Author Update

So I haven’t really updated or written anything for about 6-10 days now… I don’t know when that will change as I haven’t really had the desire to write anything at the current time… It’s been one hell of a week, if not month and I just can’t really function at the moment… so yeah theres an update on me.

New story!


Title: Fixing Past Regrets
Written for: Rebadams7
Written By: TheDarkestFallingStar
Rating: M
Summary: Returning home for the first time in five years for her father’s wedding was one thing, but she didn’t expect this. A/H
Prompt used: Pouring Rain, Crashing a Wedding (sort of LOL) and Starting Over/Fresh Start


Author Update

Okay, so I have been posting a little sporadically as of late due to FAGE and getting ready to publish my first book.

BUT that being said, you guys will have a new Multi story coming up (posting is on the 22nd)! Once this is all over and done with and I’ve got an Update for A Cursed Blessing written then I’ll focus on everything once more!


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