He hit his mark, I saw!”

“His arrows cannot pierce its hide; I fear nothing will.” Lorelei stated softly, looking down at her Chosen with a grim look.

Bain blinked, his eyes going to the tower of the Master before looking down and seeing the boat, the boat in which he’d hidden the Black Arrow his father had asked him to keep safe. Bain cast a look towards his sisters, determination setting in as he made his decision. His father needed that arrow and so he shall give it to him. As their boat passed under a hanging hook, Bain leapt up and grabbed it, swinging clear of the boat.

“Come back! Bain, come back!” Fili yelled as they tried to grab him, Bella moved swiftly, giving Lorelei a sharp look. “Keep them safe, I will follow the boy.”

“Bella!” Kili and Bofur yelled as they watched her jump from the boat to the walkway. She paused slightly before grimacing and throwing her dagger towards them, the blade imbedding inbetween the hands of Kili.

“Keep it safe Kee, I’ll be back for that!” She promised before racing off into the dragon’s fire and catching up to the young one.

“I did not let your ancestor’s burn in fire then and I will not now! Come Bain, we must hurry!” She yelled, picking up the boy swiftly as he clutched the black arrow in his hands. The very last black arrow that was left from the ruins of Dale, the arrow she had thought to be lost.

“Let me go! I will take him you do not need to stay!” Bain stated struggling, stopping when the elf shot him a look.

“I told you Bain, I will not let you burn in the fires of this fell beast and I will see to it your father does not as well. You wish to join him then I will come too, if you try to persuade me I will drop you off with the others!” She snapped, her face darkening. He was the decedent of Girion that was for sure, the line was stubborn ones.

“But I don’t want you hurt again! You told us why you looked the way you did!” Bain cried out as Bella jerked upwards, swinging him onto her back as she climbed. Bella did not reply, her face set in a determined mask as she pushed forward.

“The top is near, quickly now, give him this!” She ordered, handing her bow to Bain and hoisted him up to the hatch as the dragon brushed against the tower. Bella staggered, her hands crushing the wood under her palms as she held fast.

“Dad!” Bain cried out, the heat licking his skin as he made his way to the top.

Bard turned with horror and stared at his son. “Bain?! What are you doing?! Why didn’t you leave?! You were supposed to leave!”

Bain’s voice quivered. “I came to help you.”

“No! Nothing can stop him now!” Bard replied to his son, shaking his head in dismay and casting a look out into the burning town.

“These might.” Bain stated, holding up the black arrow and the bow. “Lady Bella made sure I got it to you.”

Bard stared at his son before looking down the gap, his eyes landing on the Lady, her face set as she placed her body between the flames at his sons back and him. He stared at the black arrow and the old bow, a bow he knew to be one of old, one made by Dale men and elven string.

“BARD!” Bella roared as she caught sight of the dragon making his way back, eyes locked on the belltower.

The tower rocked as Smaug crashed through the top, wood crunching and falling around them. Bella cried out as she threw herself over the edge, one hand grasping the blackened edge and the other holding onto Bain. Bard threw himself down, his hands grasping Lady Canadriel’s just as the wood began to splinter and crack, yanking her up with a grunt.

“Who are you that would stand against me?!” Smaug rumbled out, his eyes locking onto the man, child and elf.

Bard goes for his bow and finds it broken, his eyes turning to the other at his feet. The were doomed, both bows broken in half by the beast. Smaug rumbled out a laugh, his claws and wings crushing the houses around him to dust as he stalked forward.


“Now that is a pity. What will you do now, Bowman? You are forsaken. No help will come. Is that your child, she your wife? No, an elf would never marry a man? You cannot save them from the fire. They will BURN!” Smaug taunted, licking his jowls.

Bella and Bard share a glance before each picking up their broken bows and fixing them into the belltower fixture that still stood, the strings crossing. “I will help you guide it Bard, he is to be your kill alone.” Bella murmured as he pulled back the bowstrings.

Bard nodded, unsure on how she could help him guide the arrow before fixing the arrow to the bowstrings, resting the tip upon his sons shoulder as a guide. Bain whimpered in fear as he hears the best grow closer, his eyes fixed solely on his father and tried not to look behind him.

“Stay still, son. Stay still.” Bard instructed softly, his eyes roaming over the dragon.

“Tell me, wretch. How now shall you challenge me?!” Smaug roared, furious and tauntingly.

“On his left breast, just where his heart lies is a missing scale.” Bella whispered, her body resting flushed against Bards, her hands wrapped on the bowstring as she sees his arms struggling to hold it taut.

