New One Shot

If you haven’t read already go check it out, it’s Midnight Texas…



Chapter Update’s and well yes…

Since I haven’t really updated in a while I thought I’d give you an extra chapter for The Unpredicted and maybe if you can find it the first chapter of When the Ash Settles… 



WP BiT FF – 


Title: When the Ash Settles
Pairing: Clint/Bella
They survived the Chitauri and all that came after that bringing the team closer than ever, but now friendships will be tested and boundaries pushed. Sequel to HOTFG.

ALSO If you haven’t I posted my Fandom Piece a while ago, go check it out…

Changing Fate

Title: Changing Fate

Pairing: Frerin/Bella

Summary: Erebor was lost to them. The Orcs had won and Bella was the only one left standing. But Mahal and Eru cannot allow the fall of Durin Folk, they will not let Melkor win again. Bella finds herself back in time, protecting the young Golden Haired Prince.


Author Update

So I haven’t really updated or written anything for about 6-10 days now… I don’t know when that will change as I haven’t really had the desire to write anything at the current time… It’s been one hell of a week, if not month and I just can’t really function at the moment… so yeah theres an update on me.