One thought on “PrincessBanner

  1. Afternoon love, i wish to apologise for not sending a little review your way and the way of the others i may read, but i never have time to be honest, and at the moment i am unable to finish what i have on TWCS since this writers block thing is kicking my ass on those 2 stories, or 3 {can’t remember exactly the number}
    ANYHOW what i wish to say is that either the sleep apnea or the pain gets the best of me and mix that with a 13 and 14 year old boy and a 19 yr old drama queen daughter who panics over anything and loses patience for it. you can imagine how it is… HELL IN A HOUSEHOLD. My husband is much like i am, no time for anything of leasure.
    So i do apologise and as a writer, {not of your calibre though} i understand a little recognition is good for our literary soul. i never care if i get reviews, but it is nice when i do.

    So i hope i can find out where it say’s we can like the author.
    I need glasses to read only so far, but trust me, i am too proud to let the eye specialist {can’t spell the other word for them} and so things tend to get a little lost when i try to focus on one little thing on the screen. but i will find it, i promise.

    Now you listen and listen well, love, i read your work avidly and am on tenterhooks awaiting your next update. I am not one to sugar coat words, sorry, and i am not being mean. but you are a damn good writer and that you are sharing it with us i feel bloody well privilaged and honoured to be allowed to read it.
    Now you have a wonderful day or night, {it is 17:14 on the 14th 0f March here {a Monday}
    god bless and yes i do have my favourite writers in my prayers, as i know what it is like to not be able to write when you want to. bye for now and you have a wonderful time 😀

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