Bard looked to where the lady pointed out and smiled as he indeed spotted the weak spot, a weak spot the dragon didn’t seem to know he had. He didn’t hear the dragon talk, or hear the roar that escaped its jaws; he was focused on his son who panted heavily in fear.


“Bain! Look at me. You look at me.” He instructed his son softly, drawing his son attention back to him. “A little to your left. That’s it.”

“Are you ready Bowman?” Bella asked, her fingers loosening from the strings. “Now!”

Bard released the Black Arrow at the command, his eyes widening as he watched it wobble unsteadily before straightening, hurtling through the air faster than normal and then finally finding its mark. The arrow was buried to the feathers in the soft flesh. Bard cast a look at Bella, noticing her hand outstretched and the breeze pushing at his back before grasping his son in his arms tightly as the beast careens into the tower.

Bella flew further from the others, her body falling through the burning embers of a nearby home while Bard and Bain crashed into the water. The cool ice water was like a balm to their heated flesh as they broke the surface mere moments later, both gasping and wheezing for air.

“Lady Bella?!” Bain called as he realised she had not come.

Go… Go Bard, be safe! Bard jerked as he heard her voice, eyes scanning the area for her. GO DRAGON-SLAYER!

“Da! Where is she?” Bain cried out as Bard picked up his son and ran, dodging and jumping fallen debris and flames, shielding his sons face from the burning bodies and flames.


The sound of Smaug’s body connecting with the water and homes sent a shockwave through the land, the sound reaching as far as Erebor.

The Dwarrow’s jump in surprise at the loud shuddering boom, Ori jumped to his feet in shock before pressing himself into his brother for comfort. “What was that? What happened?”

Bilbo just stared shocked, blinking at the scene before him in disbelief. He could have sworn he saw the beast fall. “It-it fell. I saw it.” He stammered out still unsure and yet surely.

The company turned towards the lake, their eyes and ears straining to hear and see the dragon. The sun began to rise, lighting the burning town before them and the sky, not a dragon to be seen.

“It is dead. Smaug is dead!” Bilbo gasped in glee, causing the others of the company to cheer in relief.

Thorin gasped, hearing the words and smiled. It was a smile that if the others saw would make them uneasy, for the smile was not of one that showed joy in the beast’s death, but one that glinted with greed. Ravens cawed as they flew towards the mountain, drawing the companies’ eyes to the sky in joy.

“By my beard! I think he’s right! Look there! The ravens of Erebor are returning to the mountain!” Glóin cheered, pointing to the ravens in the sky.

“Aye… Word will spread. Before long every soul in Middle-earth will know… The dragon is dead!” Balin cheered, sending up another round of the companies yells of glee. Though they celebrated, darkness loomed over Thorin’s face and he began to march back towards the mountain, the Arkenstone on his mind.

Dwalin did not cheer as the others did; his eyes were still cast out towards the lake while the others celebrated this occasion. Laketown was on fire and his sister; his sister lay in the middle of it all. Did she escape, did Kili, Fili? Bofur? Óin?

“Dwalin, why are you not happy?” Nori asked loudly from behind him, causing the warrior dwarf to stiffen and spin on his feet glowering at them all.

“Because Nori, my Namad had to face the dragon-fire once more because of us!” He snarled, silencing them. “We set that dragon upon laketown, with only thoughts of killing it or riding Erebor of the snake! Did one of you think of them? Bombur, did you think of Bofur? Glóin, you know Óin stayed behind too! Fili and Kili, our prince’s one who was sick and near death! Balin… Balin what did we do? We set the dragon upon Laketown and Moriel… she was weak, she was not well when we reached the shores of the lake.”

The joy was gone as Dwalin listed off their missing company, striking fear into their hearts as they eyed the burning town once more. Balin staggered to his brother, resting a hand upon his arm.

“She’ll be okay Dwalin, they all will be. They are a strong and stubborn set, do you really think that Moriel will allow the shadows of her past or ailments stop her? Did you not see or hear how she was on our way there? Dwalin, she laughed, laughed at us when that Man filled our barrels with fish. No, I cannot believe she is dead or that she allowed the others to perish… You’ll see in a few days when they march into Erebor with grins on their faces.” Balin explained, trying to sooth his stricken brother. It was not often Dwalin let the walls he built to protect him down.

“Aye, he’s right. My brother is a stubborn dwarf, won’t go down easy!” Glóin chimed in.

“Bofur is the same, we musn’t dwell on it.” Bifur uttered, shocking the others, it was not often he spoke.

“We need to go back, Thorin is gone!” Dori yelled out as he rushed back up the stairs. “He went back to Erebor.”


Bella shot up with a gasp, spluttering slightly as she inhaled the ash that had covered her, sending a violent fit of choughs to wrack through her body. She shook her head to dispel the ash before casting a glance to the sky, her eyes widening as she realised the sun was just past mid-morning.

“Shit.” She muttered and jumped to her feet. She strained her hearing, looking for any sign of life but found none. She could only hear the crackling of fire and of the water splashing against the timber, all was silent in Laketown and she didn’t know if that was worrisome or not. There had to be survivors.

On the plus side of her little nap she felt rejuvenated, stronger than what she was. Her back ached from where she connected with the wall or walls. A flash of colours dashed across her vision, people of laketown hungry and crying for food… Golden glinting armour in the morning light… Her mother laying on black rock, her glow fading in the dark.

Thranduil… Thranduil… The town of Esgaroth will need your aid, do not let the darkness consume you once again Mellon-iaur…

With a determined nod she began to forage for supplies, food that was not burnt and bags to carry them to the mountain.

When she finally found all she needed she took a boat not burnt or destroyed and sailed for Erebor, not even realising that the others of her company were on the other side of the lake getting ready to sail.

Cries of the townsfolk could be heard; many in pain and grief while those that were able helped pull those who were alive and dead from the water, others salvaging whatever supplies they could.

Sigrid and Tilda crying out for their father and brother with Lorelei by their side, her eyes scanned everybody and thing that lay upon the black shore. She looked for Bard and Bain for the little ones, looked for Bella, her princes chosen.

“Lorelei.” Kili murmured, drawing the elf’s attention, his face set in a sad frown.

“Kili, come on! We’re leaving.” Fili yelled from behind, grunting as he tried to shove the boat some more.

Lorelei cast a look upon the others behind him. “They are your people, you must go. I understand this.” She stated sadly before walking past him, stopping as he grasped her wrist and spun her around with surprising strength.

“Come with me, please. I know how I feel; I’m not afraid of it. You make me feel alive.” He urged, watching as Lorelei frowned, a torment behind her eyes.

She ached to go with him, but she knew at the moment she could not. He had a duty to his people and she to hers, she would have to return to the woodland realm soon and… and… their love, their… whatever it is that they had would not be accepted easily. “I cannot.” She choked out.


Kili pulled her closer to him, desperate. Lorelei, amrâlimê.” He uttered his tone soft and full of passion that it causes Lorelei’s heart to stutter.

“…I do not know what that means.” She whispered slowly, causing Kili to smile.

“I think you do.” Kili chuckled teasingly before frowning as she suddenly jerked up, her face blank.

Neth nín, Hîr nín, Legolas.” She addressed the two behind her.

Legolas simply cocked a brow at the Dwarf and Lorelei, eyes glancing between them with a knowing glance. Tauriel on the other hand glowered at the interaction, displeased with her sister.

“Maewado i Naug. Boe i nadh egeno.” She near spat out, her glare levelled on the dwarf before her sister once more.

“Tauriel.” Legolas warned, causing the Captain to stiffen and glance at him surprised. He shook his head at her and moved toward the two, his eyes scanning the banks and the three behind them. “Where is she?” Kili frowned at the worried tone of the blonde elf.

“She went with Bain to Da!” Tilda cried out suddenly, coming to a stop by Lorelei’s side. Legolas looked down at the girl before looking at Lorelei who was trying not to look at her prince.

“Lorelei, where is she?” Legolas demanded, his voice cracking slightly. “…Where is she?”

Author Note: Well, imma gonna leave this here 😛 *evil laugh* More love = chapters!

Neth nín, Hîr nín – My sister, My lord.

Maewado i Naug. Boe i nadh egeno. – Take your leave of the Dwarf. You are needed elsewhere.



9 thoughts on “Chapter Twenty – The Battle of the Five Armies I

  1. Fantastic! But could you have left it on anymore of a cliff hanger?! Poor Legolas and poor Lorlei. Her family is not going to accept her chosen. I wonder what other incredibly stupid things Thorin can do?! Lol can’t wait for the next update.

  2. don’t despair Legolas, she’ll be there soon. Tauriel should learn to shut her mouth.
    and so begins the downfall of Thorin, at least so it seems. such an action packed chapter. excellent!!! 😀

  3. Awesome. Simply fantastic chapter! Glad smoag is dead. Hopefully thorin shakes off his sickness fast. If not maybe Bella can cure him of it. Yay part 3 I am excited on what is to come. I really really hope no one dies in the end. But maybe tauriel. She is such a bitch. Update again soon pls.

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